1987 Volvo 740 Station Wagon 2.3 liter turbo from North America




At 240,000 miles the wiring harness for the electrical system had to be replaced at a cost of $400.00.

Had to replace air conditioner compressor twice during life of car.

General Comments:

Overall car has performed in an outstanding and dependable manor. Even today with the high mileage car performs very well. This auto has the best turning radius of any car we've ever seen.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2004

1987 Volvo 740 GL 2.3 from UK and Ireland


Floats like a battleship, stings like a bus


Original starter motor seized at 126000 miles and was replaced with a reconditioned unit.

Entire exhaust system, luckily non-catalyst, has been replaced, from manifold to tail pipe, as each section rotted or failed.

All 4 original unmatched tyres replaced, with a matched set, around 125000 miles. Road holding slightly improved.

Rear discs & pads replaced.

Right side tie end rod replaced (twice in 2 years for Mots?)

Slight crack to radiator cured with quick fix sealant, but it will probably have to be replaced.

Timing belt needs replacement.

General Comments:

For a large heavy sedan car, I think it's quite nimble, but it does not take kindly to being pushed too hard, through the corners. I think it always feels slightly top heavy?

Pity no fuel injection, I'm sure that would make a big improvement to it's get up & go. But it can hold it's own in the cut & thrust of rush hour traffic.

Cabin is naturally very spacious with large comfortable seating. Easily carries 5 large adults. Boot space is the envy of friends, with more modern cars. Ski hatch in rear seat back, has proved very useful, for transporting long pointy things. eg 7 foot gate post.

Front and side views, through glassed areas is good, but rear windscreen, is small, almost chopped too short, for such a large car?

I enjoy it's sure footed, long distance, highway cruising, makes for very relaxed driving. It's a real boulevard cruiser.

Power assisted steering, electric side mirrors, electric front windows, manual sun roof and a decent sound system are nice extras.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

1987 Volvo 740 GLE 4 cylinder naturally aspirated from North America


This car is indestructible


This car has always been severely abused.

Crankshaft bearing disintegrated at 30K Miles due to running the engine dry. Bearing was replaced, engine continues to run fine at 175000 miles.

2 of the 3 scheduled timing chain replacements were completely ignored, chain failed well beyond scheduled interval. Chain replaced, engine continues to run fine.

The interior fit and trim is starting to have problems. Plastic bit are becoming brittle from continuous outdoor storage in the sun.

Headliner is coming loose.

The electric seats are now a little flaky. No doubt due to dozens of drinks over the years being dumped into the switch assemblies. (They are located between the seats are there are NO drink holders in this car)

The rubber trim around the windshield is dry rotting.

Something in the right rear window assembly came apart. Window no longer opens.

Honestly, the only thing they could have done to make the interior last longer would have required abominably expensive materials. It is still in very good shape considering.

General Comments:

I have finally inherited this family heirloom. This car has been through heck and back a dozen times, and still mozies along like a old horse.

It was bought in what was then West Germany, and lived with us over there. She has seen more time at autobahn speeds than 95% of sports cars in the USA.

My brother and I both drove this car throughout our high school years. Neither of us were kind to it. Paint is missing from all of the doors, there are dents in the hood and the roof where the car has been used as a stepping stool or a picnic bench over the years.

It never got a timely oil change, or even half of its regularly scheduled maintenance. I don't know that the transmission fluid or differential fluid or fuel filter has ever been changed up until recently.

What an incredible car. That it still drives after what we've done to it is amazing. Further still, that it is reliable and still fun to drive is unbelievable.

The turning radius of this car is outstanding, and makes for extremely confident city driving. You can turn 180 degrees on narrow streets without even thinking about it.

The ride when new was really well balanced, but after so many years, (and jumped curbs) she gets a little more like a Cadillac. Which is fine, because we don't drive her like psycho's anymore.

The interior is still quite comfortable. And I think heated seats are going to be a requirement on anything I buy in the future. What a great feature.

The only thing I really never understood, was how the Swedish could make a car that was so bad in the snow.

This is a car that should have a dedicated set of snow tires. The traction is definitely sub par, even in the rain.

I am of the opinion that this is one of the finest cars ever made. It is close to the old Mercedes 240D, in reliability and fit/finish. Not quite there, but close.

With the difference in maintenance costs, it is on the same playing field as the 240D to say the least.

If the factory manufactured the exact same car brand new this year, my whole family would probably drive one. I would say the same thing about the Mercedes 240D. After those two, nothing even comes close.

I am planning on keeping this car till it can be put to sleep. I am confident it will be a while.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2004

14th Aug 2004, 22:02

I also own a 1987 740 GLE and entirely agree. It's an incredibly well built car. Mine has over 223,000 miles on it and its still running strong!

18th Nov 2004, 01:33

I also own a Volvo 740 (1987). The car won't die. It has now 257.000 kms...

23rd Nov 2004, 10:13

I'm another one who's driving a 740 gle 1987 and recently I topped the 300K kilometers and I'm proud of it. effectively that car is unbreakable.