1982 Volvo 240 GLE 2.3i from Australia and New Zealand


Great car for its poor reputation


Engine wiring loom, broken radiator, holes in the head - redone twice, altenator, clutch, clutch master and secondary cylinder, brakes master cylinder, intank fuel pump, main fuel pump pumping only 70%, power steering leak, steering rack, front ball joints, EGR valve, exhaust manifold bolts snapped off from head - most of these problems were rectified between 195k - 241k mark (parts replacement stage).

General Comments:

Although with all the problems, still great car, very good for cornering and held the road really well (depends on the tyres though).

Never had problems starting in the morning or after a few weeks, still one turn of the key and it was going, quite surprising for a 19 year old volvo.

Very safe when hitting things as well, hit a traffic sign once at about 60km/h and the only damage to the car was a wrecked aluminium bumper bar. More recently ran off the road and into the bush doing about 90 - 100km/h, again wrecked the bumper bar and bent the steering rack and chassis, body was still fine, even drove it home.

Only problem I had with it was that is was quite expensive to fix, but apart from that it was quite a good car.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2001

20th Jun 2001, 12:39

I largely agree with your comments but I'm not quite sure what you mean by a poor reputation? I've just asked 4 friends and they each agree - "Volvos - they're boxy, but they're good!"

23rd Jun 2001, 00:45

Poor reputation? I completely disagree with that. Volvo 240s are very well known to be one of the safest and most reliable cars on the road.

9th Jul 2001, 15:52

Can't understand your comment 'Poor reputation'. Well, the 240 is not a 'beauty' - I mean it is just a matter of taste.

Otherwise it has a reputation of being a reliable car, not like those new fancy cars filled with electronic components...

I am sure you would agree with me :-)

14th Jan 2004, 15:06

I agree it is a great car. Indeed a bit 'boxy', but oh so reliable. I've got one, got it from my mum (the car was too big for her in the city), some five years ago. Now, I still drive with it. 21 years old and still no big problems, 350.000 km.

6th Dec 2006, 18:26

I just bought the '82 DL sedan wholesale for $1400. One owner and the real beauty is just 52000 miles. My question is, aside from buying a pipe and a little cap of some kind :), what two or three things should I watch out for over the years?

1982 Volvo 240 Wagon 2.1 petrol from North America


Engine freeze plugs, and nothing else.

General Comments:

Possibly the most reliable used car I have ever bought - virtually no repairs in 40K miles of driving.

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Review Date: 4th March, 1998

29th Nov 2002, 06:55

Just a quick "must look at" for all wagons fitted with factory roof racks. If the roof is showing rust color from under the mounts of the roof rack, remove it ASAP as the holes put in the turret to mount the rack aren't painted prior to fitting the rack. In Australia we call the mounting bolts used "rawlnuts", and they are a rubber encased brass thread. Don't push them in, pull them out, paint and replace the rawlnuts for another 20 years of happy motoring. If you don't these holes will open right up as they are already nearly half an inch in diameter.

Happy Volvoing

Dale Harvey