2007 Volkswagen Rabbit Trendline 2.5 from North America


One of the best driving cars I have owned


Rear wheel speed sensor. That's about it.

The gas mileage was not that great, but it is a 5 cylinder, so you can't expect to have the same as a Civic or Corolla.

General Comments:

I loved the car. The only problem was that my wife could not drive it due to the manual transmission.

I cannot believe how well the car handles. Like a go-cart or an F-1 car.

All of the reviews said how slow it is, but I found it pretty peppy.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2014

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 2 door 2.5 from North America


She has her quirks, but I still love her


Rear right brake mount and pads were replaced for a hanging emergency brake in the first 2000km.

Sometimes the red security light stays solid on while driving. Only solution is to engage and disengage the security with the car off.

General Comments:

This car FEELS sportier than it is. Handles amazingly. A good amount of torque when you're moving for passing and what not. Won't win any drag races any time soon though. She's a bit on the fat side, weighing in at 3000 lbs.

Interior is the best in its class. The 2010 model is even sharper. Everything feels sturdy and solid, and never ever cheap. Nice comfy bucket seats, great for long driving with firm support. When I hurt my back, the best part of my day was driving to and from work.

Thirsty. If you're a city driver, you might cry at the mileage.

FM radio is terrible in the single disc version I have. Can't lock onto FM stereo on local stations, and bounces between mono and stereo. Drives me crazy.

Fun to drive.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2010

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 2.5 liter I-5 from North America


A well-built German car


Bass response (of the sound system) would cut out randomly. Dealer "reflashed" the sound system software.

Several creaks and rattles in the car; dealer fixed them.

Oil filter cannister came loose and leaked some oil (my fault for not securing it properly).

Chrome trim on one of the air duct faces came off; dealer replaced it.

General Comments:

Car is assembled with high quality materials and switch gear.

Auto transmission shifts very smoothly with its dual clutch system.

Car is very quiet at freeway speeds, and is very solid feeling at 70 plus MPH.

A lot of equipment for a car of this class and price range.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2008

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 2.5 liter from North America


Do not buy VW because of poor customer care


Cracked windshield when only a few months old.

Using oil now with about 26000 miles.

General Comments:

Car is nice. Neat features. Decent performance.

VW customer care is atrocious. They will not cover the cracked windshield even though it is a stress fracture that occurred overnight, sitting in a driveway. Trying to talk to the dealers and customer care people is a nightmare.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2008

24th May 2008, 21:13

I agree. I'm a little apprehensive about buying a second VW. My experience with VW customer service was horrifyingly frustrating--which resulted in me trading in my first VW despite having unfixed problems, because I refused to pay for them. VW dealers have a rotten reputation too, but I've found a good one here in Detroit (one out of a dozen). Unfortunately, based on knowing people who work for all three of the Big three, if you've bought a car from a non-luxury line (VW, Toyota, Kia, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, etc.) you won't get customer service. For that, you'll have to step up to a Saab, Volvo, Cadillac, Lincoln, Lexus, etc. Audi and Saturn seem to be the exceptions--maybe they traded places.

3rd Jun 2008, 23:05

I don't think a reliability rating of 5/10 is warranted for a simple stress fracture on the windshield.

22nd Jan 2014, 19:48

Good luck getting customer care for a SAAB or Saturn these days...

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 4 Door 2.5 2.5L from North America


A great daily driver and fun weekend car!

General Comments:

Wow what a great car. I drove several cars in this class and the Rabbit was the best driver. The features for the price are great. It handles very well and feels solid inside as well as good ergonomics.

Good for hauling things. even the front passenger seat folds flat for long loads. The gas mileage is great! 30 mpg on highway with a brand new motor! Can't wait for it to break in!

Many people gripe about VW quality. Maybe I am lucky, but the past two I owned (a 1993 Golf and a 1997 GTi) were great and never had, but 1 issue from each. I switched to Ford's Focus in 2002 and that was a nightmare so I went back to the Volkswagen brand. Good warranty and my local dealer has always had a good service dept (they do Honda and VW at the same place)

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Review Date: 20th July, 2007

23rd Jan 2008, 23:28

Same person as above commenting... I now have 14700 miles on the car and still going GREAT! Not one issue, not one. And have had good service at the dealership... just oil changes and tire rotation. Interior is still as good as new as well! Love, love, love this car and get many people looking at it wondering things about it, mileage, cargo hold, etc.