12th Apr 2013, 18:36

A JIP CGI K-jet can accommodate a turbo, but you have to machine the jets and use a TT Advanced distributor or MSD ignition. And the K-jet gets vacuum from the turbo for the valve to open.

1st Apr 2014, 09:54

Fast on some days and now is slow... Is your CTi red in color? The car sounds familiar...

20th Nov 2014, 14:35

Yo dude... I also have a 92 CTi & had the problem. It's most likely that your timing is too advanced; retard the distributor till the pinging stops.

19th Apr 2015, 17:55

Hi, can anyone out there help: I have a 1995 CTI. For about two years now I've been battling with a hard-starting problem. Mechanics do not seem to be to solve it. One of them suggested I use leaded petrol only (I used unleaded petrol all the car's life). This hasn't helped.

If I leave the car for a day or two, it starts perfectly first time.

I have changed coils at least twice.

The idling also refuses adjustment. If it is adjusted when the engine is cold, it rises dramatically when the engine gets hot. If it is adjusted when the engine is hot, it idles very low when it is cold.

9th May 2015, 17:26

What's the most economical way to start building on a stock 1800 CTi motor?

14th May 2015, 15:35

I think get the idle control valve checked out. I'm having the same problem.

7th Jun 2015, 04:59

Hi guys. I have just bought a CTi. It was in the panel beaters. Rats ate some wires, so I have to prime the air box from under for it to start. What could be the problem? And when started it sounds like it's got a miss.

23rd Sep 2015, 08:05

Hi. I have a CTI 92. The car was running fine, until I go back to start it and it is like starving for fuel. It starts up and then suddenly stalls. This morning it refuses to start. Any ideas?

23rd Oct 2015, 08:17

I recently bought a 94 CTi; the car starts fine one moment, but then refuses to start the next. I also noticed that the reverse gear sometimes refuses to select; what could be the cause of this?

3rd Feb 2017, 00:49

A 93 CTi was and is my first car. Absolutely love it, would never sell it. Great car.