2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLX VR6 from North America


Fast, luxurious, quality car


This has been a terrific car. I have low miles on it though, only 20,000. Comfortable, fast, sporty driver, with the lovely VR6. Minor issues: Center armrest clip broke, replaced under warranty. Slight rattle in ashtray area, haven't bothered to fix. Rear rotors warped, I feel a slight pulsation on light braking. When I took the wheels off to inspect, found the rear pads will probably need to be replaced at 25,000. Fronts are fine. Otherwise, this car has been perfect! Am I lucky? I've seen so many horror stories. Windows, electrics, interior are all fine.

General Comments:

I am not a dealer employee or VW employee, I guess I am lucky I have a reliable Jetta. Solid build quality, and the paint is glass smooth and beautiful, even on the inside of the doors where it doesn't normally show. Interior exudes aura of quality. It helps that I have leather seats.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2005

2001 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


My first problem was 3 weeks ago when I tried to move my car from park. The gear shift would not move out of park. I called the VW Roadside assistance number, to no avail. They walked me through a "reset" method that did not work. At that point they informed me my only option would be to tow the car to the nearest dealership, which is 100 miles away. Imagine that cost! I found someone who services VW's locally, he came to the house and fixed it for 47.00! Now, I have to carry it to him tomorrow. The Jetta started overheating this weekend! I will post tomorrow night, once I know the verdict!

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Review Date: 10th July, 2005

26th Jul 2005, 22:39

I own a 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg. It started overheating this morning. I checked the coolant levels, and they seem to be fine. Also, as the temp rises, the a/c cranks out warm air. I just shut it off, open the windows, and turn the heat on. Does anyone have any idea of what the cause may be?

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLX 2.0 from North America


50/50. Looks great. Performance is Shady


Recall on the Taillights wiring.

Seats stain reaaaal / plastic easily.

Chrome shifter gets scratches real easily.

AC feels like it only blows from the center two vents.

Mass Air Flow Sensor has gone bad $319.00. Two days of waiting for it to be diagnosed.

Fuel Economy?? Umm.. its debatable.

Pick-up is really bad.

Cup-Holder makes no sense. During the chilly days when the heat is on, cold drinks become HOT DRINKS. Who wants a hot soda??

Coins fall into AC charger. ZZZZZ = blown fuse.

Ignition coil?? Asked the dealership near me about it. First Service Rep stated she had no clue as to what I was talking about. 2nd Service Rep stated that it was not for my model Jetta.

General Comments:

Do the Service Rep's at VW hate their jobs?? Then again, with all of the issues I've been reading about... I would probably be pissy too.

The car overall is a tough one.

I was rear-ended just recently and didn't suffer from any damage. Not even a scratch. That's a + for VW. Not as if they care... they got their $$.

I asked the Jetta Service rep's about changing the Auto-Transmission Fluid... nobody HAD A CLUE when or what intervals it should be done.

I just encountered my first issue which I found out had been extended to 70,000 miles. The infamous Mass Air Flow sensor. My Jetta is at 88,000. If I had known about that issue. I would have brought it in to the dealership to have been changed.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2005

2001 Volkswagen Jetta GL from North America


I like it when there isn't something going wrong with it


The window clip on the drivers side broke. It was made out of plastic.

Parking brake switch jammed. The car would get stuck in park.

Heat sensor broke - twice.

Premature rear brake pad wearing.

Glove compartment latch fell off, with barely any use.

The plastic coating on the drivers side door began peeling off in 2002.

General Comments:

I was so excited to get a Jetta. However since I have had it, I am astounded at the problems I have encountered. Most of the problems are not attributable to normal wear and tear.

It is a fun car to drive.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2005