1994 Volkswagen Jetta cl 1.8 (8v) from North America


My VW was bad luck, but they are great cars


Transmission gone 3 times 22000,235000 and finally at 285000...And I know how to drive standard very well. Electrical problems left, right front and back everywhere on the car.

Windows busted at 189000 and again at 215000.

Clunking noise ever since I bought the car from brand new to the day it died.

General Comments:

I loved the handling thought can handle corners like no other, I drive a 2001 Si civic now, but the handling on the car was way better!! GO VW!!!

Other than the the car was a total wallet digger.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2005

1994 Volkswagen Jetta CL 1.8L 8v 4 cylinder from North America


A great handling and reliable car!


4 months after buying the car, the alternator died around 145000km and was replaced with a $500 Bosch alternator with a 7 year warranty. This was odd because the previous owner had bought a new alternator two years earlier.

Original struts finally had the biscuit at 156000km and were replaced with German Boge gas struts for a lofty $700.

Other than that, no serious faults.

General Comments:

This Jetta is small, light, and well balanced; giving it excellent handling characteristics. With the Boge struts, it went from having a stock sporty suspension to more of a go-kart feel. I can take corners now at high speeds with little or no body roll at all.

The 1.8L 8v engine (Was only in the CL models of the MkIII Jetta/Golf) is a little underpowered if you're looking for performance, but it has enough power to get you around town and pass slower vehicles on the highway with ease.

This particular VW engine is also famous for its stellar reliability, and this car is no exception. I have had to make no major repairs to the engine and my mechanic tells me I won't need any work for quite some time either.

The gauge cluster and instruments are very easy to read and use, and are placed in a very logical way. German engineering at its best!

The seats are very comfortable for long trips, but the rear could use more legroom. It is also hard for taller people to exit the rear doors.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2005

15th Apr 2005, 09:34

I wish you all would do us Metric-illiterate Americans a favor, and tell us your distances in MILES too.

2nd Jun 2005, 19:49

1 Mile = 1.6km.

If you see something in km and you want to know what that is in miles, simply take whatever it is and multiply it by 0.6 and you'll get whatever it is in miles (Like 100km times 0.6 is 60 miles)

2nd Sep 2006, 13:45

I am looking at a 94 Jetta CL that looks like it's in good shape. Just curious about buying it for a first car. For 3 grand Canadian I think it is a good investment.

1994 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.9L turbo diesel from North America


When the time comes, I hope to replace it with a new one


Since I have owned the vehicle, the only problems that I have had that I felt were not wear and tear related were the headlight switch and an "alignment key" that holds the lower cam pulley on the crankshaft. Any other "problems" I have had I would attribute to normal wear and tear or age.

General Comments:

I have found the overall quality of this vehicle to be superior. I think that regular maintenance has been well worth the expense (i.e. avoid major expenses through routine maintenance).

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Review Date: 12th December, 2003

1994 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 from North America


Great car if you want/are able to tinker...


Electrical system shorted and they couldn't find the problem. Impacted the power locks, alarm, radio, and put a drain on the battery.

Fuel pump went, was replaced, and promptly went again.

General Comments:

This car was great to drive, but starting was unreliable.

Fuel/maintenance was economical, but the repair costs were so high that it was less expensive for me to trade it in on a new vehicle.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2003

1994 Volkswagen Jetta GL III 2.0L 5 speed from North America


Not good


The gear linkage has messed. And now the transmission is going out in it. I have had nothing but bad luck with that car.

General Comments:

It is a good looking and comfortable car, but it has not run good at all.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003