2001 Volvo S60 Base 2.4 from North America


Great car!!!

General Comments:

Great car, I bought the car used, but you can hardly tell the difference, the dealer bent over backward to ease my mind of buying the vehicle used as my last car was brand new, the clincher was the certified used car warranty, basically I got the remainder of a 6 year or 100K warranty, so really got 5 years or 86K which was better than the Honda new car warranty.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2002

2001 Volvo S60 2.4T 2.4 petrol turbo from UK and Ireland


Gives the Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series a good run for the money


Worn out a set of front tires.

New headlamp bulb!

Trip computer reporting error - warns of a non-existent dead light bulb.

Interior trim to headlining re-fixed at first inspection - very minor fault - the dealer noticed it, not I.

General Comments:

Very comfortable long distance car.

Excellent performance that tends to surprise other road users.

Handling in bad conditions - e.g. wet and high winds, exemplary.

Very high standard of cabin fit and finish (we took leather upholstery, air conditioning and top of the range stereo set).

Climate control very good indeed, especially de-misting and defrosting.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2002

9th Jan 2015, 04:58

Your headlamp is most likely the socket. You can get them on eBay or at a dealer. I had the same problem, and after a couple of new lamps, I got a brand new socket and the problem was cured. Hope this helps.

2001 Volvo S60 2.4 170HP 2.4 170HP from Slovenia


Better than BMW for less!


Some car-wash rotating brushes are pulling the front bumper sides out of place. More embarrassing than annoying.

Roof rack rubber fittings wear out very fast. Already changed twice. Strange.

General Comments:

The car is definitely not small (as it appears to my American friend). There is a lot of space, still this is not a cab driver's choice.

Although this car is often compared to BMW 3 series, to me it looks and feels much closer to series 5.

The 170 HP, 5 cylinder engine is adequate, but nothing to write home about, except perhaps for the very nice sound (not before first 10.000 km though). If you are looking for tire burning speed thrills, definitely go for 250HP T5 or at least 200HP "Soft Turbo".

Interior comfort, isolation and especially seats are all exceptional. Standard stereo has very good sound (better than any other "standard" stereo by far), no need for pricey Dolby Surround or amplifiers.

Handling and suspension are excellent. Curve handling is 100% balanced. Just point the steering wheel and the car follows. Very secure feeling.

This is very enjoyable and reasonable car with very subtle style and nice character.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2002