2005 Volkswagen Passat Comfortline 2.0 16v FSI from Brazil


Very good car, well built!!


My car has the digital climatronic, and it seems quite imprecise on regulating the temperature. It tends to let the car get warmer than the temperature that you set on the system.

The usual and very common on VW cars, squeaks and rattles on the interior in places that are almost impossible to access.

General Comments:

Handles very well especially on the roads.

The suspension is very well arranged, but transmits quite a good amount of road noise from the tires. My car came fitted with 16” wheels with 215/55-16 97W tires. I don't know why VW fit the Passats with heavy load tires, they are harder then the normal ones, thus making more noise. My next tire change will be for Michelin’s Energy Saver, awesome tires!!

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Review Date: 28th June, 2010

2005 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 turbo from North America


Not for me, far fom running


At 62000 miles the front suspension needed rebuilt. Ball joints, struts, VW dealer said we had a bent wheel and caused all of the issues. $1700 later we were back on the road.

At 80000 miles the check engine light came on and the car instantly stopped running. Two ignition coils went at the same time. My local mechanic (not VW) was able to repair this issue and saved me hundreds of dollars.

Last week the oil pressure light came on and the STOP ENGINE message came up. I called VW and they said bring it in, they will drop the oil pan and replace the oil pump. Without even seeing the car, he knew it was the common VW oil sludge problem. For $1500 for the oil pump and flush to $8500 for a new engine and turbo I would be ready to go. The car is only worth $6700 trade in? He told me they offer an extended warranty for this issue because they know they have a design flaw with the oil temp through the turbo. No problem, but I needed to produce all receipts for oil changes from the time of purchase. Again, no problem, I change the oil myself as my family has done since I can remember. My wife even had all of the oil and filter receipts. But VW doesn't cover their cars unless someone else changes the oil in your car.

General Comments:

Great driving car.

Very safe.

Don't expect a trouble free car.

If you buy this car, keep ALL of your receipts and follow all of the maintenance guides to the line.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2009

2005 Volkswagen Passat 1.8 from North America


Do not purchase a VW Passat ever!


Ignition coil failure 4 times.

N80 valve 1 time.

Oil pressure stop engine 4 times.

VW has recalled the 2004 Passat, but will not service a 2005 Passat after the 50,000 mile warranty. The problem is never resolved during the warranty.

General Comments:

It is a lemon, and should be fixed with a new engine, or traded in for a fair value.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2008

2005 Volkswagen Passat GLS TDI from North America


We have loved it for the most part


Emissions Workshop! and check engine light came on last night. I have misplaced my owner's manual and my trusty car repair guy went away for the weekend - I was just in having a tire fixed (nail this time - though the tires need to be replaced - with less than 30k miles on them). I have a lot of driving to do this week and am afraid of getting stranded on 95 = I haven't seen any comments on the diesel doing this - any advice?

Front passenger seat has a hard spot on leather.

Tires wear badly.

She is using some oil.

General Comments:

We love the car for fuel efficiency though that has gone down recently.

We love the car for handling, comfort and usefulness - it's a wagon.

After reading the Emissions Workshop! and tire wear comments I am kind of upset - I want a car that will last many years - it's why I bought a diesel.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2007

27th Oct 2007, 20:12

Emissions Workshop came up on mine too yesterday. Had it checked by qualified VW mechanic in his own time and the diagnostics came up with temp sender fault (engine temp).

Sender replaced and topped up with water and antifreeze and code checked and cleared in 1 hour for a minimal sum. apparently this is a common fault on Passat TDIs.