19th Sep 2008, 08:50

When you mention "cold weather" start up noise, exactly what temperatures are you talking about? Dead of winter, under 10 degrees or cool fall morning, 45 degrees? Or both?

I just picked up a used 2005.5 Jetta, three days ago. Each morning, which has been about 45 degrees, I start the car up and that loud "whir" comes on. It sounds horrible. Does this get worse as the weather gets colder? It's pretty bad sounding now...

I'm glad to hear everyone else has this "problem" and that its viewed as normal behavior... I wish the "defective low beam" warning light that comes on would go away... I swear to you, the light came on once and my front right dipped beam was out. Two hours later I restarted my car and the the light was back on and the warning light was gone from my display. I'm no car guru, but last I checked a faulty bulb can't correct itself... must be electrical related. Great. Off to the dealer I go...

10th Nov 2008, 18:17

The horrible morning noise just isn't annoying, it's down right embarrassing... my dad's 99 Honda Civic with 200 k plus miles sounds way more killer than my 07 Jetta with only 7 thousand miles... That ain't right!

19th Feb 2009, 01:28

07 Rabbit 2.5 5spd. 33000 km.

I had a warranty issue with my rear right brake hanging, and causing excess dust. Had the brake mount replaced and fine since.

I don't notice the engine noise everyone complains about on start, but I park in an underground lot every night so it's never exposed to the elements.

No quality issues so far other than the alarm light sometimes stuck on when driving.

22nd Jul 2009, 20:58

That deep whirring noise is the secondary air pump in the engine bay. Watch your RPMs and you'll notice the tachometer dropping. The car is sucking in extra air to cool down the engine quicker, get the idle down with fresh air. It also lowers your emissions. Completely normal. And yes my buttons are bubbling too, and one is starting to peel. Everything else in the car is fine though.

I can tell that VW knew about this manufacture error, as if you look at 07's and up, the radio's changed. Well the color on the buttons did. It's a flaw in the paint. I have complained to VW America. Call up and complain and they will eventually release a recall.

22nd Jul 2009, 21:33

I too own a 2006 Jetta and have noticed the buttons on my stereo are all starting to bubble. I bought mine in 2008 used, and noticed later a water line by the back rear door. Now, just yesterday I see that where my liner is connected, or supposed to be by the rear air bag... very close to that very light, but noticeable water line... my liner, I guess part of the headliner is separating. This is not a good feeling. I had a 94 Camry for 15 years... yes 15 years and stuff did not fall apart. Geez, I got over 300 thousand miles out of that car and it was quality. I am going to call the dealership and see what they say. I sure hope they make it right. These kinds of things I am reading about are absolutely ridiculous. How can companies not be held accountable?

7th Aug 2009, 15:23

I have a '06 VW Jetta which I purchased used in '07. I love the car but I have never owned a car where the headliner is coming down or radio buttons bubbling up because of the heat. I've lived in Texas all my life! Took mine in to the dealership and the warranty period had expired (or actually missed it by 3,000 miles). Anyway the service person stated that this has been a problem with the '06 Jetta's ONLY. Sounds like a "defect" to me! Surprising that the VW company will not compensate. Who can afford to replace a radio and headliner for $1500? I guess I'll just be leaving my radio buttons white or painting them myself. As far as fixing the headline, I hope Super Glue will work.

10th Aug 2009, 19:43

I also have a 2006 VW Jetta. The radio buttons on my car have blistered and peeled. This is so unattractive and very upsetting each time I have to get in my car. The company has been no help at all. I have researched this and I am not the only Jetta owner with this problem. Can anyone help me with a solution to this problem?

18th Sep 2009, 08:54

I have an 06 Rabbit and the stereo buttons are bubbling and peeling off from normal use. Also two of the vent adjusters have broken off, and because I am out of warranty, I can't afford to get these small cosmetic problems fixed. The dealer is absolutely no help. The windows sometimes go up and down by themselves, and have been stuck before, but they claim there is no problem and it is just me.

I am about to trade this piece of crap in and get a Subaru, which I should have done in the first place.

18th Sep 2009, 15:47

Since I began driving in 1972, I have owned 10 Volkswagens.

A few years ago sold my last VW Cabriolet when I purchased a Saab 9-3 Convertible.

Although I still miss my little Cabriolet, I must say that my Saab has been a delightful vehicle.

I must say that most of my VWs have been excellent also.

I do find it troubling that so many people are reporting the exact same problems on their VWs.

I personally would hesitate to buy another after reading of these issues. That being said, Saabs do not seem to get good reviews either, and I've found mine to be very reliable and well-built. (Thus far, anyway)

22nd Sep 2009, 23:59

I just purchased a 2006 Jetta GLI a few months ago and I was super excited for its good looks and speediness of the turbo.

The previous owner took such excellent care of it that people don't believe me when they hear it's a 2006.

But alas, the car has suddenly become ghetto with those stupid bubbling buttons. I can't believe that there is no easier solution than shelling out $1000 for a new radio. How hard is it really for VW to create replacement buttons?? I agree, there definitely needs to be some sort of recall for this.

Also, I've noticed the car has some sort of clicking noise in the right rear area shortly after I leave my house in the a.m. and coming to the first stop sign in the neighborhood. It then fades away again as I go again. Any thoughts anyone?

25th Oct 2009, 10:41

I have a 2006 Jetta and the paint on the buttons is bubbling and falling off too. I hope someone has some advice...

3rd Nov 2009, 14:45

It seems that Volkswagon won't admit that the paint blisters on late model Jetta and Passat radios. The paint on my '06 Jetta is blistering and falling off the radio buttons. (Fortunately I remember what they the buttons do.) I tried the dealer and they said I was probably using hand lotion. I don't. I called VW corporate and they said there was nothing they would do for me, as I am off warranty. I think these radios should be recalled. In my spare time, Ill call a department in New York State that handles these differences via mediation. I'm tired of companies getting away with such things.