1998 Volvo S70 T-5 2.3 turbo from North America


Strong, safe, fast and occasionally acts like a European luxury sedan


Needed radiator hoses, rear brake pads, new struts, could use a heater core... but that will wait until I get around to it.

General Comments:

This car is a very nice ride. It is a very adult step up from my 2004 WRX wagon. It doesn't make me feel like a tuner dude.

It handles well. It is a dog off the line, but 30-50 and 70-90 are really very strong. It is a sleeper for sure.

I think the best way to look at this car if you are looking to purchase used is: 1) do I really like cars... I mean really. Not like "I want a Ferrari but what is a valve job?". If you do like cars this one will reward you with a very nice ride with minimal issues. But there will be issues. This is not NOT a Honda Accord. If you are looking at a Japanese car and this, and want to know the difference... well cost and total overall reliability. Japan trumps Europe. Also if you do go for this car... can you occasionally afford a payment on the original price of the car? If you can make a $500 monthly payment once in a while... you found your car. If not... it will eat you alive. (always trumped by being your own good wrench)

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Review Date: 15th July, 2009

1998 Volvo S70 GLT 2.4 from North America


Love it - a solid car!


Mass air flow went out the week after I bought, but was replaced under warranty.

Brakes are a known issue. I replaced mine 25k ago and it's time to do them again. I just accept it and deal with it. I am hard on brakes though so it's my fault equally.

I use Mobil One exclusively and I think it has paid off. The car is extremely reliable.

I did my own timing belt and water pump, which saved me 1200.00 bucks I assume (in the SF Bay Area).

I love the car and it has been paid off for a couple years, so I consider the costs as better than a new car payment.

It tends to wear the outside of the front tires no matter what tire pressure I use. I have been through about 5 sets of tires ranging from Michelins, Yokos, BF Goodrich, etc and it still does the same thing (is properly aligned too).

Safe car, and I don't have any regrets.

Reading all the comments here, I wonder how so many people got bad cars. Replaced the dash and that was 500 used for the dash and 1000 to install! UGH. (it had cracked mounts on the back of the dash and was trashed).

General Comments:

Great car. Safe, roomy, seats are awesome! Good snow car even with 2wd.

I have been rear ended 2 times and just had to replace the bumpers. I probably would have needed a new car, so I say it has saved me from buying 2 new cars.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2009

1998 Volvo S70 2.4 from North America


Great car and service from dealers and independent mechanics, but didn't live up to the Volvo name


When I first purchased the car, it needed a few things.

Timing belt and serpentine belt were done for around $300.

Right tie rod end around $100.

Strut barring needed replacing, that ran about $400.

Temp. gage and housing also went, $250.

Then add that to a new battery, two front tires and spark plugs.

The key also got stuck in the ignition, something that my Volvo mechanic told me was very common in these cars, that was fixed for around $50.

Other than those repairs, the car has been great. Until a few days ago. The tensioner barring snapped, which in turn messed up my timing belt and caused my valves to become stuck open and my pistons to crack.

General Comments:

The car handles great and drives very smooth. It's got decent power, not enough to race around, but enough to get the car moving.

The seats are very comfortable and made it very easy to do several twelve hour drives from NJ to South Carolina.

I really had planned on keeping this car until it fell apart, which it did. Just under a year into driving it, my entire engine is shot. I know several people who swear by Volvo, and know of cars that are still being driven every day with 275,000 miles on them.

When the car worked, it was the best car I have ever owned, I really did love this car, but now facing a $3,000 repair bill is making me sell this.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2008

28th Mar 2009, 18:16

Standard maintenance for Volvo's is that the tensioner be replaced when the timing belt is replaced. If the tensioner broke you probably didn't have it replaced as you were supposed to. Sometimes it pays to go to a dealer and have the proper maintenance performed.

Just my 2 cents!