14th Apr 2007, 02:39


I have purchased a VW POLO S reg. with 49K on the clock. When I bought it everything seemed to be fine. On purchase very first thing I did to get the toothed belt changed as it was recommended by VW. After that the oil sensor started blinking sometimes. Earlier its freq. was very less. I took it to VW dealer they diagnosed and came back with the result that oil sensor was gone, I replaced it, but the oil sensing light continuously blinking, even without starting the engine. VW dealer suggested to change the instrument cluster.

Later on the horn ring in the steering column has gone.

I will never buy a VW again that's for sure.

18th Jun 2007, 05:29


56 plate 1.2.

" clicking brake pedal "

Most annoying... dealer said/vw said it was because it was through " relay box "...could not tell me why my last polos did not click.

Is it safety?

Or brake light switch?

Technician said he had never seen it before!!!

Anyone else with clicking brake pedal?

9th May 2008, 08:08

Hi, I bought a VW polo september 2007. It's a W reg 1.4 16v with 75000 miles done. The last couple of months there has been a problem where the car keeps cutting out, normally when changing down gear. It tends to be a bit stiff when trying to put it into gear. When it cuts out, obviously power steering goes but car keeps going as still has momentum to bump start when coming off the clutch. The ABS light has been flashing on and off.

It was run through diagnostics computer which brought up a problem with the map sensor. This has now been changed and there are still problems! Has anybody else had a similar problem?

29th Jul 2008, 14:46

I have brought a s reg 1999 1.6 VW Polo... the brake lights ain't working... then the ABS lights keeps going on and of or staying on for a long time wot is this? Please help... and sometimes the brake makes a loud clicking noise what's this?

Plus I hear squeaking when I brake... and the car just sounds stiff and makes a noise like a squeak when I get out PLEASE HELP LOL.

20th Mar 2009, 13:24

I have just bought a 2003 VW Polo 1.4 automatic. My first impersonation is good, but the engine is a bit noisy on a cold start.

Anyone know where to get a passenger side mirror glass from?

26th Jun 2009, 09:44

Hi, I've got a VW Polo Classic 1.6i, 2000 model. but it struggles to start when the engine is cold.

Can anyone help please?

2nd Aug 2009, 12:58


I have a 2000 VW polo 1.4 16v S, which I bought with 83k on the clock, after a month of driving it, clutch cable was gone.. spent 60 quid on repair, and the guys in the service warned me, that its better to buy a new clutch, because if I don't, the cable is gonna go soon again... Other than that, it seems to be alright... but I am still a bit disappointed in VW, I though they make better quality cars...

6th Oct 2009, 06:44

I have a VW Polo 2000 1.4s with 45000 miles on the clock.

A few weeks after buying it, it started cutting out at junctions and roundabouts etc, and the light would come on. It would then take up to 5 minutes to start it again!

I took it to a garage (not VW) and the diagnostics picked up a fault with the crankshaft position sensor. The sensor was replaced, and the car was running lovely for all of 1 week, then the problems started again! A friend of the family has a diagnostics thingy, and yet again the fault is the crankshaft position sensor??? Even though it has just been fitted with a brand new one???

What is going on? So frustrating, and I haven't got the spare cash to take it to a VW garage.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Deva.

5th Nov 2010, 01:04

I have a 2000 1.4 Polo. The gearbox is leaking oil again. I have had the seal changed for the selector rod, twice, however the leak is happening again. After being unemployed for six months, and now having a daily commute of 70 miles, I need my car, but have very little money spare to fix this car. Already fixed the leak in the boot, from a leaking washer pipe, and replaced the door lock on the drivers side, after issues with the windows unwinding themselves! Any ideas about the gearbox, and how much it will cost to fix anyone, please. Polo's are not good cars!

3rd May 2012, 02:40

Hiya, I have the same problem with my Polo 2003; the boot lock system is wet with water, and even though it is closed, water still seems to fill the locking device area. Now the boot light stays on, but even worse, when I lock the car, the boot does not lock!!

Who can I go to fix this, any help??

18th Jun 2012, 13:37

I've had the same problem a number of times. The cars have a known issue with the back window washer pipe. There's loads of forums suggesting how to repair it yourself. Otherwise, it wouldn't take 10 minutes for a mechanic to sort out!

6th Dec 2017, 16:48

Have the same problem when I open my door, the window comes down and for some reason my battery keeps dying, even though I bought a new one. The ABS comes on and off and now the car will not start.