16th Oct 2006, 11:14

Do you have it chip-tuned? My buddy has a tuned 2001 that he claims gets 42 city, 55 highway which he says is better than when it was stock-tuned.

My brand new (1600 miles, on it's 4th tank) Jetta TDI 5-speed gets better mileage each fillup. It did 39 city last tank. How long should I expect it to continue to improve?

18th Aug 2007, 12:42

I am currently looking for a different car, and I have considered many different makes and models. I am currently considering a Volkswagen TDI. My job requires a lot of driving; therefore, I like the sound of getting nearly 60 mpg. But with my budget, I can only afford one with 200,000+ miles. I need a reliable car; therefore, I am wondering if anyone can tell me how relaiable the Volkswagen TDI is, and also can you tell me if 200,000 miles is too many miles? Thanks for you input.

10th Jul 2009, 18:28

I have to disagree with those that don't believe the 60 mpg. I bought a 98 TDI about 7 months ago, and have consistently gotten 62 to 64 mpg from it. I also drive a Smart, and the cost of running is overall less for the used TDI. (Include maintenance and tires etc). I would recommend these to anyone wanting CHEAP transportation that is still comfortable.

6th Mar 2010, 11:27

To the person wanting a VW TDI, I would recommend that you buy an A2 (1985 to 1992) instead of the A3 (1993 to 2001 1/2). You will likely find that it is much easier to work on yourself, cheaper for most parts and filters, etc. And you still get about 950 km's to the tank on the highway. Stick to the 1990 1/2 to 1992 and you will get the "big bumpers", this is much nicer styling and still looks good on the road today. Even the gas version (1.8 8 valve, manual trans, don't buy an automatic) should get you about 540km's to the tank in the city, still quite good on fuel with not tons of power, but still more than enough to cope with traffic of today and have fun doing it. 3rd gear is the magic gear (so much fun). Ask any VW nut.

Just my two cents...



For Life.

23rd May 2010, 19:20

I have owned 2 Jetta TDIs; one a 1998 5 speed, 43mpg city, 45 highway, calculated over 120000 miles, the other a 2000 Jetta 5 speed, 45 city, 47 highway, now has 200000 miles since I have owned it. 60 MPG, no way!!!

29th Apr 2011, 16:09

Probably US vs CDN/UK gallon...

60 MPG (UK) = 50 MPG (US)...

1 US Gallon = 1.2 imperial Gallons (UK & Canada)