21st Nov 2010, 21:51

Just bought a 2006 automatic 2.5 Jetta.

When I turn it on there is a clicking noise coming from the passenger side and it also jerks when I accelerate when it changes gear. The paint is also bubbling off the radio and the airbag light is on.

Looks like I have all the problems mentioned on here.

8th Dec 2010, 17:04

I have a 2006 VW Jetta, and we have had a lot of extreme temperature changes (from 30 degrees to 80 degrees in 24 hours). Overnight this week, all of my radio buttons have bubbled and peeled off except for the only radio button I use. The dome light buttons and the entire assembly, above, have also blistered, as well as the silver plastic piece that surrounds the gear-shift, and the window buttons, too. So, in other words, anything that is plastic in my car has blistered.

I called the dealership, and they said I had to go through VW, so I called VW, and they said I was 2 months out of warranty, and there was nothing they could do. I'm really upset by this process, and have seen so many complaints about this from the 2005 & 2006 owners, it is likely that I will never buy another VW again.

28th Dec 2010, 16:16

I own a 2006 Jetta TDI. I love it, except for the radio buttons, which are bubbling and peeling also. I have never ever seen this in any vehicle I have ever been in! The only option I was told, calling the dealership, was to buy a new radio. I am so disappointed that VW could not have recognized this problem and done something about it. It looks like crap!

20th May 2011, 16:49

I've got a 2005 New Jetta, and my radio buttons also bubbled up and peeled.

3rd Oct 2011, 14:24

When I was trying to purchase the Jetta I wanted, I kept seeing all these different Vdubs with bubbling radio numbers. Each car dealership gave me a different excuse, because truthfully they have no idea. What really happened is that when VW put that black layer on the numbers, they put some sort of cleaning chemical on. So when the black layer went on top, the heat from the sun helped to raise the black layer. Lovely huh? My new (well used, but new to me) car has bubbles all on the inside. It really hurts knowing that my warranty can do nothing.

17th Oct 2011, 18:55

It's not just 2006 and 2007 Jettas, 2005 too. The radio is a Delco Premium 7 in the 2005 Jettas.

The paint bubbles and then chips off. It is difficult to paint neatly DIY, for wherever there's no paint, that's the markings on the buttons, and that's where the LED's shine through, so that one can see what buttons they are in the dark.

If this problem doesn't get fixed, the radio faceplate will show weird illuminated patterns all over; terrible and annoying.

5th Feb 2012, 14:56

I have a 2006 VW Jetta TDI. This was the first VW I've purchased, and I got it used in 2009 with 70,000 miles. Since then, I've done all maintenance required and treated the car great.

I've had several problems, most of which are just because it's cheap.

The radio buttons bubbled and peeled, as well as the window and mirror defrost ones.

Headliner is starting to separate from the ceiling, and there are several plastic pieces inside the vehicle that seem to be warping.

Trunk lid latch needed to be repaired (DIY) because it wouldn't work when it was colder than 40 degrees out.

Also, have had to fix the driver's window (wouldn't roll down, also a DIY fix) the driver's seat track, and the air conditioner (compressor went out). The window, air conditioner, and trunk lid are all ONGOING problems with VW (my husband has owned several VW's over the years with the same problems)

Worst defect I've had on the MKV Jetta TDI is the entire flywheel/transmission assembly had to be replaced for nearly $2,000, because the "dual mass flywheel" fractured... for no apparent reason. I do not abuse my clutch (as a matter of fact after 105,000 miles, it showed hardly any signs of wear) but it was just a poor design. I had never heard of a flywheel that isn't a solid piece. I sniffed around and found that this had actually been RECALLED in several other countries due to premature (and possibly catastrophic) failure.

22nd Jul 2012, 19:17

I bought a 2005 Jetta about a month ago, and mine has the same rattle on cold start. I worked for Midas muffler in my younger days, and if the new Jetta has a honeycomb catalytic converter, it sounds like it rattles until the honeycomb expands. What say you?

23rd Sep 2012, 17:24

VW needs to stand behind their product. I have an '06 Jetta, and all radio buttons have peeled off. Makes the car look awful and old. I've owned several cars, and have never had or seen that happen. It sucks!!! It needs to be corrected.

I will never buy a VW again. This needs to be corrected. I bet the CEO of VW wouldn't drive a car looking like that... FIX IT... Maybe if the car was 12-15 years old, but not 4 years.

In today's economy, we need our cars to last. Not look like crap in a few years.

9th Dec 2012, 00:15

I purchased a used '05 Jetta 2.5 back in Dec 2011. It had 110,000 miles on it. It is my first car.

At first it was great. Then I noticed the black peeling coming off the radio. It would bubble, then peel off.

Then my gas tank switch on the driver door wouldn't work.

Then the trunk switch right next to the gas tank switch wouldn't work.

Then I noticed the headliner falling down. It looks really bad, it's doing it in the front and back.

Also, when I start my car up, whether it is cold outside or not, my car makes a rattling noise. It lasts 10-15 seconds and is really loud and embarrassing. It finally calms down. It definitely is coming from underneath the car.

My car came with no warranty so I'm confused with what to do. I know I will never purchase another VW again. I'll go Honda. VW really does suck. I got quoted $250 for a new radio and installation, & for my headliner was quoted $300.

9th Dec 2012, 15:25

These are poorly made cars. My girlfriend just sold hers (at a huge loss of course). Bad engine noise, way too many issues to fix, and of course astronomical cost of parts and repairs. My mechanic refused to work on it. Had problems with power windows, transmission, brakes, stereo, power locks, you name it... before 100000 kms as well!

I have had old beater domestic cars with over 3000000, and they were much more reliable than this 2005 Jetta ever was...

As well resale value sucked, my GF lost over $7000, not counting repair and maintenance, having this car for 3 years.

This car is poor quality and not reliable at all. Do not recommend any post 2000 VW products to anyone.

15th Dec 2012, 03:36

Wish I had found this site first. Just purchased a beautiful 2005 Jetta for my daughter (first car). Good news, paid $6k, so easily under the going rate by $2k from all that I have looked at. The bad buttons were there already, as well as fogged out headlights, which my wife's Benz had, and all German cars seem to get. Got the lights re-hazed and bought the car.

When we went to drive off, the transmission started acting up, research told me that at about 100k (this one has 90k) almost all Jettas start having gear slip issues, and a valve body assembly on the auto transmission needs to be replaced. Our dealer first said "Used car - as-is no warranty" but when we pointed out we bought an Infiniti from the same family of dealerships 2 years ago and own 5 frickin' cars and are likely to buy more, they fixed it for free (was a $2k job they quoted).

I expect to have small issues with a 7 year old car with 90K, but agree the blistering interior is a defect and should have been warranted and allowed to be fixed for free. Why would anyone buy a $1000 OEM radio, when you can go get a nice aftermarket one for $300 installed?

20th Aug 2014, 02:51

The ticking noise at the back of 2006 Jetta is coming I believe from one of the two gas cylinders of the trunk lid. One time I had my trunk lid open and I heard the same noise. When I pushed the trunk lid down just a bit, the noise stopped.