10th Nov 2004, 02:52

After reading the reviews of the 2000 Passats, I find that I do not like what I am about to face with mine. There does not seem to be any good reviews anywhere about this year of Passat. At just over 70K miles there have been no serious issues with mine except for electrical problems that caused check engine lights to go on and my power windows to fail. The door handles are also peeling inside the car which is a common problem with all Passats.

I have been in limbo as to whether or not I should keep it, but now I think that I will dump it before I have serious issues. At least private party resale is good for this year and mileage if it does not have any serious problems at the time of sale. I'll get out while the getting is still good.

5th Dec 2004, 18:11

I bought my "looker" 4 mos. ago with 64K on it from a couple that had performed excellent maint. and have already sunk $800 into "Check Emissions System" related repairs. I've also had both headlights go out. Last week, the CEL light went off for the fifth time (one week after leaving the dealer's, who could find no reason for the fuel and sec. air codes emerging again).

Sadly, even though I love the looks and the way it drives, I liken my experience as a used Passat owner to a look/sex based relationship; without reliability and trust, marriage is out of the question. I have decided to end my short love affair with VW North America and get out before the red lights completely take over.

Good luck with yours--have you tried looking into the recent oil sludge recall? It's a fairly recent campaign through VW America; although I'm sure you've already looked into this option.

20th Dec 2004, 12:30

This Passat (and previously Beetle) owner's particular experiences with my VW dealership's oil change services have prompted this question:

While the owner's manual reads that the recommended oil replacement should be 5W30 and should not be over or under-filled (or damage to the catalytic converter and engine could result), why is it that the VW service techs have consistently over-filled the car with 10W40, according to my work order receipts and my visually checking the oil level? I have been told that the 10W40 oil is best for my particular climate (which is fairly tropical, mostly) and that the over-filling is only by a "pint or so" and will not hurt anything. I've trusted the service tech's word and have never asked to have any of the oil-changes re-done.

However, I've felt uneasy about this practice and cannot help, but wonder what could happen over a long period of time or many miles down the road. I would sure like to know if this practice is common and acceptable. So, the question is out there. Hoping time will reveal the truth.

4th Jun 2006, 15:01

First of all, to the person who wrote the original review: Why in the world did you buy the car if it had the check engine light already on, and then complain. (Use your common sense). Second, you cannot buy a fine German automobile and maintain it in the same way as your old '55 Chevy. Neither should you have your oil changed by a high school drop-out, (no offense if you are one), and refill with cheap oil. These automobiles are in another category and require better preventive maintenance. So, to all those writing negative reviews, some of you might be right: this car may have some flaws. But a good portion of the reviewers are just ignorant people who should go back to their hillbilly rides.

19th Feb 2007, 13:15

I was raised to change oil, synthetic or not, every 3,000 miles. One could conclude that if sludging is a problem, then, change to synthetic if you haven't, and change the oil every 3,000 miles, or more regularly if you so desire. Also, and this is on a case-by-case basis, try to change your oil yourself. A 5 quart jug of good synthetic oil will run you ~$25 @ the local store, a filter maybe $5-10, and a half hour of your time. This saves you lots money!!! I'm not a mechanic, but I am looking into buying this year of Passat, and will most definitely run synthetic, and change the oil frequently. If this is truly a VW problem, then I apologize that you got a lemon car. I have had 2 trouble free VW's in the past, and look to upgrading to my third. My thoughts...

19th Jul 2007, 17:49

OK, this is scary, because I am still under the assumption that VWs are good cars. I recently bought a USED VW Passat, I took it out for a test ride... it was perfect, a keeper. Now - the "CHECK ENGINE" light appears every now and again. What problems could be linked to this? Help me please.

5th Dec 2007, 14:20

2000 Passat bought new. Over 3 years ago check engine light came on and code indicated a problem with the catalytic convertors. Mileage was just over 90,000 so it was out of warranty. Estimate was $3,400 or so at the time. I figured I didn't necessarily believe the code for that much so I lived with the damn beep, trying "minor" repairs like oxygen sensors--the repairs would keep the light off for about as long as it took me to drive home (about 1/2 hour). I managed to get through 2 emissions tests with this problem until this year when it failed because of the codes. I started to have repairs done to go up to the $800.00 plus my state requires for a waiver. After doing the "Bank 2 Sensor 2" oxygen sensor & valve, for about $500.00, my dealer got the thing to pass the test. That was about a month ago and the engine light has not yet reappeared. (Let's hope I don't jinx it by this posting.) At least I have the satisfaction of knowing it wasn't the "cats." Car is good except for this problem--but no more VW's for us.

22nd Oct 2008, 22:40

Purchased 2000 VW Passat in 2001 with very few miles from a young couple who decided they couldn't afford a second new car. The car was spotless and drove great.

About 3 months later the "Check Engine" and "Emissions Check" light came on. Took to a dealer who could find nothing wrong and managed to get the lights to stop coming on... for about a week. Took back to the dealer, wanted me to leave it for a few days. Again said was fixed.

Since then I have been living with both lights coming on daily (7 years now). Did have the gas smell inside the car a couple months ago. Smoke poured into the card from every opening including the radio (while on vacation of course). A friend emailed me an announcement about a recall for gas problem. Dealer said I was the 5th call that day and he wasn't informed about the problem. Paid him $700 to fix it, plus driver's window going crazy up and down, and again to turn off check engine light and emissions check light. Worked for about 1 week then both lights came back on. (Which still to this day comes on every time I drive it) Finally got rebate on the gas smell; a big check of $90.00 out of $700 spent.

Now the weird thing. Last summer my driver's side turn signal light fixture just disappeared while in a parking lot. No signs of damage, just the cord hanging out of an empty hole. Replaced for $72.00.

Last month, passenger side turn signal "disappeared", again, no damages, no broken plastic, just the plug in cord hanging out. Another $72.00. (At least it wasn't the new one).

Are there people out there that know how to steal these without lifting the hood? The light fixture is only held in place by a spring and hook. I have noticed a few other Passats with turn signals missing. Why aren't these screwed into place? Do you realize that if the bulb burns out you have to replace the whole unit? Is that why mine keep turning up missing? Are they being sold on the black market? Anyone else have this problem???

23rd Mar 2009, 11:10

This just happened to me - suddenly the turn signal completely gone. I am curious, are these easy to steal?

6th Jun 2009, 08:33

I have also just lost both signal lights on my 2000 VW Passat over a six week period. The car was in a parking lot, also. I don't know how to stop it from happening in the future. Does anybody have any ideas?

3rd Jun 2010, 12:34

The lights are simply falling out. Happened to me twice now. Only held by a spring. I'm using silicone to secure it in place for this one!

5th Apr 2011, 18:27

Always make sure you tighten the gas cap until it clicks several times. You'll probably notice that the light comes on after filling up.

14th Dec 2012, 03:51

On Wikipedia it says that the oil used must be synthetic, otherwise the Passat engine is prone to oil sludge.