1994 Volvo 850 Wagon 2.3 turbo from North America


A very fast, economical vehicle, that can sometimes be moody, but will SAVE YOUR LIFE


Black door guards have come off on one side recently.

Seats have very slight tear (black leather).

Paint is fading (nothing unusual for its age).

Rattles in the dashboard from time to time.

Oil lifter is somewhat loud while the car is warming up (I have heard this is a very normal issue).

Odometer was not working when we purchased the vehicle, in process of fixing (also a very common problem in this vehicle).

Headlight wipers don't work (normally a 200-300 dollar fix, just left it alone and is another common trait for these guys).

Currently taking it in for a repair. Something to do with the "PVC or PCV valve system". Quoted at $500 from a local mom and pop shop specializing in Volvos.

Back hatch springs don't work (also very normal, not fixed).

CV joints need replacing in the next 12 months.

Really this is just about it.

General Comments:

This is my first Volvo, second owned vehicle. My husband wanted me in something safe and reliable (he liked it because of the turbo of course :P). I have always been fond of station wagons (owned a 93 Ford Escort Wagon before this). I am also concerned about fuel economy. This Volvo met all of the requirements between my husband and I. This is probably the only vehicle we could EVER agree upon. He is very picky.

I was fortunate to buy this vehicle in amazingly well maintained shape for about $4,500 dollars with only 88,722 original miles. The dealership owner showed us that the odometer went out shortly after he purchased the vehicle (about 200 miles after his purchase).

I cannot tell you how much I love this vehicle. It has all the bells and whistles (fortunately most of them work :P). The seat heaters work most of the time, all the power windows work (with occasional quirks).This car is very fast. This car has pretty good vision (not many blind spots). This car is very comfortable and spacious. This car is very safe.

On another note, this vehicle is quirky, even moody. It has many little issues all around (most of which I listed above). It can also be expensive to fix from time to time, but I love it regardless. This is an awesome vehicle.

My husband had this same vehicle in sedan form. It saved his life. He hit a telephone pole on the driver's front corner at almost 70 mph and flipped it twice. He opened up the door and walked away with nothing more than a small scratch and a small bruise. THIS VEHICLE COULD EASILY SAVE YOUR LIFE.

I highly recommend it. The mechanic who will be fixing my Volvo soon said that when he inspected it, that it was in "amazing shape", and thinks I should happily own it for many many more years to come.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2011

1994 Volvo 850 T5 2.3 turbo petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A quick brick, fun, but not for the budget conscious!


Clear coat peeling on boot spoiler.

Radiator is beginning to leak.

Engine vacuum leak, causing check engine light.

Front brakes are starting to shudder.

Power steering return line split.

Front upper spring seat failed.

General Comments:

Any problems I am encountering with this car are purely age related problems that are quite simple to work through for the mechanically minded. Has onboard diagnostics that don't require a scanner to read, which is very handy.

The dealers charge astronomical prices for some consumables. Thank heaven for the Internet.

For a large car, it is very fast once moving, has pleasant handling, is very quiet, and has the most comfortable seats on earth. Deceptively fast is the best way to describe this car. However, with 225hp and front wheel drive, you have to beware of torque steer!

Fuel economy is OK considering the performance available. 11 litres/100km city and 9.2l/100 highway.

This car requires a lot of maintenance, especially as it ages, and is not for the clueless or faint-hearted. They are very cheap to obtain second hand, but if you must visit the dealer for everything, will quickly bankrupt you. Having said this, when looked after, the five cylinder engine and Aisin Warner transmission will last for many hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2010

13th Jul 2011, 23:36

I like this car so much I now have a twin, a 1995 850 Turbo station wagon with the same 166kw engine. The neighbours are quite amused, as they are also the same colour and have the same alloy wheels, which was purely coincidental.