1st Oct 2014, 21:47

The injector problem with early VAG group 2.0 TDI PD engines was especially scary. I must say that the fault is now supposedly cured, but when an injector failed, which they often did suddenly and without warning, the engine stopped. OK, this was a deliberate strategy to prevent serious engine damage as the injectors tended to fail "open", as in constantly injecting fuel into the cylinder.

But, think about it a moment, the engine STOPPED. You could be doing 90mph in the fast lane of the motorway and the engine stopped. No power steering, no brake assistance, and unless you got the clutch pedal down quickly enough, the high diesel compression rapidly bringing the car to a halt.

I would never, ever buy one of these, but please note my comments relate only to the early 2.0 TDIs. The 1.9 TDIs were a great engine.

7th Jun 2015, 19:06

I sold these Passats for a main dealer at this time, and they were lovely cars to drive and well sorted ergonomically. However as far as reliability was concerned, they were horrific. The faults are as follows and were very common.

1. Failure of dual mass fly wheels at low mileage; as low as 10,000 miles. VW would not cover this, instead blamed the driver.

2. Electric handbrake failure.

3. Fuel tank pump failure in cold weather (very common).

4. Multiple electrical and software issues.

5. EGR valve failure.

These were the main problems, but there were a lot of others. The point is VW are marketing and selling them as a premium product, yet they seem to be sourcing their components from the cheapest sources and they basically don't give a damn about the customer. Customer service from the dealer service depts was always poor because they are so overrun with cars in for warranty claims. Buy Japanese or Korean if you want ultimate reliability!