1987 Volvo 740 Turbo Intercooler 2.3L turbo from North America


It's a good car, and without all of the mechanical problems, it'd be the perfect car


Coolant leaks.

Electrical wires corroded, repaired.

Minor Oil leak, poured some anti-leak fluid into the engine, much better.

Transmission is starting to wearing out. Flushed it to keep it going a bit longer.

It had a really bad vacuum leak, fixed it, and the car gets better gas mileage.

General Comments:

The car doesn't have much get-up-and-go. But when the Turbo kicks in, it's really fast.

Turns corners on a dime.

Breaks are a bit squeaky.

Stops on a dime.

As far as acceleration goes, best car I've had.

When I order parts to get it fixed, it takes a long time, and it's really expensive because I am in the U.S.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2005

1987 Volvo 740 Turbo intercooler 2.0 from Netherlands


My best buy ever!


At this moment nothing! What a great engine... did not expect it.

General Comments:

Unfortunately I had the Landcruiser just 4 days when it was stolen... so I needed a replacement for time being.. saw the car at a Subaru dealer, bought it very cheap...

It has been chiptuned to 205 hbp and drives super.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2005

1987 Volvo 740 GL 2.3 from UK and Ireland


My Swedish (made in Belgium) Panzer. Built like a brick, tough as nails


The car's original starter motor, was replaced at around 126000 miles, with a reconditioned unit (the original was subsequently found to have an earthing fault, so oops... but very useful to have a spare I guess?)

The entire exhaust system, (luckily for me non-catalyst) has been replaced as each section rotted or failed. From manifold to tail pipe. The rear tail pipe box was installed about 2 years ago. Sometimes I imagine, I can hear a slight rasping to the exhaust note, but it certainly doesn't get me any unwanted attention & the car recently flew through it's annual MoT.

Soon after I 'inherited' this car, I replaced all 4 unmatched tyres, with a cheap matched set. Cosmetically looks better & helped some with road holding.

Rear brake discs & brake pads were replaced in 2002.

Right side tie end rod replaced (twice in 2 years, for MoTs)

Slight crack in radiator, was cured with an instant sealant. Seems to be holding up well enough & not loosing coolant.

Timing belt remains an outstanding issue.

Tin worms have taken hold, in right side doors, along lower trailing edges, will require some cosmetic tidying up soon.

Some of the rear cabin roof liner (always a problem with cars from the 80's) sagged, but sagging cured with about a dozen upholstery pins. Better than a botched gluing job and looks neat.

Electrical gremlins fouled up head light dipped beams and dashboard courtesy lights by not coming on. After much tweaking of fuses, light bulb holders, wiring checks & swearing, the local auto electrician resolved problem, but reckons fuse box it slowly burning out?

The heating system's hot air out put, has dropped off, quite dramatically. I suspect a blocked heating matrix. Fan & air circulation is fine, so might tackle this job end of summer.

General Comments:

For such a heavy, large, old car I think it's quite nimble, but don't push too hard through corners. It always feels slightly top heavy & wallows.

Can more than hold its own in rush hour traffic, but I imagine fuel injection would have sharpened up its reflexes. Mine is carburetted, but the lazy 2.3 engine is pretty flexible, to more than keep up.

Brakes on this big car are among the best I've known on any car.

The cabin, with it's 80's crushed golden velvets & browns and blacks is still very tidy and neat. Big, comfy seats, feel like I'm driving a lounge suite, but space enough for 5 large adults (I'm in great demand with family & friends, for drop offs & pick ups at local airport) The boot, also clean & neat, swallows TVs, appliances, luggage etc. It's the envy of colleagues with equally large, but more modern sedans. Ski hatch in rear seat back, is very useful. I recently purchased & replaced a garden washing hoist 2.5 meter steel pole. In the hardware store car park, a smirking guy, in his hot hatch, parked up next to me, seemed pretty impressed, the above pole disappeared into the depths of my car's boot. With lid firmly down.

Front end and side views through glassed areas is very good, but rear screen seems very odd? Almost chopped too short for such a large car? Hence I guess the extra pair of glass quarter lights, built in along each side of the rear parcel shelf. Rear seat head rests obscure rear view vision.

I hate parking it's bulk, at the local hyper stores etc, so I tend to seek out nose in nose out parking bays. The cowards way, but Keep It Straight & Simple.

I enjoy it's long distance, sure footed, high way cruising. Eats up the miles effortlessly. Makes for very relaxed driving. It's a real boulevard cruiser.

Incidentally, the 740 makes a brief appearance in the early 90's remake of 'Cape Fear' with Nick Nolte, Robert deNero & Jessica Lange. Blink & you might miss it, but Nick Nolte definitely drives a white one in the movie.

Power assisted steering, electric front windows & door mirrors, manual sun roof and good sound system are nice extras. As it has a new year's MoT ticket, I'm gonna keep my green battle ship for the next 12 months at least. Maybe better the devil you know? I dare say, I'm it's last owner, so it seems a shame to scrap a very usable, very neat, very functional car, just to be a slave to fashion, and buy some or other anonymous Euro or Japanese jelly mold on wheels? See you in the fast lane.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2005

13th Jun 2005, 17:01

Too right, so many people nowadays just have to have the newest car they can possibly afford (or not afford in many cases),i love my Volvo because people can`t figure out whether you are poor or have money, lol, does their heads in that you have not surcome or "joined their gang".My Volvo is actually worth more now than when I bought it seven years ago, so who`s the mugs?.

16th Apr 2008, 11:20

I have had a 1987 740GL with a manual gearbox for 15 years, and will drive it until it is unrepairable. Its only done 350000km and the motor is still running sweetly - no smoke and still normal compression. These are excellent cars and I still surprise many people at the lights! Sure - the roof is sagging and the suspension aint what it used to be but hey, if you change the oil at every 5000km and the filter at 10000km they will run for ever. I have visions of the motor lasting for ages as the rest of the car decays around it.

MurrayT - Perth Australia.