2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 from North America


I love it!!



General Comments:

I have no idea what all these other people are speaking of with high maintenance cost and various problems. I get 46 MPG highway and 41 in mixed city/hwy. I recently drove to Florida with a kayak on the top of my car and got 39 MPG.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2005

2000 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


The worst car


The drivers side window fell...TWICE.

The drivers side window fell.

The drivers side door does not open with the key less entry.

My glove box broke.

My drivers side mirror burnt out. It turned orange and no longer defrosts.

My car burns oil. I have to put a quart or two in every 1000-1500 miles. (Yet the dealership says "it's normal")

My trunk does not open from inside of the car, I have to use my keyless entry button.

My tape deck is broken it always says ERROR.

I needed new brakes and routers at 35000.

My air conditioner light on the dashboard blew out.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2005

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS VR6 from North America


This is the worst car I have ever owned


What has gone wrong with my car...

1. All of the before mentioned sensors.

2. 3 windows have fell out (one of them twice - 4 times total).

3. The glove box is broken.

4. The tape deck is broken.

5. CD play occasionally has a "Cd error."

6. The rear view mirror casings are cracked.

7. The brakes constantly need to be replaced.

Problems at the dealership:

1. I am constantly quoted one price and charged another.

2. One time after they replaced a brake light, they "forgot" to attach it.

General Comments:

I hate this car and I still have a few payments left, I would never recommend Volkswagen to anyone.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2005

9th Feb 2008, 11:48

Calipers froze and brakes and pads failed without warning signal; repairs have cost 2000 thus far!

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS 2.0 from North America


A nice looking car if you can afford the high maintenance prices


My shocks and struts have already worn out since buying the vehicle.

The check oil light turns on after driving for thirty to forty-five minutes.

Seats stain very easily.

Front right tire worn after only 5,000 miles.

Rear right tire constantly low.

Key broken.

General Comments:

A nice looking car if you can afford the high maintenance prices.

I love my car, but it has issues.

I wouldn't recommend a VOLKSWAGEN to anyone else.

Has anyone had trouble with the check oil light, coming on periodically?

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Review Date: 6th March, 2005

10th Mar 2011, 06:58

You can't blame a leaking tire on the car, if it is constantly low, take it in and have it fixed. A worn out tire sounds like an alignment problem and seats stain easily? Stop spilling stuff on them...

25th Apr 2011, 10:18

Yes, the car oxygen and mass flow sensors are a constant issue and my check engine / blinking oil light has been on for 15k miles... That's just part of the deal with these car.

Plus the little stuff will go, cup holders break, glove compartment breaks, it rattles, the struts go, the return springs under the car, the electronic locks, hmmm, I could keep going.

But my car has over 245k so it really is a matter if you cannot be annoyed by the stuff on the car that will go... which many things will. The engine is usually long reliable. If the other stuff bothers you too much, this ain't your car. If you can get past it and fix only what's necessary, it's generally long-life...

2000 Volkswagen Jetta GLS V6 from North America


Fun to drive, expensive and time-consuming to own


While it was still under warranty the airbag lights came on several times. Then the back cup holder broke, the front cup holder broke, the stereo broke within 4 years of owning it. There have also been & continue to be curious & unpredictable electrical problems. For example, at times, when I try to raise the passenger side window from the driver's side, it lowers instead of raising. Also, the passenger side window didn't work at all from the driver's side for a few months, but now it does again (inexplicably). The latch on the center console broke. The front blinker stopped working, started working, stopped working etc. It's impossible to replace a burned out light bulb in the front blinker. It's necessary to take it to the dealer where it costs $15. labor, $3.95 for the bulb and $20+ for the bulb socket. The service people at the dealership are rude, illiterate, don't listen & not methodical in diagnosing problems. Finally, the front end is low & scrapes on driveways etc. constantly.

General Comments:

This car is fun to drive, but the electrical problems and cost to maintain are not worth it. I will be selling this if they can ever repair it.

Last week my car started bucking & stalling a day after I had driven through a deep puddle. I took it in and was told that the speed sensor had gotten wet. They advised a new battery & speed sensor to the tune of $545. I only got the speed sensor and spent $325. I was supposed to get the car at 5:30PM that day. I got a call at 3:30PM telling me it wouldn't be ready until noon the next day. When I got to the dealership at noon they said it wouldn't be ready until 5PM. Nobody apologized for wasting my time. On the contrary they were very defensive & unfriendly. I complained so much they promised to get the work done by 3:30PM. When I got there I waited another 20 minutes (till 3:50PM) before it was ready. I drove off and once it warmed up it started bucking again - exactly the reason I took it in. I called the service rep. and he said, "Well, I put the best mechanic on it." as if I were making it up! I took it back & they worked on it 3 more hours that night and so far, they've been working on it for 4.5 hours today & have no idea what's wrong with it.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2005

14th Dec 2007, 13:14

The fact that you don't know how to change a burned out blinker light is pathetic. Why own a car if you can't preform an easy practical job fixing the light? It's easy as pie, and almost common sense. Pop out a fake cover panel next to the parking/blinker lamp, pop out the actual lamp, then unscrew the bulb holder, and replace it.