1994 Volkswagen Jetta GL III 2.0 from North America


Great car if owned fairly new, otherwise still good, but many repairs


It had no dash lights when I bought it, and it took the dealer 5 times to fix it.

Just this year, all of the door locks stopped working, including the trunk. By this I mean, if you lock your doors, the key doesn't work from the outside.

Many, many, many electrical problems!

The driver's door sometimes does not shut.

When accelerating, the engine sometimes sputters in the winter.

General Comments:

The car handles wonderful!

I love the way Jetta's look, very sporty and classy.

Seats are pretty comfortable.

The heat and air conditioning work so well in this car! Very powerful!

Roomy interior, no glove box is crappy!

What is up with the exterior mirror adjustors!?

Maintains book value better than most cars I know.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2002

1994 Volkswagen Jetta III GL 2.0 8v from North America


Unbelievable performance with a few slight modifications


Check engine light comes on every now and then, but I believe it is due to excess exhaust coming out of the 6 inch Neuspeed Catback exhaust.

General Comments:

When I got this car it was in immaculate shape and it still is. I have put several modifications on it including a Neuspeed P-Chip, Neuspeed p-flow air intake, Neuspeed front end strut, complete Neuspeed stainless steel cat back exhaust, and a wicked premium sound system including a 4 channel 400 watt clarion amp.

This car has 115 stock hp, I have it now around 210-215 and it has unbelievable performance. Enough with the everyday Civic EX and Si, try something new, this car is great and I love it every minute. I STRONGLY reccomend this car. Great first car.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2001

21st Sep 2002, 15:58

While I agree that the Golf/Jetta III 2.0L is a good car, I take great issue to your reported horsepower claims. In stock trim, your car makes 115HP. The addition of the Neuspeed exhaust, chip, and intake will give you nowhere near an extra 100HP. Maybe your modifications plus a low-boost turbo would equal 210-215HP (at the wheels). I have a 1998 GTI 2.0L Driver's Edition with a Techtonics 2.25" stainless cat-back exhaust, Eurosport Cool-Flo intake, ABD chip, Techtonics 266ยบ cam, heavy duty valvesprings with titanium retainers, and a Kent adjustable cam gear and I am making nowhere near your reported horsepower. At best I am making 145HP at the wheels. With your mods, you are probably making around 125 to 130HP at the wheels - maximum. Just because the parts manufacturers would like you to believe that each mod adds 15HP, it does not mean that it is true! Real world proof of aftermarket parts horsepower gains are in the dyno testing - keep that in mind...

6th Sep 2008, 12:15

You added an intake, chip, and exhaust and you honestly think anb believe that your little jetta gained 100 horsepower? I have the same car with the same modifications (different brand) as well as a cam, and that adds about 35-40 horsepower at best.

1994 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 from North America


Best all around bargain!


The tracks on the sunroof are broken, the entire rack must be replaced, the part alone is about $500.

Cooling system had a leak which fried the distributor causing the car to stall in hot weather, this cost about $300 in parts to fix.

A/C compressor went out, a new part is about $400, a rebuilt one is about $200, also the blower only works on the highest setting.

A new fuel pump and filter were needed, about $400.

General Comments:

First off I picked this car up CHEAP!

The previous owners had only fixed what absolutely need to be fixed, (brakes, clutch, oil changes etc...) and blamed the car for being a piece of junk, they could not believe that I wanted it.

I must say that any car that is as neglected as this one was is bound to have problems, it's not the cars fault, it's the owners! Anyway...

I can't begin to explain the amazing amount of neglect this car had lived through. To me the fact that it ran at all was a testament to the durability of the car.

As you can see I had to put about $1500 in to this car to get it to run right, but I did, and now it runs great!

I also installed an Autotech computer upgrade, a K&N air filter, and a new free flow exhaust, now it runs better than any car I have ever driven!

This is a great car for just about any one. Stock it has enough power to make sure you can pass that annoying truck on the highway, but not so much that you kids will be borrowing it for the Saturday night drags. Although if that is what you are looking for, with a few simple modifications it can hang with the best of the 4 cylinder cars (and many 6s) out there.

If rear legroom is a concern, you may want to think about a Passat. Also this model year only comes with light colored interiors, if you have kids, or are messy yourself, you may want to look at something else, or make friends with a good detail shop.

Cornering, acceleration, stopping, and turning radius are all excellent!

I may never own any other type of car!

I recommend it highly!!!

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Review Date: 21st August, 2001