2001 Volkswagen Golf GT TDI 1.9 TDI (130 BHP) from UK and Ireland


Great Car, poor customer care


All four disc's within 5,000 miles became considerably scored. VW customer care were extremely unhelpful, somehow I managed to get have disc's and pads changed by a dealer. Be warned VW customer care will not want to assist.

Within the first 6,000 miles oil required topping up with 1 litre of Oil.

Due to a problem with the offside rear door the locking mechanism required replacement.

Persistent problem with the rear screen wash/wipe has resulted at times in restricted view out of the rear screen.

General Comments:

Anybody taller than six feet may find driving position and the left knee (for RHD cars) hitting the dashboard this makes for uncomfortable long journeys.

Boot space is disappointing and could be better.

Very economical driving.

Great performance once you're out of first gear.

VW Customer care needs to ensure they understand the difference in Extended Service and Variable Service.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2003

20th Jan 2003, 05:39

Only a litre of oil in 6,000 miles! Mine drinks a litre every 1,500 miles and has since new. The dealer say "this is within normal tolerances".

My drivers window failed due to a broken mechanism, the dealer says "that's a common problem with this model".

It pulls to the left almost all the time. The dealer says "quite a lot of them do that, it's normal".

Water leaks through the front doors. The dealer says "that's a common problem because they don't adjust them properly at the factory" (!)

Need I go on? Welcome to the wonderful world of VW quality and reliability. Oh, yes, it's also been off the road six times in a year for various other problems.

2001 Volkswagen Golf from North America


VW Golf, What a mistake


Accelerator cable was bad upon delivery of vehicle, causing minor accident and almost causing major accident. Accelerator components were signed off on by delivering agent as operable.

Electrical system seems to be malfunctioning, dash-lights, headlights, brake lights and large strip brake light all stopped working within a 3 week period.

Check engine light illuminated at 29900 miles, cause was said to have been CO2 sensor and engine coolant sensor.

Rear brakes require replacement after 29900 miles of normal driving.

General Comments:

My experience with my Volkswagen Golf has been nothing but a disaster. With so many problems on a two year old car, I expressed my concerns to Volkswagen customer care. They are completely unwilling to discuss the matter with me and claim that all of the problems with my Golf are normal.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2002

18th Feb 2003, 15:36

I have had the exact same problems. I will never buy a Volkswagen again!

22nd Apr 2003, 12:34

I can totally relate to your frustration - I have a '02 GTI and had it towed 3 times already - haven't had even a year yet! Window dropped into the door, the window leaks, brakes are very strange, car died for no apparent reason & the latest - the ignition coil had to be fixed!! I am totally disgusted with this car & will never buy a VW again! I should have stayed with Pontiac!!

30th May 2007, 12:51

I completely agree! We have had the exact same problems! What piece of junk, I would never buy it again and don't recommend it to ANYONE.

2001 Volkswagen Golf V5 2.3 from UK and Ireland


Pricey, but good looking solid quality car


Clutch sensor broke after 10,000 miles causing slight engine hesitation during gear change - dealer fixed on service.

General Comments:

The V5 is an excellent performer with a unique and raspy engine note.

Very fun to drive with great handling, making use of stability control and traction control is a must.

Interior is much higher spec than other manufacturers in its class, the Ford's and Japanese and French cars are no where near the interior look, feel and quality.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

2001 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 SE 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


If this is the VW experience, it's not for me


Multiple problems with minor electrical glitches.

Rattles from dashboard and doors.

Lambda sensor failed.

Engine management system (twice)

Loose suspension (almost fell off)

Rain water leaks both front doors.

Faulty locks.

Faulty alarm.

Dealers screwed up fuel injection.

General Comments:

Car looks great, but build quality is not! Many faults down to the car being badly put together from new.

Dealers so incredibly bad that I am almost lost for words. Some that spring to mind are: Rude, Arrogant, Ignorant and Unhelpful. they can't fix anything first time and have actually added to the faults. I have twice taken the car back and refused to leave until they gave me another car and sorted the problems with mine.

Now tried 3 different dealers and the best comment I can make is that they are polite, but useless.

VW sell this as a premium product at a premium price, but this is a joke (isn't it?)

Contacted VW UK to complain, but they said as the car was under warranty it was between me and the retailer. The retailer no longer sells Volkswagen!!!

I am getting rid of this car very soon and will not be selling it to one of my friends.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2002