1999 Volkswagen Jetta 4 Cylinder from North America


Overall I like the car, but VW and its dealerships have a lot to learn about customer service


I am on my 4th Jetta and so is my mother.

Matte texture on dash and interior plastic holds lint. That was not the case with previous vehicles.

Fabric on seats also holds lint. I have to use a directional lint brush to clean seats where as with previous vehicles a vacuum sufficed.

Radio has static in AM stations that increases with acceleration. When it was first noticed at time of purchase, dealer said it could not be fixed. I can sometimes listen to AM, but my mother cannot listen to AM at all. After speaking with another VW customer, three years after purchase, I learned it was an electrical grounding issue. The grounding issue was confirmed by a service technician from another dealership, who indicated the fix would be over $400.

Cup holders broke within weeks of taking delivery on both vehicles.

Rear ashtrays broke within weeks of taking delivery on both vehicles.

Glove box broke within weeks of taking delivery on one vehicle.

Rear trunk lock broke.

Trunk release lever broken will not open trunk.

Key fobs come apart have to be taped together. Fobs are hard to place on key ring as plastic catch easily releases.

Within the first two weeks, the airbag light came on. The dealership fixed it, only to have the light return within a few days. The dealership has a marketing company follow up to see if your service visit was satisfactory. I told them the problem and informed them I would not spend another minute taking a new car to service for the same problem. No follow up was ever made. The airbag lights were fixed during another service visit two years later.

Drivers side widow relay broke plunging the window into the door. It was fixed at no charge. When the second window broke, the car was out of warranty and the dealership would not fix what was obviously a manufactures' defect. I complained profusely to the dealership and to VW. Had to pay $450.00 for the fix. Months later, a recall letter was mailed and I had to produce the receipt to get a reimbursement.

Currently the check engine light is on. After reading reviews on this site, I will not waste money trying to diagnose the problem. Diagnostics at my dealership are $90.00 per hour.

General Comments:

I like the styling on the vehicle although it seems much smaller than my previous Jettas.

Love the night dash lights.

Love the way the car handles.

Love the fact the car has never left me stranded on the road or away from home. That was not the case with other vehicles I had before VW.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2003

1999 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


Forget having peace of mind


Both left and right axles had to be replaces.

Had to replace the transmission.

Molding on drivers side is falling off.

Check engine light intermittently comes on and off.

Passenger side window will not roll up.

General Comments:

I seriously recommend to anyone who does not want a continual headache to look elsewhere when shopping for a car.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2003

1999 Volkswagen Jetta GLS from North America


Cheaply put together


CD player has had to be replaced twice, the first time was less than one year owning the car. The second time it happened the dealer would not cover it, as the warranty would no longer cover the cost. I called the Customer Service to complain and they agreed to cover 1/2 of the cost of the CD player, but not the labor to put the new one in. Cost me over $200.

My cup holder's springs broke the first 6 months I owned it and a year later, the whole thing fell off, it is completely useless.

The ashtray in the back seat has never shut, is open permanently.

My passenger window fell off the tracks and fell inside the door and the dealer proceeded to tell me I could not get an appointment for a week. So, I am supposed to drive around in November with my passenger window wide open?

My door rubber molding on the driver's side has completely fallen down, just hangs there, I am constantly getting my feet stuck in it, practically tripping myself when getting out of the car. The dealer would not fix it, told me to go to the craft store and get some glue, I am not kidding.

My floor mats slide all over the place, which includes the driver side. That is especially fun when attempting to shift and gets caught up under the clutch, gas and brake.

My sunroof slider (to keep the sun out) came off the runner the first week I owned the car and got stuck. Had to be fixed twice, now I never attempt to shut it, for fear of it getting stuck.

Driver side door is constantly squeaking and really hard to shut and open.

Glove box has broken twice, the plastic that holds it into place completely snapped.

Volume on the radio lowers by itself when changing the radio stations.

Impossible to clean the inside, as everything sticks to it.

Brake rotors broke at 30,000 miles and had to be replaced, front and rear.

General Comments:

Volkswagon will never receive my business again, or anyone else's that I know, as I have informed everyone I can tell never to purchase one.

My car only has 40K miles on it and the inside of it is falling apart. In addition, the dealers and service department at VW have the worst customer relations that I have ever experienced. Even when speaking to their Customer Service (their 1-800 phone number), and telling them all the things that have gone wrong with my car, they offered no help.

The dealer has been absolutely horrible to me. My husband has also called (as I believe being female is difficult to contend with in the car world) and was livid at the way they treat their customers, when he experienced it first hand.

I will never own a VW again. The engine may run forever, or so they state, but not before the whole inside of the car falls apart.

I believe that VW should stand by their product, as by reading other comments on this website, others have experienced very similar problems.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003

18th Apr 2005, 12:10

I also have had the same problem with the driver side door molding coming undone. I have tried attaching it with double stick tape, as the dealer suggested, but have had no success.

19th Jun 2006, 12:51

I can really identify with these comments! Although I have 122,000 miles on my 99 Jetta GLS (new style; I bought it new), my car has been slowly falling apart since about 10,000 miles. Yes, my glove box has fallen apart, the cup holder broke, the window fell into the door (reportedly due to plastic pieces that were later recalled and replaced with metal; this happened at 75,000 miles), and now the sunroof will not shut as pieces of the tracks have gradually fallen out. There is also a weird wax that accumulates inside the doors when it is hot.??? The tires needed to be replaced at about 20,000 miles, the battery died at 20,000, and the brakes/rotors at about 20,000 as well. I will not own another VW again due to these defects, but also because their customer services is very poor. After your bumper-to-bumper warranty expires (at 24,000 on the 99 Jetta GLS), they treat you badly and that is a shame since this car was not cheap!