3rd Dec 2007, 17:47

Add my 2002 1.8T Jetta Wagon to the leak list. I also DO NOT have a sunroof. I first noticed the problem last winter, after I found a puddle of water in the back seat floorboard on the driver's side. I took the car in to the dealer, and they couldn't find the problem. While examining the car myself, I noticed that the molding around the driver's side front door (attached to the car, not the door) was beginning to fall apart, so I had them replace it - it took them a week to order the part, and they installed it after drying out my carpet. I think I spent like $700 on that, if I remember right.

To top it all off, my electrical system went out like a week later - I think they damaged it trying to replicate the leak problem. They did fix that on their dime.

Well, it rained a whole bunch this last week, and the leak is back. I can't for the life of me figure out where it is coming from. I've had the problem of condensation forming inside of the car for ages, so I don't think this is a new thing. I'm going to try giving the dealership a piece of my mind, after paying a pretty penny to "fix" the problem, here it is again.

It's not the sunroof people. Or, at least, it's not ALWAYS the sun roof. I don't have one.

4th Dec 2007, 16:34

Reading all these posts, I just cannot believe it. So depressing, and I know my dealership is going to try and get me to replace all the door seals, at $158 each. But I doubt that's truly the problem. I have a 2003 Jetta Wagon TDI; it floods too, like all the rest of you. Most recently via the sunroof controls area, the lights above passenger seat sun flap, and down the hood latch. Just like everybody else. This is a design flaw, plain and simple.

6th Dec 2007, 21:45

I just purchased a 2003 Jetta GLS TDI and I too wish I had found this site before I bought the car. I didn't even think about investigating such a problem.

I've noticed condensation, inside frosting, etc in the car during the week that I have had it. I could call the dealer that I bought the car from, but from what I read in previous postings I doubt they will do anything. I'll look into clearing the sunroof and A/C drains tomorrow morning, as well as the pollen filter (assuming I can figure out where it's located). Very depressing. I was excited about purchasing the Jetta diesel, and now I have to tell my wife I just bought us a lemon.

11th Dec 2007, 15:49

My 2000 VW Jetta GLS is having the same water problem. Water is accumulating on drivers side front and back. I started seeing this 2 months back. Thought this was related to a slightly broken windshield so replaced the windshield. However water still accumulates in small quantity after rains.

Carpet is wet and because of Boston Winter there is no way this is going to dry. Now I have to deal with smell, condensation, ice, etc. Every morning I have to scrape ice inside as well as outside.

Too bad as the car runs great.

From all these comments it seems that there is no good solution.

12th Dec 2007, 23:42

I bought a 03 Jetta TDI. I now know why is was at a good price... At first I thought maybe I left the window down or something. Nope there is a horrific leak somewhere. The driver side rear floor gets soaked. The car has a stinky mildew/mold smell in it as well. I found one sun roof drain is plugged. I plan to unplug that. (I hope the tube is connected in the inside still). I will then inspect all over for leaks.

The real problem is how do I clean the carpet and get rid of the stink? I am not going to over pay the stealership to do such things.

22nd Dec 2007, 13:33

I am an owner of a 2002 Passat and a 2002 Jetta. I have not had issues with the Jetta. It is garaged kept.

The Passat sits outside and I have had water accumulate in the front passenger side where you place your feet, and I believe also there is a leak in the back somewhere. I took it to the dealership after I received the recall letter. But the damage was done. My car stinks. I took it to a detailer who told me he could get the smell out, but they were unsuccessful.

M. Meyer, Lake Barrington IL

26th Dec 2007, 16:17

I am an owner of a 2002 Jetta. A few months back we had a massive downpour and I noticed that my floors had flooded entirely. I figured that maybe I had left the door cracked or the window. But here it is a few months later and I am once again having the same problem. Furthermore, I bought a car cover to place over the car when it rains, and my car still floods. How about that? Called the dealership today and they want me to pay for the repairs! This is amazing!

5th Jan 2008, 12:49

Our 2003 Jetta same problem interior condensation, mold etc, we live in the northwest tons of rain. My husband took it to the dealership, now I know why they were so uninterested in this problem because they had seen it before again and again I am sure. I'll keep reading and keep moping out the car. We need a recall and soon!

5th Jan 2008, 20:23

I seem to have a very similar issue that I just noticed today. Heavy rains on the Coast in Southern CA. I have a 2004 Jetta GLI and based off others comments I'm getting nervous about my Recaro seating becoming drenched.

My Fiance noticed her purse was soaking wet earlier today, I figured it was just her shoes. Later that day her purse was soaked again, so we felt the floor and it was soaked. I lifted the floor mat and noticed the floor of the passenger front seat was soaked even more so.

The wet area is a very circular centered section (like a puddle formed on your houses carpet coming from the ceiling). It appears the soaking is coming from underneath the carpeting because the sides of the flooring (by the door, under the glove box, by the vent near the gear box) were completely dry. There are no other wet or moist areas that I am aware of inside the car (I have yet to check the trunk).

I have since removed the floor mat and semi-dried the floor with a towel, then searched online to find this site. I'll check on the drains when it stops raining and talk to my local dealer when I get a chance.

Count me in on a possible class-action, or if the dealer reads this, I'd love a free correction to the problem.

I can be reached at shtiksh@hotmail.com on either of those two requests or any specific questions dealing with my water issue.

10th Jan 2008, 17:41

I have a 2001 Jetta TDI with sunroof, which is experiencing the same problem. I have also found the following class action lawsuit proposal based on this problem.