25th Jul 2005, 05:12

Does anyone know if the standard C.T.I. injection system will accomodate a turbo???


6th Jan 2006, 13:49

I have had the 1997 CTI for almost a year now, besides the service at every 15 000 the car's mechanics have done me proud. The only extra I have put on is the polo fuel injection system.

No other extras and it still performs very very well. You look after her and she will look after you.

27th Apr 2007, 02:19

I have a '92 cti. I've beaten every standard 2 litre including g5 gti and focus st. only problem was the chassis tore. had to replace the shell.

22nd Dec 2008, 23:50

Anybody know of any induction mods for the CTI???

14th Jan 2009, 06:47

I have a 92 CTi, it has a 50mm exhaust system with the 4 into 1 branch and a 276 deg camshaft. Can anyone please tell me what power output my car is likely to make as well as the 0-100km/h time?

It's very difficult finding info on a rare Golf.

Thanks guys.

12th May 2009, 13:55

I have a 95 Cti. The engine is more or less standard. Mods include a 288 degree cam, viper 4-2-1 branch and a cowley free-flow exhaust system, as well as a k&n inbox filter. I feel it is the best golf 1 ever made next to the mach1 Gti. The only problem is snap changing into 2, but other than that I'm happy with her.

NP 44501.

11th Jun 2009, 11:04

Hey chaps.

I hear every one has a higher model CTi than what I have. I am driving a 1990 model CTi. I bought the car feeling as if it's a 4-speed box. I felt various spots to see if it's a 5-speed. I would like to know if it's standard 4-speed? Let me know if you know something.


20th Jul 2009, 04:36

HI all.

I am a new owner of a 1994 CTI myself, and the car is just lovely. I can't say it does not give problems, but it's just like any other car...

The clutch part I agree it does give funny things.

Anyway, enjoy.


3rd Aug 2010, 10:51

Hi Dub Mates! I have a 92 CTI, but changed a whole lot on the engine, running Mr Turbo EFI with Polo head and intake manifold with 450cc injectors, and a TB68 Turbo with water methanol injection starting at 0.5 Bar boost.

Fitted a high low boost switch on the gear knob and a launch control switch on the clutch. Best quarter mile time is a respectable 13.7 at 168 Km/h with semi slicks. Low boost is set at 0.9 bar and high at 1.35 bar, MSD blaster coil.

Compression ratio is high at 9.1-1, therefore this car gives me amazing fuel consumption 12 Km/litre at 100Km/h Obviously a third of that under boost.

On the dyno it pushes 198 horses on the wheels with a whopping 283 N.m. and it's still a 1800!! Rods and crank are standard.

7th Feb 2011, 08:03

Hi there guys.

I'm also riding a 95 CTi, performs very well and she is stock except her 60mm drop all round.

However the clutch cable always gives away, and the gears get stuck in position and have to yank it out at times. Sometimes 5th gear is hard to find?

What could be the problem?

8th Feb 2011, 01:48

I also have a 95 CTI. I also had the same experience. You need to put a original VW clutch cable and check your gear linkages.

12th Feb 2011, 04:42

Check your firewall; the cable pulls through the fire wall, and that's where the problem starts.

15th Mar 2011, 15:41

Was there ever a carb-fed CTI?

My friend has one and I'm thinking of buying it. Just want to make sure it's the real thing.

25th Sep 2011, 08:07

Howzit, I had the same problem with my CTi. The only way I solved my problem is to fit genuine parts like clutch cable and clutch kit. You have to set your cable right, otherwise you will get stuck in gear, or replace bushes on gear links and set your gear links.

3rd Oct 2011, 17:16

Hi guys.. I'm from South Africa.. Have got a 92 CTI, and want to know what the best mods are gonna be? Got it with a cam and adjustable cam pulley.. What else can I do for a bit more power without going to insane mods?

Thanx guys.

30th Nov 2011, 02:15

Tell me something, was your 92 model CTi standard? If so, wow, that's pretty impressive!

24th May 2012, 04:47

Hi there, I am needing some help with my build. I am wanting to build an 1800cc block with the following :

1800cc crank

1800 rods

2.6i pistons - to take off 0.8mm of the top of the piston

Solid lifter - cross flow head

288 cam for road use and 304 for strip use

Please can you provide me with your full spec's used in your build.

Thank you


29th Jun 2012, 06:25

Does anyone know the valve size of the CTi head? And would it fit on a Golf mk1 1.4 block? Would the carb and exhaust manifold fit on the block? It is a 2006 Citi Golf.

13th Jul 2012, 02:42

Need help from you guys out there. Don't know what to do really.

I've got a VW Golf CTI. I modified the head (gas flow, etc), I re-bored it to a 2.0L, has a 288 cam with branch and free flow, but with the standard fueling system. Now I've noticed on some days the power of the car is amazing, but later on or as the engine gets hotter, it starts to lose all that power, and starts to "ping".

I've just done a service on the car recently, and after the service, the car has become even slower compared to how it was. I am filling it with the right petrol, so it can't be petrol.

22nd Aug 2012, 08:32

Hi guys, I've just purchased a 1995 VW CTi. The car swings, but doesn't start at all. Could anyone of you guys help me out? Any advice in helping fix the problem will be much appreciated.

23rd Aug 2012, 13:07

Go to the auto parts store and get a troubleshooting manual and a technical manual for the car itself. Try the cheapest things first... could be as simple as a bad battery or bad cables to the starter motor... go from there. But take it slow. Also with an unknown car, get some towing insurance and a good cell phone for emergencies. I'm not sure if your area has AAA road side service insurance... in California it's about 47.00 a year for the basic coverage for two towings and other services that they have... but it comes in handy on those cold dark nights when the car is having a bad day.

5th Dec 2012, 03:07

Hi there, is your car still giving you a problem starting? If it is, the problem is air, there is air in your injection system. I had the same problem with my 1995 CTI, it's easy to fix, you can do it yourself, all you gotta do is bleed the airflow meter, put the ignition on and leave it on, make sure the fuel pump is working continuous, open the bolt on the airflow meter where petrol feeds through and bleed the system until there is only petrol in the system and nothing else, and then it will start!


11th Mar 2013, 08:36

I also have 93 CTI. The car is very powerful and I don't want to sell it, as it does not give me problems. I like the performance of this car, and I also wish to drive it longer.