1995 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 from North America


Overrated and Overpriced JUNK


Difficult to Start, especially if sits for more than 2 hours.

Transmission Blew at 93K miles.

Not comfortable to ride in.

Repairs and Parts Very Expensive.

General Comments:

I bought a 95 Jetta Celebration Edition for my Daughter in November 2005 for $2800 from a private owner. This car has been nothing, but problems. It’s difficult starting in the mornings or when it sits for more than 2 hours. I had a complete tune up. Wires, plugs, air and fuel filter cost $250. Still has a problem starting. The Car has 93K miles on it. Just found out the transmission is gone. Repair Price for this is $2622 with a 6 month warranty and $300 more for a 1 year warranty. This is from a national transmission shop. The trans cooler went burning up the transmission. Was told these cars are notorious for transmissions going. Local car shops treat you like a Leper. No one will work on them. Parts are OUTRAGEOUS. Dealer shops are also Outrageous. German engineering, What a JOKE. No Glove Compartment in the Car. To open Gas Door you must put the key in the driver or passenger door and turn it twice to the right. (Just to put gas in). Bought the car based on VW dependability and reputation. They couldn’t give me another VW. Overrated overpriced JUNK. I hope the guy I bought the car from can sleep at night.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2005

30th Dec 2005, 07:58

Did you research this make/model? Was is check out by a qualified mechanic before you bought it?

It is no big secret in the industry that VW's reputation as slipped to the bottom of the stack in the bast 10-15 years.

IF you bought it just on the reputation of VW, I would have to say their marketing campaign is really working!

30th Dec 2005, 12:01

In all honesty, find a good independent German car repair shop, or better yet, a VW/Audi repair shop and take your car there. Yes, the transmissions for the 1993-1998 VW Jetta/Golf models go out. VW Automatic Transmissions aren't the best.

But with regards to the other concerns, for example, not having a glove box - did you not notice this prior to buying the car?

It seems like some of the items also may be related to either poor upkeep from the previous owner, or just bad luck.

I hope things sort out with your Jetta.

16th Mar 2006, 01:08

I would suggest trying a good salvage yard for transmissions.

They will likely have a good transmission for less than a rebuild.

A common warranty on that is 6 months for the part you purchase.

A set of plugs, wires, filters, etc. will not "fix" a car, it is required maintenance, nothing more; and certainly not a "tune up".

Tune ups don't exist anymore, not since carburetors went out.

To get a tune-up nowadays you would need to send your car to a performance shop capable of re-writing the code in your car's computer.

1995 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 from North America


Pleasure to own and drive


Replaced the stock audio deck because it kept blowing the fuses.

Muffler came loose at 139,000 km, required minor repair (welded back in place).

Cruise control doesn't work.

Replaced 1/4 of the light bulbs in the car after purchase, no problems since.

General Comments:

Excellent interior and driver space, I'm 193cm tall with long legs and find the driver seat very comfortable.

Very good performance for it's class.

Great stock speaker system.

Lots of trunk space.

If you have front seats moved all the way back not much room is left for the back row of seats.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2005

1995 Volkswagen Jetta GL 2.0 from North America


Excellent car, great mileage, quick and fun


The drivers side door lock tumbler broke. It's an easy fix, costs about 16 dollars for new improved factory lock, using same keys.

One dash light bulb burned out. Easy repair, I replaced it for one dollar.

General Comments:

Very reliable car, never any mechanical problems at all, runs like a fine watch.

Great, very accurate rack and pinion steering. Handling isn't quite in the GTI league, but corners very well for a standard suspension system. Handles great on ice and snow too, I use all-season tires.

Great brakes, easy to modulate on rain, ice or snow covered roads. Stops quick.

Well equipped interior, great seats and easy to read gauges. Great air conditioner and heater. Easy to adjust seats, steering wheel and climate controls.

Great mileage in the city (30 mpg) and on the highway (38 mpg) and this is the 2.0 gas engine with the 5 speed manual transmission. Driving on the open highway at 95 to 100 mph through Colorado and Wyoming I averaged 36 mpg! Cruising smooth and quiet with a cd playing, can't beat that and few if any new cars today can go that fast for hours and hours reliably and get that great gas mileage, not even today's so called "advanced" gas electric hybrids! Top speed of 120 and will run all day at that speed, smooth as a Mercedes and BMW I've driven.

Performance is very good too. Very strong for a 4 cylinder engine and only 2 liters in size. Easy passing on the highway and usually quickest across any intersection due to lots of torque and midrange horsepower, no need to wind the engine up like the new cars that have all their power at 5,000 rpm and nothing below. Excellent clutch, transmission and shifter, easy and accurate shifting.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2005