25th Oct 2007, 19:21

I have a 2003 Jetta. Starting a few weeks ago, I have to don scuba gear to drive to the corner store after a rain storm because of the three feet of water in the driver's side floor. Actually, more like an inch or two. Seems to be coming from near the fuse box and the hood release lever, but the side-impact airbag along the top of the driver's side door is also very wet. I'll look into the sunroof drain plug idea. Nice to know I'm not alone. (tear).

27th Oct 2007, 22:33

I have a 2004 Golf that has had water leak problems since we bought it new. When it rains, or I go through the car wash, I get a nasty puddle in the trunk, but I have dealt with soaked carpets on both the front and rear carpets on both the driver and passenger sides. I have taken it in to the dealer several times and they always give me a different reason, but it is still not fixed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

28th Oct 2007, 13:55

I have a water leakage problem with my my 2004 VW Jetta as well. I had my air conditioner worked on at the beginning of the summer. Lucky, we haven't had much rain, but have noticed that each time it has rained my front driver's side floorboard has flooded. The only part of my car that is wet is the floorboard. It seems to be coming from the area around the hood release. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Do you think a part could have been left out during the repair of the air conditioning? Thanks!


30th Oct 2007, 09:48

We just purchased a 2001 Jetta v6 and boy had I wished I had found this site before we bought the car. One rain storm and the front and rear wells were full of water. I checked the drains located on the front passenger and driver side door frame. I gave them a squeeze and water started to pour out of them. Two days later we still are trying to get all of the water up using a shop vac and a dehumidifier to dry out the car. I am having the lines blown out today as well. Does anyone have any information on a class action suit or what VW intends to do to fix the issue. Also any suggestion on neutralizing the damp water smell??? email me at A1962x15@aol.com Thanks.

30th Oct 2007, 22:51

I recently purchased a 2001 Jetta wagon for my daughter. Its earlier life it was located in the North East. We noticed (after the sale) some damage on the seals over the doors. It looks like water puddled there in the foam rubber portion of the gasket. Of course in cold weather the trapped water froze and tore the seals. What makes us think any water trapped in drain tubes won't freeze as well and create fractures for leakage? It wouldn't take water when frozen to begin process of continued degradation. All it takes is a low spot in the drain tubing to provide for this freezing damage to begin to snowball.

After reading the previous 70+ responses is there is no doubt a design flaw or flaws. I am truly surprised and disappointed in VW's lack of coordinated response. I have many fond memories of great service from their earlier designs. The bad taste of poor quality lingers like the odors described above. The cost of standing up, admitting the problem, then doing the right thing to resolve these issues will be minimal compared to the long range damage to their reputation. The Price Of Non Conformance for their lack of response will ultimately mean an exit from the U. S market.

I wish I had seen this site before we wrote the check! As a retired Engineer I totally agree with others this is no doubt a design issue and probably several. What VW has not realized is the real implication of safety issues described above.

What could be more important to safe driving than clear visibility? I will reluctantly participate in a class action suit if contacted by a reputable group, but would much rather receive a notice of VW's intent to resolve! We just want these issues to go away! Please contact me at: dave_garrison@scoreboard1.com.

3rd Nov 2007, 10:21

Last week, I found my 2003 Passat flooded with water on the Drivers side front and back seats. My windows would not open, lights would not go on, and alarm system was no longer working. I brought it to the VW dealership. I was told that my sunroof was clogged with leaves which has caused the rain to enter the car and that my comfort control module was blown. This would cost $750 to fix. I put a claim into my insurance who appraised my car and totalled it! They said that the damage to the electrical system was so extensive that it would not be worth it to fix.

I was completely shocked by this as I had no idea that I was sopposed to be checking my sunroof for leaves! I am not surprised to see that so many other people are having the same problem and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that VW has not recalled this defect!!

I called the VW corporate office who basically could not have cared less and said there is no recall, but that they would give me $500 off the cost of a new car which is ridiculous. If they know there is a huge problem with this why didn't they send a letter in the mail offering a free inspection for these drains to avoid this problem???

4th Nov 2007, 12:03

Me Too!! 2001 Passat, rear drives side. I'm off to explore my drains after reading all the other comments. I'm more than a little worried as my step-brother ended up having to trade his Jetta in because the water problem could not be fixed by anyone anywhere.

8th Nov 2007, 16:01

2003 leaky Jetta. Shop guy accused me of parking under trees!! How dare I? It turned out to be clogged drains AND a misaligned sunroof. My car now stinks like wet cat. There are only three weeks left on my warranty. Would love any info on how to hold VW responsible.

15th Nov 2007, 11:37

Broken record... last night our Jetta was flooded by a heavy rain. Based on the number of posts with the same issue, I cannot believe that VW has not recalled these vehicles. I hope that somebody from VW is reading these notes and realizing how many customers they are going to lose. Spread the word, VW cars have issues that will not be addressed by the manufacturer.

27th Nov 2007, 14:36

02 glx Jetta Wagon, passenger side floor soaked, swamped, not very happy. me.joyd@yahoo.com.

27th Nov 2007, 18:36

I have a 2004 VW Golf. For the past two weeks I have noticed that the driver side floor and especially the floor behind the driver's seat is wet. It was below zero last week and I had to scrape the INSIDE of my windows before I could drive because of the condensation from these wet carpets. Last night we had heavy rains and today I found a pool of water on the floor behind the driver's seat. Let me know if anyone finds out about a class action suit. Thanks,