1999 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 2.8 6 cylinder from Mexico


Maneuverability and engine responsiveness for the smallest V6 makes this model unique in its class


First warranty service repair, sun-roof at 30k miles.

Second warranty service replacement, water-pump at 45k miles.

First scheduled-maintenance 45k miles, (no cost).

Back-door replacement due to "minor" mishap, insurance deductible of $150 USD.

Third service under warranty, mass-flow meter at 55k miles.

Right back window electric controls malfunction at 58k miles, repair cost $100 USD.

Second scheduled-maintenance at 65k miles, cost $350 USD.

Water-pump and temperature sensor replacements at 68k, cost $450 USD.

Front pilot seat, leather starts cracking, central electrical controls to open/close doors malfunctions.

Front strut and complete brake replacements at 70k miles, cost $980 USD.

Second v-belt replacement at 75k miles, cost $125.

Oil pan and gasket replacement due to accident at 82k miles, cost $425 USD.

Alternator regulator repair, cooling leakage repair at 86k miles, cost $310 USD.

Front suspension ball-joint replacement at 90k miles, cost $450 USD.

Last v-belt replacement starts with annoying noise again, at 92k miles is due back to the shop!!

General Comments:

After 11 years, this car still handles great at high speeds up to 115 miles/hour.

The original complete exhaust system (ssteel) keeps engine noise at low levels.

Averaging 9k for each oil (synthetic) change + filter, consumption at 92k miles is about 1qtr/2000miles, great!!

ABS braking system has saved me a couple times from a possible fatal accident.

Rear leather seats aren't too comfortable, and leg spacing isn't enough.

This model can act as a sports car and as a family car as well.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2011

1999 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 from North America


Perfect example of ruining a car by going for cheap with plastic parts


Like many others...

Orange oil stick tube... plastic... broke.

Glove box... plastic... broke.

The cup holder mechanism... plastic... broke.

Ashtray/coin holder... plastic... broke.

Trunk latch... plastic... broke.

Both fans... plastic... broke.

Headlight adjustment screws... plastic... broke.

Starter... went out (replaced).

Fan relay module... went out (replaced).

Passenger side door panel... plastic... broke.

Backseat ashtray... plastic... broke.

Window spray nozzles don't work.

Parasitic drain caused by some short in the electrical system that I have yet to identify.

General Comments:

You get the drift of the things wrong with this car. This car is the King/emperor/ and flat out god when it comes to cheap s*** plastic molding. Everything that could have been made by cheap china plastic was. News flash: Plastic overtime exhibits creep. With time and temperature, all the plastic in this car will crack and break. Especially when you have stupid designers create spring loaded plastic parts.

I only paid $1800 for this car, and probably sunk in another $1000 in repairs. For the price I paid for it... I guess it's not too bad. But I have the money to replace a lot of bad parts.

My advice, don't buy this as a used car. Get an older Honda or American car. The Honda might cost more, but it will last longer. The older American car probably isn't any better quality, but the parts and labor will be a lot cheaper.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2010

1999 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg Edition from North America


Amazing, reliable vehicle!


When I bought the car, the woman who sold it to me told me that the back windows did not work due to the fact that her husband had messed around with the child safety lock, so that the grandchildren could not open them. Regardless of why they do not work, I did not care as much about the back windows.

1.) Muffler came a little loose and was making a rattling sound, but I got this fixed (not replaced) at a family mechanic for around $40. He said to replace it would be nearly $400, and would also be unnecessary, although dealerships will tell you differently.

2.) The heat shield began to rattle and I brought my car back to the same place. The man took the heat shield off and did not replace it because he said again, it was unnecessary to even have on, it does nothing. The reason it rattles is because the heat that it is "protecting" makes it rust and wear out. This was free of charge. (These are very reliable people too, a small business in the south. The father and son do this to help others not screw them over. Both highly educated in motor vehicles of all types.)

General Comments:

Besides these two little things, I have had no other problems with the car. It runs so great! It handles so well on turns and is a quick, safe car. I drive it to and from College 4 or 5 times a year which is over 200 miles each way. For being over 10 years old, this car still has over 100,000 miles of life in it.

I highly recommend this car/model to you, especially young drivers! It is a great first car (was and still is my first car) and I know I'll have it around for a while.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2010

7th Jul 2010, 16:20

Does 6K miles of experience make a car reliable? 6K miles is like not driving a vehicle at all. Update your opinion when you put on 6K miles every 3 months.