1999 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg from North America


Good performance, poor quality parts and electronics


Check engine light comes up regularly, regulators, cables.

On window broken, motors on windows, brake light which.

Prevented the gear from shifting (something that the dealer.

Failed to recognize early on; took them 4x to figure out the.

Problem), handles/knobs in car, radio went out and was.

Told it needed to be replaced (luckily got 2nd opinion).

Volume turns up when I turn it down, panel on side door.

Fell off. All due to cheap parts or electronics.

Nothing major (knock on wood!) with overall performance.

Of the car however!

I agree 100% with all of the comments about those darn.

Windows! They are totally unreliable. I thought it was b/c I.

Was in an accident, but as it turns out this is a defect on the.

Car. How much time has been wasted on these little things!

Poor design!!! Yesterday the back window just wouldn't go.

Up. I had to push it up with my hands, and it slid back down.

Luckily, I already was going in today for the other window.

Which has a broken motor. VW dealer estimated the job for.

The broken motor at $900!!! Say it isn't so! I don't know.

Anything about cars, but I know this is tooooo much $$.

General Comments:

I wish I had bought a Toyota or a Honda!

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Review Date: 6th September, 2006

5th Jan 2007, 10:27

I have the same car, same year, wolfs-burg edition and I have all the same problems. My check engine light goes on every once in a while and then just goes off. My back passengers side window won't go up and down, I used to have to push it and now it is stuck open a little bit. My break light on my interior goes on randomly and causes my front head lights to shut off so I am unable to see at night. My shifter gets stuck in park while the car is on. I have found out that there is a lever that holds it in park and is obviously not working correctly. It seems as though everything that can go wrong does. I hate this car.

1999 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg 2.0 from North America


Fun little car, fast and snappy


Nothing major really. The speed control stopped working at 60K, but everything else still works reasonably well.

I had the clutch main cable snapped at 85K and replaced the generator as well as the timing chain at this point.

Finally, the container for the steering fluid developed a leak, but this was mine own faulte, since I allowed the battery to go old and it caused the deterioration.

General Comments:

About the Check Engine Light, the first time it went on was due to a crack on the coil. As soon as it was replaced, my mechanic took it to a VW dealer to reset the light. Then 3 years later, it went on again, but reset itself after 3 intervals of running the engine and colling it to normal temp.

This can be due to one of the 2 sensors next to the catalytic being faulty. They are expensive, and you cannot replace just one, so good luck.

I will NEVER buy another VW again as long as I live. As vengeance, I will donate this hog to my teenage son.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2006

1999 Volkswagen Jetta GL from North America


Pathetic piece of crap


Bought the Jetta used at 180k and within 6 months the engine had blown up. Had to spend $4000 to put in a rebuilt engine. Good news is that I now only have 60k on a '99 Jetta. Bad news is that this car has had one mechanical problem after another.

I've heard that the '99 Jetta was the first year that VW had their cars built in Mexico and the growing pains are very evident.

Other less important problems/repairs:

-exhaust leaks

-heated seats don't work

-cup holder fell out

-front bumper fell off

-heater control jammed and now doesn't work (so no A/C pumping out in the summer)

-power locks/alarm are finicky and sometimes don't work

-clutch is starting to go (feels loose and grinds trying to get it into first gear)


General Comments:

I previously owned a '79 Rabbit (my first car) and a '96 Golf. Both were fantastic cars and very reliable. The Rabbit had over 300k on it and was still chuggin away! I thought I was making a smart purchase in buying another VW. BUT NEVER AGAIN!!

This car has been a nightmare money pit of one repair after another! I've probably easily spent over $10K in repairs in the one year that I've had the car.

It looks really sharp and is comfortable to drive, but it is just too darn expensive to keep fixing it. I will never buy another VW and am going back to a Japanese manufacturer (Honda, Acura, Toyota or Nissan).

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Review Date: 5th July, 2006

2nd Aug 2006, 18:36

It had 180,000 hard miles? What did you expect? Perfection?