1982 Volvo 240 DL from North America


These cars are amazing beasts when taken care of


Master Brake Cylinder, 198,000

Worn seats, replaced originals in 2003.

Transmission was replaced at 140,000.

General Comments:

My dad sold me this car last year for about 1000 dollars. I totally ripped him off.

This car has taken me through most of Arizona, never once broke down on me.

It is extremely powerful, it may seem very slow because it's a heavy station wagon. I assure you it is anything, but slow. With the right driving abilities you can take this manual Volvo 240 DL to 55 in a heart beat.

Its acceleration and narrow design makes it ideal for weaving through heavy traffic.

Its storage space has been extremely useful with the back seat folding down.

Its turning radius is sick. I can do a 180 in most residential streets without ever having to back up.

Its long design however makes it prone to spinning or fishtailing at high speeds and/or bad conditions.

I ran it into a brick wall, and drove it home. I DID NOT have ANY injuries, cuts, bruises, or pains. Later, after "rigging" the radiator up with bungee cords we drove it to 120 miles (going the appropriate speed limit with no troubles) to a body shop in phoenix where it was to be repaired.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2005

18th Jan 2006, 04:43

We own a 1982 Volvo wagon like yours. We've owned three Volvos (five if you count parts cars). We loved the first, which was a 1979 calf scours yellow sedan. It took a hit with a tree to the front suspension, and kept on plugging for another 1200 or so kilometers. It's odometer never worked. We replaced it with a grey Volvo GLT sedan, which in Canada apparently meant a squashy luxury car. The automatic transmission on that car was a bit weird, with almost imperceptible high-gear shifts, but clunky 1-2 shifts and a strong "automatic transmission drift" forward. That car was sidelined, and then scrapped, because my dad ran the oil out of it by mistake. Before and while we owned that Volvo, we have had the 1982 wagon. It has 450,000km on it now, though we bought it at 420,000. It has taken a lot of abuse. We've towed a fully loaded trailer with it, taken a literal ton of concrete in bags in back, moved houses with it, bent the roof racks with large sheets of wood and heavy rebar, and still the car runs. Not very well, because Volvo carburettors are rarer than hen's teeth and it has a bad one, but running nonetheless. I think Volvo has one of the best station wagons ever.

1982 Volvo 240 DL from North America


The best car I could possibly hope for.


It was a victim of pretty serious "hit and run" but we salvaged it. Despite getting nearly crushed in half we managed to drive it home safely.

Fuel pump broke.

Camshaft seized up. Most likely due to me not changing the oil on a regular basis.

Odometer doesn't really work anymore.

Dash and other plastics cracking.

Exterior paint fading.

Rear wiper fluid no longer works.

General Comments:

I love this car and I will continue to love it. I ended up donating the car though cause it was starting to get run down. The reliability wasn't there and a lot of work needed to be put into it to make bring it back into good condition.

The car is great.

I hated to see it go.

Will always be my most favorite car.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2004

1982 Volvo 240 DL from North America


I do love this car, however, it will be a huge investment to put it into excellent running condition


This car has been in one serious accident that I know of.

Has a mix and match of body parts; different colors, etc.

Completely cracked dashboard from heat.

Passenger seat is broken; leaning to left side.

A few times it wouldn't start. I would wait about fifteen to twenty minutes and it would turn over. What's that about?

Last night I got in the car and nothing happened. No noise, no headlights, no starting, nothing.

It has a really hard time switching in and out of second gear.

Front seats are wearing badly.

Some rust spots on the "wrecked" side of the car.

The glove compartment has been completely broken by the previous owner.

General Comments:

This car has excellent running power and, besides second gear, it handles really well.

Maintains a very consistent speed easily.

It's just fun to drive!

If the car had had consistent tender loving care, it would be in much better shape.

Strong car.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2004

27th Sep 2004, 10:53

The problem with your second gear in your car could be the linkage. The problems with that car is minimal for a 1982. All of that stuff can be fixed in a day!

14th Jan 2006, 21:54

If you experience the problem of trying to start the car and nothing happens, try checking your fuses for the fuel pump and fuel injector. You should hear the fuel injector hum when you turn the key. No hum means you probably have a bad fuse. Just an idea.

14th Jun 2007, 08:02

Also try taking the battery terminals off and cleaning them with a wire brush. With my 77 242 the blinker lights went crazy then I turned the car off and it wouldn't start at all. Cleaned the battery terminals and actually battery posts and the car has run like a top since. With second gear also check the transmission fluid, as the other gentleman said the linkage could be less than stellar and take a look at the actual 2nd gear shifting fork. If anything it would take less than a few hours to repair. Good Luck.

3rd Oct 2008, 14:27

I am the first and only owner of a 1982 DL Sedan and I LOVE IT. But at 244K miles, it needs a new driver's seat, it leaks oil so needs monthly attention, and now a brake failure light! I did buy a preowned C Benz last year to get me through CA freeways; but have to say that I love the Volvo for turning, capacity, comfort for passengers and just a good solid feel on the road. It saved me in an accident about 10 years ago. I hate to get rid of it, but a couple friends want to buy it, and if anyone has any suggestions as to fair market value in today's marketplace, I would appreciate that information. cooktravelsea@yahoo.com.