S60 Base 2.4 non turbo

The best sedan from Volvo ever

137 words, North America

S60 T5

Great performance - rubbish gearbox

46 words, UK and Ireland

S60 2.4T SE

Best car I have owned... by far! And cheap!

145 words, UK and Ireland

S60 S 2.4 D5


378 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

S60 Base 2.4-liter DOHC 5-cylinder engine

The best car I've owned yet

53 words, North America

S60 AWD 2.5T

Just perfect... except when parking

120 words, North America

S60 2.4 lp turbo

Excellent value, reliability, and performance, but difficult to park with a horrible turning radius

244 words, North America, 4 comments

S60 T5 2.3 5 Cylinder High-Pressure turbo

Wolf in Sheep's clothing!

66 words, Australia and New Zealand

S60 2.0

The Volvo S60 is an overrated car

491 words, Malaysia, 3 comments

S60 SE 2.0i turbo petrol

A top motor, at a top price

204 words, UK and Ireland

S60 2.4T 2.4T 5 cylinder

I can't believe I almost bought a new civic, whew!

366 words, North America, 7 comments


Safe ride, but not worth the money

89 words, North America

S60 ST 2.4

Good for motorway cruising, expensive to own

36 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

S60 SE 2.0 20v turbo

Will buy newer model when time comes - definitely impressed with this one!

655 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

S60 D5 2.4

Stylish car for the assured demanding driver

97 words, UK and Ireland

S60 D5 2.5 turbo diesel

Fuel saver, even with the chip less than 7 Liters

66 words, Germany, 2 comments

S60 AWD 2.4 turbo

A pleasure to look at and to drive

69 words, Australia and New Zealand

S60 SE 2.4T

69 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

S60 SE 2.0T

Great performance, luxury and different to the German barge!

141 words, UK and Ireland

S60 T5 2.3 turbo

The best money can get!

20 words, Sweden

S60 TS 2.0 turbo

A very sound buy

50 words, UK and Ireland

S60 2.4 Liter no turbo

A filet mignon

234 words, North America

S60 T5 2.3 turbo

Buy it and get lucky!

33 words, Sweden

S60 Base 2.4

A good responsible car with some style

113 words, North America