7th Sep 2010, 16:06

2002 GTI 1.8t 110K miles. Overheats while idle for 5 minutes. A/C only blows hot air. Does not overheat when in motion. I'm thinking it is the cooling fan. Any ideas? Will update upon fixing.

14th Oct 2010, 19:01

Me and my friend went far away to fix a Jetta 2001 that was overheating, it took us 5 days to go there. We changed the head gasket thermostat and the timing belt. I suggested changing the water pump as it is by the timing belt, but my friend said no. The car was still overheating. He kept saying it was the radiator, and I said it was the pump because I was reading the reviews about this VW chip with plastic parts. Finally he listened to me, we changed the water pump. It was broken inside in 3 parts, crappy plastic VW parts.

The car is working nicely now, no more overheating.

15th Dec 2010, 01:06

My 2008 Jetta 2.5 fan goes on for no reason when it's 7 degrees out and it either almost kills my battery or it does kill my battery. I read that a fan either not turning on or not stopping running could mean that you need a new fan control module. $25.

3rd Feb 2011, 17:31

I have a 2001 VW Jetta 1.8T Wolfsburg, and I'm having leaking problem from a few spots in my car. It's leaking above my transmission, and near the right side of the engine.

I also have a few other weird problems... like my hazard lights will go off a few seconds/minutes after I lock my doors, and stay on for about a minute, and then will continue to do this on and off until I unlock my car doors.

I don't know if this has to do with the hazards, but my car was completely dead every morning when I went down to start it, and sometimes just shortly after shutting it off. I now take the positive battery cable off every time I park my car for a long time, because I got tired of having to jump my car all the time. My driver's side seat warmer doesn't work either, but the passenger side will. Fuses were fine.

Last thing, is sometimes when I'm driving, my car will randomly power off, and then power back on, and sometimes loses acceleration only for a minute. I can floor the pedal and it won't go anywhere... but then jerks back on...

As you can see, I'm having quite a few problems with my car... If anyone has any advice, my email is Junebaby1988@bresnan.net

26th Apr 2011, 19:13

You have to replace the water pump.

28th Apr 2011, 06:32

Yet more proof of that mythical German Engineering.

14th Aug 2011, 08:44

OK, I don't know too much, but if it is overheating and they replaced the thermostat and water pump, did you have the fan relay switch or thermo switch replaced?

28th Aug 2011, 14:04

Definitely the water pump.

28th Aug 2011, 14:07

Upper intake valve that connects to the engine. It cracks. It's hard to see the damage.

30th Aug 2011, 04:25

VW, in their infinite wisdom, went to using plastic impellers on their water pumps. It is usually recommended to replace the water pump every time that a timing belt is replaced, as the pump is typically buried under all the other attachments for the motor. The pump cost isn't that bad (about $70), but the labor might be if you don't do it yourself (especially if not combined with the timing belt maintenance).

As far as any other leaks, it might be best to have a dye put into the coolant, and then have the coolant system pressure tested. It would be more informative than to just guess at where the problem might be.

2nd Sep 2011, 22:23

My 01 Jetta 1.8t started overheating and the A/C was blowing hot air. Discovered the fuse for the radiator fan was melted. Replaced the fuse and it ran fine for 2 weeks. A/C started blowing hot air again last weekend, but not overheating. Replaced the fuse terminal, on top of the battery, but no luck. Fans are not running, even though it's 100+ outside and the temp gauge never goes above 190. Any ideas?

7th Sep 2011, 13:35

Isn't there a thermostatic switch on the backside of the radiator? It was on the very old Golf and Jetta. Follow the wiring to find it and replace it.

Trouble-shooting from the hip.

9th Oct 2011, 13:46

I agree 100% with you. I am having to deal with same issues. I will NEVER in my life buy a VW AGAIN!!!

19th Feb 2012, 23:38

Replace the water pump on these 1.8T or 2.0 L engines with a pump that has a metal impeller instead of plastic. These are available; if not through the dealer, they are aftermarket. They will last longer. Bearings are usually not a problem.

31st May 2012, 19:18

Just in case anyone is still reading these things: if the problem you're experiencing deals with the coolant emptying every few days, and you have to continually replace it, that's due to a cracked upper radiator housing. This piece is made of plastic, and either cracks or melts after roughly 90k miles. It's a known issue with this year and model; the part IIRC should cost like $90.

17th Jun 2016, 00:11

Check your expansion overflow tank. The cap really... When you drive, it overflows. Check under the tank and you will see wetness... bottom line, replace the cap.

15th Nov 2016, 15:36

I have replaced the fans, the switch, the fuses, the thermostat and the hoses. Nothing has worked.