20th Dec 2012, 10:23

I have this problem 2002 VW Polo 1.2.

I bought this car early Feb 2012 with the ABS light on. I took it for an MOT in May; it was a faulty ABS; wires burnt by the exhaust.

My catalyst converter has went twice.

My fuel pump went and replaced battery.

My ABS light is now back on and I know it's a sensor.

My starter motor has now gone.

My heaters only work on level 4 (don't know how to fix).

I am sick to death of it letting me down, one problem after another. Has anyone experienced any problems with heaters, as I am at a loss with this one?

8th Jan 2013, 03:33

Hi guys.

I'm having the exact same problems with my '07 Polo 1.4i Trendline! Could you ever get this resolved? My kilos reset by itself, handbrake light came on with a beeping alarm, also ABS, and immediately afterwards, the steering light came on, no power steering. The car loses power and at times switches off. After I switch the car on again, it's as if nothing ever happened. Please reply with advice to cooljazzys@gmail.com.

8th Jan 2013, 16:42

Usually the heating fan has a resistor package that controls the different ventilation speeds. If level 4 is the only one that works, then the chances are high that the resistor package must be replaced.

11th Jan 2013, 15:34

Have a Polo 2003 1.4 FSI with 59000 miles. It has a problem with the engine light coming on and staying on. The car's engine is running fine. The AA checked the engine and diagnosed two error codes: P0118 and P0401.

Took the car to the garage, and they replaced the EGR valve and coolant temp sensor. Paid £320, but still the engine light came back on after two days. Took the car back, only to be told that there is still an EGR valve error code, and that there is nothing else they can do. They suggested to take the car to the main dealer for a software update!

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? How much is a software update going to cost?

14th Jan 2013, 06:03

I have a Polo 1.4 petrol model 03. ABS and EPC were on. I fixed the ABS, it was only fuse, but the EPC is still on. I had diagnostics done 2 times, but no one knows what the problem is. The last diagnostic, he said maybe it's the map sensor. I changed it, but the EPC is still on. My car starts, but after 3 or 5 minutes, it lost power and I have to switch off and on, and try to get power. I don't know what to do with this problem. I even tried looking on the net, but no explanation?

14th Feb 2013, 07:54

One of the coil packs for sure!

23rd Apr 2013, 10:35

Hey, it seems to be all Polos, when they reach higher mileage, they cause all this tension. I'm driving one, but I'm stuck since I don't know where else to go. I took it to 4 dealers, but all of them never find any fault. What worries me is that it makes me fight with people, because they don't see anything, whereas I see something. Have you got a solution? If yes, please share it with us. I'm stuck.

6th May 2013, 14:33

I have the same problem, how was it fixed?

12th May 2013, 06:40


The same is happening to my car, but what was the exact problem with your car? You mention you took it to a garage and now it's fine, so what was causing it??

6th Jun 2013, 02:25

I have had 2 Polos with this problem; a 1997 1.0 and a 2000 1.4, both with around 50,000 miles or over, and both times I have been told it's the coil and sensor. Fixed both at little cost (£150), and both times the cars run back to perfect with no other problems. Can't understand why no one at the garages you are all going to advises you of this.

4th Aug 2013, 10:02

Did you ever get a diagnosis from VW?

We have also had this problem with a 2007 Polo within three months of buying it from a VW dealership - first the ABS/brake warning lights started beeping when braking, then going off again, then the steering wheel system warning light came on and went off a few times, and this morning when the steering light flashed up, we lost the power steering. Also the digital radio display has disappeared once or twice.

We are hoping to be able to get it sorted under the three month warranty, but if they refuse I would be interested to see what the diagnostic is from others (and the cost of repair!).

1st Oct 2013, 02:18

I am also experiencing similar problems with my 2010 Polo Trendline, as we speak. When I'm in a traffic jam, the steering light turns on and becomes hard, but after switching the ignition off and on again, it disappears and the steering wheel becomes loose again. I call this a temporary relief, because there definitely is something wrong that needs to be fixed. Anybody's help would be appreciated.

24th Oct 2013, 18:11


I have just bought an automatic Polo 2002 9N car.

The guy I bought it from was very careful NOT to tell me any of the car's faults before I paid him. I had the car delivered to me so did not get to see the car until it arrived. I owned an MOT station for 24 years, so know my way around cars quite well.

Once the car landed the battery was flat, the air filter was missing and the battery box had been 'played' with. I jump started the car and was surprised 'not' to find there are loads of issues with this car. People say VW's are no longer as reliable as they used to be. Well, unfortunately NO car is as reliable as it should or even could be. It is all about money and the theft of our cash. The newer the car, the poorer the build quality. I would never buy a new car.

I will post the journey on here as I get the car fixed, and let you all know what the problems turned out to be. I hope it helps anyone on here with faults of their own. The best way to save money on car repairs, is quite simply, go to a garage that has an owner who KNOWS how to repair cars. Believe me, there are not many of them out there, but there are some. The best way to find a garage that DOES NOT know how to repair cars is to look for main agents.

17th Dec 2013, 16:42

Hi. Update to the post above.

What a long struggle this bucket has been.

The VW advert used to say 'If only everything in life was as reliable as a VW'.

Well, I doubt they would run that ad again, because we all know the ad should have said 'Thank God, everything in life is MORE reliable than a VW'.

These cars are SO badly put together. Shoddy design, poor build quality, and NO customer care.

Anyway, this bucket I mistakenly bought. I think the Germans now lead the way in poor build quality. I think it is the greed factor and the ability for them to get parts built in 'Asian' countries. They will rue the day, just like the British car industry did. When I see a BMW or Merc, I see a 'cheapie'. A bit like a Rover or an Allegro.


The power steering light was just a fuse, located in the fuse box on top of the battery.

Some muppet had 'welded the outside of the cat, so I replaced the complete exhaust system. Dear!! £500.

Replaced the stolen air filter and then got the engine running.

Engine management light was on and there was a slight misfire at first start up, which cleared once warm. Read the error codes, which said the post cat lambda sensor was AWOL. Fitted new lambda, turned light off, and passed MOT.

The car drives fine for 300 miles, then the management light comes on again and the car runs on 3 and sometimes 2 cylinders. Totally undriveable (reliable as a VW??). I suspect the problem to be coils. But I am going to read the error codes again and see what it says. I cannot see how having a coil fitted to each plug is better than a single wasted spark coil pack. Perhaps it's that they can get more money from me when they go wrong. It is not a technical improvement, more a financial one.

Anyway, I will update this post again once we have found anything. I don't really see me keeping this VW. I do like to have a reasonable chance of getting where I am going when I set out on a journey. I am sure the earlier cars are more trouble free, so I may well buy a nice condition, well looked after car, built in the mid nineties.

See you.

I wonder if anyone ever reads this? Seems not. But at least writing this gets my feelings off my chest.