23rd Oct 2008, 01:13

I have owned a 1999 T6 Volvo in Sydney for 4 years and I am glad to say I haven't spent money on any major repair, never have to tow it home and have never taken it to dealership for warranty repair. Touch wood. The funny thing is that the car was bought from a used car yard with no warranty. Whew! I still love this S80 because it looks good and the seat is comfortable.

However, in the last year or so all the error codes have started coming up on the dash. I am intending to just drive it to the ground and write it off when the time comes since the repair cost will probably sum up more than the resale value. So steering sound when turning to the maximum, let it be. Emission system require service, let it be. Alarm system needs checking, stuff that. Now it feels like there is no the turbo boost, but it is still driving. Well, as long as I gets me to where I want to go.

I have probably saved thousands of repair bills. The car is still driving so why not just keeping driving and save the repair money for the next better car.

21st Jan 2009, 19:10

I have a 99. Didn't do my research either... But my fault, the price looked good and so did the car.

Well the power steering is going out, and I have all the leaks also. Any one remember what the issue was with their car when the power steering went out? I am taking it in tomorrow, but just wondering how much the price tag is going to be.

Yes, I still owe a bit on it, got it used, but yeah, any info would be great thanks.

22nd Jan 2009, 04:21

I have a 00 S80 T6, and I am dying to get rid of this car. It has cost me over $5,000 in two years and less than 75,000 on it. I can't even remember how many things have gone wrong with this car, with the recent things being coil packs on cylinder 1 and 3. I would never wish this car on anyone, and it's the biggest piece of S**T on the planet.

10th Jul 2009, 03:59

I would like to thank everyone who has posted in this thread!

It made me realize what a great mistake I was about to make, buying a Volvo s80.

/Erik in Sweden.

23rd Jul 2009, 12:21

I have a 1999 S80 T6 and have experienced most of the above problems. I just replaced the front steering rack ($1100) and prior to that had the transmission replaced. Since I had the transmission replaced the car has been hard to start. It takes 2 or 3 tries to get it to go and the RPM needle jumps when I turn the key. Does anybody know what could be causing this. I have replaced the battery, the crank sensor and cam sensor, but it still does it. I took it back to the transmission installer and he said he checked everything and could not find anything causing it.

10th Oct 2009, 11:48

I bought my S80 at end of 2004. It has gone to the repair shop I think every 4 months at a cost of $400 to $500 per visit. Recently it was oil leaks (again), broken engine mounts. At 117k miles, I just got an "Transmission Urgent" repair sign on my dash with noticeable engine problem. While I feel safe in this car, I will never buy another Volvo.

11th Oct 2009, 21:34

You were looking at a Swedish Volvo? Well you would have been fine then. It's the American Volvo's that suck, because Ford makes them.

6th Nov 2009, 11:46

Bought a '99 T6 at the beginning of the year, didn't see this 'site!

Have had to have the heater core replaced, fuel sender unit and it's presently waiting for a new gas tank! It has 82k on it. Fortunately an extended warranty has paid the $3k this will all have cost... but they ARE known faults.

It's the most comfortable car ever... when you buy, get a bullet proof warranty or walk!

5th Mar 2010, 07:08

Hi Guys,

I am from Sri Lanka, I just bought a Volvo S80 1999 model.

The car looks good and feels good. It has done 115800 kms. I have had to do a few suspension repairs, nothing major yet (hopefully it will remain so).

The thing that bugs me most are the constant warning signs on the dashboard, and the dealer scratching his head when I ask him what to do. I did not see this site, but it has put the scare of Moses into me.

I hope it would not be a nightmare. Any advice about what service and maintenance manuals I should download, and from which site?

1st Apr 2010, 17:43

Bought our 99 S80 for $5,000. Currently at 193,000 care free miles. Guess I lucked out.

3rd Apr 2010, 06:54

I lucked out too. I only had to have the transmission replaced on my 2000 S80.

26th May 2010, 00:36

Recently purchased an '01 with 78k miles from used dealership. Two days after purchase, the 'Check Engine' light illuminated my dashboard. So I began checking for simple things - air filter, engine oil, cabin filter. After checking these items, they all needed to be cleaned / replaced. Additionally, I carefully cleaned the mass air flow (MAF) sensor (seems the previous owner made no effort in maintaining the car).

After taking care of these items on my own, the check engine light did not and has not come back on (two months and counting). I should note that I am not a mechanic, but I will roll up my sleeves and take care of minor maintenance items. As an example, I could not see paying the Volvo service center $78 for replacing the air filter. This took me less than 5 minutes to change. Really it's three plastic clips that you flip up, take old filter out, place new filter in, and flip down the same three clips. It's that simple!

Based on all the unfortunate experiences I've read on this section of the site, I must have purchased a rare model, or spending a little time giving my car a little TLC seems to have done some good for me.

12th Jun 2010, 23:34

I have owned a 1999 Volvo S-80 T-6, which I purchased as a Certified Used Volvo in June of 2002. I still own this car today, and I am about ready to give it to my son, as I hope he will be able to get some additional mileage out of the car.

In addition to the expensive maintenance of the car, (brake pads, rotors, timing belt, strut links, etc.), I did have the ABS brake module and throttle module both go out, and need replacement, and also one spark plug coil. Remarkably, the rest of the car has managed to run pretty well. I can change my own headlight bulbs, and small things.

In short, I got one of the better 99s no question, but I knew I was taking a gamble back in 2002 when I first got it. It was the extended warranty that sold me, and that I did use a few times.

If for some reason, you are reading this and thinking about buying a used 1999 Volvo S-80, I would be very hard pressed to recommend it. As this would not be a very expensive car to purchase at this time, you have to realize that just a few of the repairs of the Volvo would have you exceeding the purchase price of the car.

On the flip side of the coin, you could be one of the rare ones, who gets a good one, and has a very fine automobile to drive around in. My Volvo has never left me stranded, and it is still a joy to drive, handling very well and at a brisk pace. I however, did not purchase a new Volvo to replace this older Volvo. There are many very good cars out now that compete on the same caliber as Volvo.

Caveat Emptor.