24th Oct 2002, 09:47

As an addition to my first posting, the Polo has now suffered continual electrical problems - these include:

ABS Sensor failed

Starter motor burnt out (twice)!

Warning buzzer for lights failed

Electric mirror heater failed

Engine temperature sensor failed - unable to start the car!

The car is just over two years old, but VW refuse to accept there is an underlying problem - VW Customer Service will apologise until the cows come home, but will offer no practical help. Needless to say I will be disposing of this lemon as soon as possible - VW have lost my custom!

7th Apr 2003, 11:37

I have a 2000 Polo SE 1.4. From new the gearbox has been very noisy when cold, and NOT quiet when warmed up. My dealer says it is all normal. However a Volkswagen mechanic friend says these gearboxes are known to be noisy and at his garage they are changing 3 or 4 gearboxes a month!!

11th Apr 2003, 15:38

I have a 2001 'Y' reg 1.4 TDi Colour Concept VW Polo. I bought the car a little over 4 months ago and have already had two sets of front brake disks and pads within 3,000 miles!

The car has 27,000 miles on the clock and (to my knowledge) is on its 4th set of disks.

Has anybody else had any problems like this?

VW also seem unable to fix the rear washer which fills the boot and boot lock with water; and now the light on the dashboard that indicates an open door flickers on and off constantly - maybe this is something to do with the washer?

No-one seems to want responsibility for the car as it was bought secondhand from a Toyota dealer. VW won't claim responsibility for it because Toyota have touched it; and Toyota don't want to know because VW have touched it.

Anyone want to buy a lovely-looking yellow VW Polo!?!

1st Oct 2003, 10:26

I own an 'R' reg VW Polo 1.4 CL and have had this car from new. On 29th September 2001 the passenger side electric window failed. VW replaced the full window mechanism. Two years to the day - 29th September 2003, the same window failed again!! VW will offer no assistance, even though the dealer has told me it is a known problem. I find this appalling as the car has only done 16,000 miles and I hardly ever carry passengers! The attitude seems to be that when the car is over 3 years old they just don't want to know. This isn't the way to indear future custom!

11th May 2005, 04:47

I have a late 2000 polo E SDI.

So far not much has gone wrong, except for an extremely annoying rattle coming from, I think, the roof, which gets louder when the car is in neutral, but stops when the engine accelerates. I have brought it back to the VW dealer and they said that they have noticed nothing when test driving it. It's so bad that even my friend who was outside of the car at the time could here the rattle.

And for those of you who have had trouble with the rear windscreen wiper, you are not alone.

1. The hose that leads to the wipers leaked into the back seat, vw fixed it, but the seat is still damp, (3 months after)

2. The water also leaked into the boot lock, (luckily I don't have central locking) but it did mess up the sensor, the boot light stopped working and the warning light in the dash said that the boot was open all the time.

Has anyone else had any rattling like mine and how did you fix it.

Please reply me@andrewjk.demon.co.uk.

16th Feb 2006, 05:48

Reading this make me aware there are others cursing the VW name for an inferior and unreliable product.

I too have had:

Noisy/leaking exhaust with the added feature of a vibration at about 2,500 RPM.

2 starter motors in 4 months.

Broken ignition switch.

A passenger window that radomly goes down.

Broken electric wing mirrors.

Broken Radio (it actually gouges cd's)

Stuffed clutch at 25,000 miles.

A great body and interior ruined by crap quality.

30th Apr 2006, 15:29

My 2005 Polo dune 1.4tdi is now on it's second 'individual' mp3 CD radio unit within a year. The display gets very hot and then starts to fade. After a couple of hours, say on a run, you cannot see any display and therefore you can't control the unit!

Having contacted VW about the matter, they say, they have not had any other complaints like it, (but they would, wouldn't they!) I'll wait to see whay happens over this second unit. I think it's a case of airflow around the unit as it's getting too hot. I'd love to know how many more incidents there are like this. Other than that. No problems at all.

8th Dec 2006, 07:07

I have a VW Polo Y reg and have recently noticed that the passenger and driver electric windows suddenly seem to open by themselves. This is very annoying as I park my car on the road and have gone to my car in the morning only to find both windows open. Has anyone else had this problem?

31st Dec 2006, 04:06

The problem with the windows may be due to imminent failure of the driver's side door lock. The 6n2 (2000-2001) has microswitch controlled door locks. They commonly fail in this model year activating 'comfort closure' of the windows. The solution is to repair the microswitch in the lock or replace the entire lock mechanism.

2nd Jan 2007, 10:53

My 2004 Polo 1.4 Twist has since new had very noisy rear brakes. My dealer has said it is a build up of brake dust and they need 'de-glazing' every month or so! VW UK has told me it is a 'characteristic of the car' who would buy a car that squeaks? I am seriously disappointed with VW and my local dealer, to sum it up... DON'T Buy a VW Polo (with drum brakes).

15th Jan 2007, 12:04

I have a vw polo 1.6cl 1999 the car has only done 25,000 miles from new and the gearbox has just gone. they don't make vw like they used to.

28th Jan 2007, 12:30

I have just bought a X reg Polo 1.4 SE. Generally, very pleased with the car, although it has had two motors / switches for the passenger window both on the passenger door and the drivers door, as well as failure of the central locking system (luckily covered by the dealers' warranty). However, just noticed that I cannot get the rear wash to work - any ideas?

1st Feb 2007, 11:19

I have a 54 reg Polo Twist. Within the first few weeks of buying it I had to have the roof pulled down and ariel replaced as the ariel was stained and the radio was constantly losing reception. I have since had to have the passenger seat belt replaced as it did not retract and have a set of new window wipers which I paid for, even though the problem had been there since the car was a few weeks old. Since the car has been about 9 months old the back brakes have squeaked and made a sound as if there is metal grinding together. It went into VW for 3 days so they could test it at different times in the day, they told me that the brakes could basically be 'sanded down'. They told me I would have to pay for this!! They said that it was due to the fact that new materials were being used and the brakes were not 'warming up' quickly enough. Never had this problem with any other car I have owned!!

Avoid Volkswagens!