13th Aug 2010, 12:30

I own a Volvo S80 2000 model with 110,000 miles. Had the car 4 years, and have put over 5 GRAND in repairs.. DO NOT BUY THIS MONEY PIT... I'm scared to drive this car, it always breaks down...

23rd Aug 2010, 17:17

I own a 1999 S80 T6; what a dump and a money pit. It looks wonderful, drives smooth, but kills the wallet... Warning - do not buy this car! $2300 on turbos, $300 heater core in the first year.

31st Aug 2010, 20:20

I bought a 1999 S80 T6 2 years ago for $3999.00. It is one mean machine. A delight to drive, fast comfortable, and trouble free.

30th Dec 2010, 18:38

I inherited the S80 with my new wife. I can't believe the lawyers have not removed this car from the planet. The erratic idle / throttle body / boost sensor / MAP sensor / entire car sucks. Perhaps the sweetest defect is when the car jumps forward and taps pedestrians in crosswalks... no joke! What am I missing here, Toyota gets their pants taken off for throttle related issues, and Volvo gets away with expiring recalls... BS.

6th Jan 2011, 18:03

I've got a Volvo S80 '99 with a broken engine. I replaced the engine by myself, changed timing belt etc... The car runs great.

I just changed all 4 oxygen sensors, as they were old.

The car goes to limping mode sometimes. I think it's because the ABS module is broken.

I love my Volvo. Many people complain, but I still think that this car is just a great big safe vehicle. I have owned BMW and JEEP, and always enjoy more, driving my S80.

The car itself weighs over 1600kg, never will rust (like other cars), and is electronically advanced. I get pleasure driving this car every day, even though I still have to change the ABS module, a fender and crank sensor.

Had a Volvo V70 before, that saved my life when I got into an accident. I recommend this car, and always will :)

15th Jan 2011, 21:42

I am a manager of a repair shop, and I own a 2000 Volvo S80 T6.

I did research on the car. I looked for a full size car that was fast. The S80 was a full size twin turbo car that is not bad on insurance rates compared to BMW etc.

For years, I have never paid for labor, because my techs do the work, and always buy my parts at the dealer or a OE parts house.

I love the speed of this car. I can be on the freeway doing 75 mph or so, and when a nice BMW or whatever comes along and wants to drive past me, the twin turbos will not let that happen. I will drop down the transmission to manual, which will down shift the pedal to the medal. I will drop to 3rd gear. Now 4th gear. NOW comes the magic of this car. You put it in D with the gas pedal full throttle the whole time. The RPM will fly up and and you take off like a rocket to 130 mph in a flash. I love this car; I had a Audi TT, and this car is much faster.

OK, the repairs, if I can remember them all, I bought the car 5 years ago for $11,500 with 67,000 miles on it. Now it has 180,000 miles. OK, here we go.

Transmission just went out a few months ago, both axles and there were no reman made at the time, so I had to have my own axles rebuilt, 3 coil packs, mass air flow sensor, all 4 CATs, 4 oxygen sensors and the before cat twice, radiator, throttle position sensor. This is what caused the car to lunge forward on it own.

All motor mounts, ball joints both sides twice, sub frame bushing for a noise, torque mount twice.

3 sets of tires, 3 brake jobs, front and rear with new rotors.

Both front door lock computers, the left rear window regulator, 3 sets of dealer spark plugs, rack and pinion, coolant and power steering bottles, power steering high pressure hoses, struts.

Driver's side seat built broke last month, center console is broken, had the drinks holder that folds down replaced twice, and ya the top struts mounts, I have had them replaced about a dozen times or more. They're broken again; you can hear it and see it. I have two notches on the hood from where the struts have hit and made 2 dings on the hood.

Now I have a oil leak. Just happened; the shop and me can't find this leak. It is somewhere on the left side of the back of motor above the turbos. I want an Acura now.

18th Mar 2011, 03:20

Ya dude, I have a 1999 Volvo S80. I have just as many problems. I hate it, but it's a fast ass car. I'm stuck fixing that crap too.

4th May 2011, 13:03

I currently live in Germany and am looking into buying a used 99 T6 with about 116,000km on it. After reading the reviews I am very put off, but I really don't know if the fact that it's a European spec makes it any different from the US.

Anyone know the answer to this?

7th May 2011, 03:23

As far as I'm aware, there doesn't appear to be too many problems with UK spec cars?

7th May 2011, 20:20

Can you tell me where the crank sensor is at on a S80 Volvo turbo 2.8L T6? I have the new one, but I need to know where the sensor is at so I can put it on.

12th May 2011, 15:24

That's inspiring to hear. I recently purchased a 99 Volvo S80, and it seems to have the misfire issue. I changed the 6th coil pack from what the diagnostic read, and now need the 02 sensors done because this car will not act right. I am getting disappointed, but will fix that, and pray that is all.

30th Jun 2011, 00:41

This comment is just not true! Where do I start?

First my stop light was constantly on, even after I parked the car, locked her up and walked away. Took it to a Volvo dealer, and they told me my ABS unit had died and the cost would be £2000. I asked them to remove it and send it to me, which they did. I had this independently checked by an ABS testing company at my cost, and they tested it 6 times, saying it was fine. It turned out that it was a hand brake issue, which cost only £80 to fix!

Next I had a bubbling sound in the expansion chamber, and took it to the same dealer. They told me the head gasket had gone, and this would cost another £2000. When I investigated it further, I found out this was a normal sound for the S80 T6; did a CO2 test and all fine, cost = £0 - don't believe these dealers!

Now I have replaced all the 02 sensors, camshaft sensor and coil packs with still a misfire ECM-3502 and ECM-3503. The car stalled on me this weekend in the middle lane of the M1 (an extremely busy motorway), and again on the same day on the M25, inside lane this time! After spending near £900 just for this, I feel back to square one and have spent more than the car is worth. Mine is a '98 model, so I realise she is old, but when you replace something due to fault codes, you expect them to go away after the work. I still have all the 02 sensor fault codes, but maybe this is due to misfire on cylinder 5 - who knows!!