24th Dec 2010, 15:54

Hmmm, just read some of the reviews, I'm a bit worried now. I have just bought a 1.4 W reg Tigra, it drives great.

One thing I have noticed is a orange light appears (engine symbol) when driving... Not all the time, now and again it flashes up for a few seconds. What is it?? Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks :)


8th Jan 2011, 07:44

Do not buy a Vauxhall Tigra, plain and simple!!!... I have had nothing but trouble with my car, and it has cost me an arm, leg, and nearly a job with the amount of times it has broken down!!!

25th Feb 2011, 04:10

Wow!!! Where do I start??? Tigra's are beautiful cars, but it seems that we are all experiencing the same problems.

The boot filling with water, the windows winding down by themselves, footwell is a swimming pool.

Well my rev counter has decided to rev itself, as if to say you are going too slow. This is a frightening event, especially the first time. I am not a millionairess, and refuse to fork out a good amount of money on a car, when my foot can do the same distance.

Any good cheap mechanics in the East London area???

17th May 2011, 04:29

Hi khaliddd132@hotmail.com.

My girlfriend has the same car. I think hers is a 1997 Vauxhall Tigra. Just wondered if you have had the problem sorted yet?

Please email me back on:


15th Dec 2011, 02:06

The passenger window opens, as the force of shutting the boot used to blow the windows out on the older models, so I heard it's literally just because of the pressure.

16th Feb 2012, 14:35

I have had my Tigra for nearly a year now, and love her. But she has had to have a new cam and new clutch within the last few months, and has only done 61,000. I also find the gear stick hard to move at times, to the point that I think this will also need to be replaced.

The seat belts do stick, and are hard to put on with the door closed, and as said, when you open then close the boot, the passenger window will open and close. I thought this was just a funny thing my car did.

I have two small children, and the back seats are great for them, as they are so low. They just climb up.

21st Jul 2012, 09:43

Why does window open and close when shutting the boot?

29th Jul 2012, 14:47

It does that for a reason all to do with air pressure. They are great little cars, we love ours, BUT the last one did gather a little water in footwell because of the 'drains', and just lately with the latest one, we can't open the boot sometimes, and the windows don't go all the way up automatically. Should imagine it's an electrical problem. Not at all just a Tigra problem though - it's a familiar tale now; all (more or less!) cars have electric controls. Probably a fuse problem, but just need the time to check it!!

18th Nov 2012, 10:21

My Tigra roof won't shut; it just moves a few millimeters each way when the buttons are pressed. Can anyone help me to shut it?


10th Dec 2012, 14:35

ALL Vauxhalls seem to have an issue with their electrical system when they reach 100k miles.

It all started for me with a series of Carltons (2.0 auto, 2.0 manual, 2.6 Diplomat auto, and 2.6 manual estate) and then a couple of Omegas (both 2.5 manuals).

All of the cars drove fine and had decent history, were in good shape and everything worked.

As soon as the odometer clicked over 100k, the electrics started to play up (same on ALL of them).

Passenger rear window sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, followed a few days later by the driver's rear window, then the mirrors, then the passenger front window, and finally the driver's window and sunroof.

After this (about 2 months and lots of head scratching later), the instrumentation starts to suffer. Pixels on the info display go first, then the warning lights will start to illuminate for no reason (starts with the ABS lamp) intermittently. Finally (for me anyway as I had usually got rid of the car by then) the rev-counter will select its own level (not usually close to a true reading)... :/

I only kept buying the big Vauxhalls because they are a LOT cheaper than the BMW/Mercedes equivalent, are as well equipped, have almost as good build quality (built in Germany and you can tell), and offer relaxed motorway cruising at speeds that would kill most cars over long distances.

I now live in Cornwall, and as a result my big Vauxhall obsession has ended (there are NO motorways in Cornwall, so the Omega is really of little practical use here).