2005 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T from North America


Unreliable lemon, made even more sour by a terrible service department


There is neither time nor space enough to detail everything that has gone wrong with this car, but suffice it to say, that I will NEVER own a VW again.

In the last 8 weeks alone, I have spent almost $2000 on this car, and they tell me that it will require another $1000 repair to replace the timing belt, even though it hasn't gone yet, because if it does go, it will cause "major problems". Perhaps they might have mentioned that BEFORE the warranty ran out 4 months ago.

If the warranty hadn't been in place that long, I would be out still more thousands of dollars.

Off the top of my head, I have had both air conditioning and heating problems, including the A/C quitting on the hottest week of the summer when I was on the road. They assured me it was fixed, but of course it wasn't, which resulted in me having another road trip in the sweltering heat with no A/C.

After taking it in numerous times for that problem, they finally decided that it was somehow tied to a faulty head gasket. On that occasion I was without my car for 2 weeks, and they tried to stick me with the bill, even though I had taken it in to have the problem fixed long before the warranty expired.

Finally they did agree to cover it under the warranty, but then shortly after, the check engine light went on, resulting in another $1100 repair.

Now the springs, shocks, and front axle have all gone. I just had it on the hoist a month ago getting new tires from them. One would have thought they might have done a quick check.

In any event, I will now be without my car for a further period of time, and will be on the hook for another $2000. I liked this car when I got it, and I have treated it very well. Unfortunately, it is just a piece of crap, and the VW service leaves me feeling violated.

I am really not difficult to please, but I would like a car I can actually drive once in a while.

And in case I haven't mentioned it, the problems that I've detailed here are just a fraction of the difficulties I have had with this thing.

I am going to buy a different car tomorrow. If VW came up and offered me a free car, I wouldn't take it.

General Comments:

NEVER buy a VW. Worst car I have EVER had.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2012

24th Feb 2012, 07:01

Not a lemon, just the result of the much touted German Engineering. Ask anyone who owns one.

2005 Volkswagen Passat Comfortline 2.0 16v FSI from Brazil


Very well designed, but not well built


Air conditioning on hot days didn’t cool enough, but this was due to a clogged air filter. No problem here.

Engine idle started to oscillate and the car started to shake a little. Dealer said this was caused by improper air getting in the engine.

Cloth from the roof started to peel off on four corners of the roof.

Rubbered door handles and switches scratch very very easily.

A/C temperature controls have bad contact (when you try to select a temperature, it doesn’t obey).

Tire wear; it's two times the normal car (even with all the wheels well aligned).

General Comments:

Very well designed, but not well built.

Very comfortable ride.

Fuel consumption is very low considering its weight and engine.

Very good gearbox (6 gears auto). In normal mode the focus is low gas consumption.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2011

15th Jul 2011, 17:13

I'd argue that most of the VW problems are design and not construction. The electrical issues are rather prevalent, and most are simply failures, not due to wear. It's as if VAG had bought Lucas Electronics.