30th May 2006, 17:56

I am having a similar problem. I've driven my 2001 Jetta for a couple of hours today and everything was fine. I was getting a little warm so I turned up the AC a notch and it suddenly started blowing warm air. Within a few seconds the light came on and the temperature gauge started rising. I was only a mile from my mom's house, so I pulled into a gas station and let it sit for about 20 minutes and drove it to her house. By the time I got half way to her house it was overheating again. The coolant level is fine, and it's not leaking anywhere. I let it sit for 3 hours and once again, it started overheating within a mile. It doesn't seem to have a problem when just idling though, but if you rev it or drive it, the temperature rises very quickly. Also, I noticed that the fans don't seem to turn on (even if it's overheating) unless the ac is on. Is this normal?

1st Jun 2006, 15:19

2001 VW Jetta - waterpump defect - VW knows of this issue, but did not send a recall. My friend works for VW and is getting a lot of waterpump defects which causes your car to overheat.

10th Jun 2006, 15:06

That's exactly what it was. The waterpump was shattered. I have now changed it out (now that I've had time) and now the timing belt won't go back on quite right. I bought a new one and marked it and everything, but now it won't go back on the way it's supposed to. The marks do not line up. I tried the old one as well just to make sure it wasn't something with the new belt and have the same trouble. Is there any reason why it wouldn'g fit back on the same? I do not believe any of the gears were turned.

30th Jun 2006, 09:21

I have a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition with 1.8L turbo engine. The engine started overheating a couple of days ago. When I turn the heater on it blows only cool air. I replaced the thermostat and yet I am still having the same problem. Engine temp seems to be OK at idle speed, but rises quickly as soon as it accelerates. Any thoughts on what I should try next?

16th Aug 2006, 15:46

I have a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg, runs great at 40k. Only defect are the corroding BBS rims, I called and filed a complaint with VW toll free #- 1-800-822-8987. They gave me a ref number and said to have all the people either call that number to file a claim or email. Please call and if you have same prob with rims let them know, that's the only way a recall can be sent out.

13th Oct 2006, 00:50

Wow my friend at work (Monaco Coach) said that there was a lot of cooling system problems with the 2.0/1.8t's. I did not really believe him, till I read these forums!!? My girl friend has an 01 Jetta. The engine overheated on the way home the other day, upwards of 260 degrees at the thermostat! I checked it with an infrared temp. gauge I thought it was the water pump, due to the fact that it only happened when we drove it. Sounds like I am right WOW.

18th Oct 2006, 18:31

I just took my 2001 VW Jetta 2.0 to have a "water housing gasket" replaced, now my engine is running a little hot, it hasn't overheated yet, but I just got the car back. The mechanic said it probably is the Thermostat and will cost like $125 to replace, Does this sound right?

7th Nov 2006, 07:02

I have a 01 Jetta 2.0, my problem is that the cooling fans will come on constantly. Even after just 10 minutes of warming up, and stay on for 5 minutes after I turn off the car. It started doing this about 3 days ago.

Second my coolant was low, which tells me that there is a leak somewhere. Does anyone know any certain areas where I should start looking for leaks?

6th Dec 2006, 13:44

Coolant Leak is MOST likely the "crack pipe" which is plastic and runs underneath. you might be okay for awhile, but need to get it replaced. You don't want to overheat a Jetta though so if your temp gauge gets over 1/2 - 2/3, you need to pull over and have it towed... most likely the plastic "crack pipe" has burst completely... I'm dealing with the same thing - fortunately have a GREAT VW mechanic here in DfW and can avoid the dealership.

11th Dec 2006, 19:38

Over heating 2001 Jetta, 1.8L Turbo - has 70K miles.

My daughter-in-laws Jetta would overheat shortly after starting, even idling in driveway. Diagnosed to a faulty water pump. Seems the impeller used to pump the water is made of plastic... it broke in several pieces. O'Reilly Auto parts had the exact part (about 70 bucks). I installed and the car has been great. But it was the repair job from _____ (you fill in the blank)... a real stinker to get the old one out and the new one installed... a 300 clam job according to the repair shops. That was 2 weeks ago and the car is running great. After all this VW experience I even considered buying one this week end... BUT I haven't bought anything yet...

Doug in Oklahoma.

5th Feb 2007, 14:15

I have a 2001 jetta 2.0 and I have similar overheating problem. I thought it was a thermostat, as my cousin had this problem on an older Jetta. We fixed his jetta, no problem after that. my jetta now had the thermostat replaced, and that seems not to be the problem.

I am guessing the water pump... I will keep you updated.

30th Apr 2007, 17:44

I drive a 2001 Jetta GLS model, and yesterday it started heating up. I checked the coolant level and seems fine.

I switched off the AC and started driving slowly, the temperature came back down. I started speeding up, and the temperature started rising again. I am not sure what is happening. It just happened yesterday for the 1st time. I drove it for a while in the 3rd gear and 2nd gear while driving downhill. Not sure if that triggered anything.

Any opinions as to what can be wrong?

I'll be getting the car inspected from the dealers over the weekend. I hope this is not anything serious for which I need to run to the dealer right away...


9th May 2007, 16:43

My 2001 Jetta was overheating. I noticed that the radiator fan wasn't spinning, so I replaced it. It worked for about 2 days, then the new fan quit spinning. Does anyone know what that could be?

14th May 2007, 07:41

My 2001 Jetta had the same problem last week. It just started overheating with no prior problems. After reading the postings here, I took it to the garage and mentioned that I thought it was the water pump. The mechanic was quick to tell me that he didn't know what the problem was yet, and didn't want to narrow anything down without investigating. I said "fine."

Long story short, they ended up replacing the thermostat first, which didn't need replaced, before deciding that it was indeed the water pump. Turns out, VW used a cheap water pump with these cars, and they are aware of the situation, but decided they didn't need to do a recall. The propeller inside the pump is made of plastic, and it deteriorates and breaks over time. The result is your overheating car.

Another consideration while you are having the pump replaced is having the serpentine belt replaced at the same time, since it is all connected in the engine. They recommend changing the belt at 90,000 miles, and if you are close to it (I have about 75,000 on my car) you can always keep the old belt as a backup.