1994 Volvo 850 GL gas from North America




1. Can't put into gear unless the button on the console is pressed all the time to put into Drive.

2. Seat motor one switch does nothing.

3. AC light never goes on.

4. Makes me miss my jaguar.

General Comments:

Was OK for the price.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2009

1994 Volvo 850 GLT 2.0 from UK and Ireland


A big square red head. A bit like its owner


The original elderly battery was weak and under performing. As the car is parked outside and faced with a Scottish winter, it was the first major cost, but the peace of mind the new battery brought was worth it.

The tatty tyres the car came with were legal, but were mismatched different brands & tread patterns, so I invested in a smart set of budget tyres. They look good, and I feel safer.

A leaking radiator expansion bottle cap was replaced.

A service and a tune up I think would improve performance and fuel consumption, which I'll have done prior to the next MoT end of May.

General Comments:

My previous Volvo was a 740 saloon, which gave me 6 years of superb service. Rust in load bearing areas, sealed its fate, so I had it scrapped, using the back to manufacturer deal, available to us in the U.K. at no charge.

My present maroon 850 is a 2 owner, 1994 model, with some service history. After a good wash & scrub down, inside & out, it looks great. Some minor scuffs & scratches will polish out.

I find the car comfortable to drive, and for a large vehicle, it's easy to manoeuver in traffic and parking areas.

I like the glass electric sun-roof, which gives the cabin a light & airy feeling, even when closed. Heated door mirrors make light work of frost & condensation.

Rear folding seats, and a low boot sill, make carrying large boxes etc a doddle.

I enjoy the extra safety, day light running head lights bring. You can always see a Volvo coming.

The sound system, 90's style radio & cassette set-up are good quality, and I've hooked it up to a CD adaptor, so get the best of both worlds.

If all goes well, I'll keep my red Swedish panzer for quite a few years. Not many of them are still around, especially in good condition. It's a cliche, but I'm driving a real head turner, worth more to me, than any number of Euro-Japanese jelly moulds on wheels, in a similar price range.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2009

1994 Volvo 850 SE 2.5 10V from UK and Ireland


I really like it



General Comments:

Car purchased as a 'get me by' when I returned to the country.

I find it a bit agricultural and noisy, and it crashes over bumps, and I feel it is nowhere near modern standards. However, I just absolutely love it, and intend to keep it. For some reason I find it very endearing.

It corners well and stops even better. Economy is acceptable at anywhere between 30 and 36 mpg, which is great for such a heavy car. Has never dropped below 30mpg, which is odd as the chap who sold it to me said he only got 22mpg; and yes, I have checked my maths.

Nothing has gone wrong and everything works but I can see a bill for a 1000 coming up at the next MOT, but that will see it good for another 12 to 24 months. Car only cost 995, so that is seriously cheap motoring.

Not very fast, and not that happy above 100mph, which means getting a bit beat up when on the autobahn. But that's fine, it's a cruiser.

Not as much room in back as you may think due to the low roof height.

Expect it to notch up around 250k miles before it's done.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2008

1994 Volvo 850 Turbo 2.3L 5 cylinder turbo from North America


Volvo finally builds a car that can get your attention


This car has had almost no engine or transmission problems since I first got it. It was running rough at first, but if you drive it regularly, it smooths out.

Some problems that I have had were that the trunk solenoid in the lock gave out. The lock wouldn't lock automatically, but it would manually.

The ignition also gave out and had to be ordered from Sweden.

Other than that, all of the maintenance has been regular.

General Comments:

This car has surprised me in many ways. First is the performance. It is not a super fast car, but it is not by any means slow. Much faster than you would expect from a Volvo.

Also, the four speed auto is as smooth as you could expect. You don't even feel the shifts.

The interior is very comfortable with lots of room, if it is a bit boring. It can be a bit noisy at idle though.

The styling is good, but it can be a bit dated. Fuel economy isn't great, best is about 29 on the freeway and 21 in the city.

Overall though, it is a great car, and is just as good or better than the European cars that are being made now.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2008