2001 Volvo S60 2.4 Base from North America


Extreme comfort with a sense of economy.


Upon delivery headlamp bulb connector was loose, water pump was leaking, turn signal lamp out, hesitation when accelerating from stop.

General Comments:

I purchased a 2001 S60 2.4 Base engine from a midwest dealership on E-Bay. I won the auction at $12,000 (U.S.) and considered the price to be excellent since most dealers were charging $15,000 - $17,000 retail for a similar car. The car came equiped with moonroof, heated leather seats, 15-inch wheels (ugh) with some worn tires. This is an interesting car. Being the non-turbocharged engine, I was worried that the car would be quite slow. It is very lazy off the line, but has more than adequate highway cruising abilities and can pass other without too much effort. I immediately traded out the 15 inch wheels for 17 inch alloys with new, wider tires. There was a vast improvement in handling. The purpose of this car was to have a daily driver that would be economical, comfortable, safe, and still carry some style along. This car is hands down, the most comfortable vehicle I have owned. Ergonomics are excellent and the front seats will get you across long distances without any distress (I'm 6 feet 2 inches and tall in the saddle.)

The stock stereo is excellent and the one-tough power windows and moonroof operate flawlessly. This is not a fast car on the low end, but it will cruise quite nicely with a satisfying hum. My other vehicle is a Mercedes CLK55 AMG and while there is no comparison as far as performance goes, I often find myself taking the Volvo simply because of its comfortable, relaxing manners. I am fortunate to have a unique color, Maya-Gold, and am often asked about the car at gas stops. The dealership service has been exceptional. The car needed a new water pump (this was stated from the onset from the seller) and the service was not cheap. However, the dealer set an appointment, kept it, gave me a loaner car (s40), and had the repair done the next day. Cost of repair was $569. I have yet to have any other problem arise since (5k miles later). The car has mainted 26 miles per gallon, mostly city driving! Expecting somewhat of a dressed-up economy car, this vehicle has been growing on me quite strongly. My Mercedes is being a bit neglected. I look forward to rounding the 100,000 mark within the next few years. If you see an S60 in good shape, and want an extremely comfortable daily driver, I would highly suggest this car.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2005

6th Jul 2005, 16:11

I purchased a 2001 S60 2.4t Volvo in Nov. of 2000. At first I loved the car, it was smooth, quiet and nice looking. As time went on, I realized that the back seat was very small, the transmission had continuous problems and we had to replace the rotors every 20,000 miles. Under warranty, these repairs were not an issue, but Volvo wanted an additional $2600+ for an extended warranty which would not cover all of the problems such as the rotors. I am finding that at a little over 62k miles, I cannot afford to fix all of the little things that keep coming along. Now they want $160 for a motor mount, $120 to check why the emissions service light has come on, a week after our $648 tune up.

My suggestion is to sell your Volvo once the original warranty is up.

2001 Volvo S60 SE 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Stylish highway cruiser


Minor problems as the car has been very reliable.

The remote key is not very durable as the screw on it is come unloosen occasionally.

We had to change the front Pirelli's after 29000 km's.

The driver door started to make noise when door was opened. I fixed it by tightening its bolt.

General Comments:

S60 is the most stylish Volvo sedan ever.

S60 SE is extremely comfortable highway cruiser. I just did with my friends yesterday a 500 km round trip with the car. We were all impressed how refreshing we felt after the drive.

The leather seats are so comfy and spacious. I am a tall bloke and it is difficult to find a car that provides leg room + nice seats for the tall drivers/passengers. However the legroom at the back is non-existent if you have tall people sitting at the front.

The dual zone climate air con is very well designed and it provides soothing cool clean air.

It is not a quick car of the mark, but it pulls effortlessly from 30km/h onwards.

The space ball manual shifter is a very cool design.

These Volvo's have a bad depreciation cost, but you won't be disappointed if you buy a second hand one.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2005