23rd Feb 2008, 09:45

Hi. I just purchasef a 2000 Volvo S80 with 150k. I just bought it over a week ago, and this morning I started the car up and suddenly it turned off and made a sound like if it absorbed too much air. That happens every time I try to turn it on, and some times it's good, but when I'm about to accelerate it turns off.

I would appreciate some comments if this has happened to some one out there with a similar problem?

31st Mar 2008, 15:27

My 2000 Volvo S80 is great. I very frequently have my message board lit up with the warnings Brake failure, stop ASAP, STC service required, ABS light. When this happens, the odometer does not work. The Warning light (!) in center panel is NOT lit up when this happens. The warnings go on and off frequently. Brakes - front and back - are new. Does anyone else have this problem?!?!

19th Oct 2008, 01:00

The only reason the check engine light comes on is because Ford has definitely had their fingers in it! Every Ford I have had has check engine light problems. I have read all of these comments, but yet I'm still going to buy this car. I might not be rich, but I love it dearly and wouldn't trade it for a Lambo.

19th Aug 2009, 00:36

My friend have 2000 Volvo S80 with only 95,000km on it and I want to buy the car from him, but I do not know should I buy the car or should I pass as the car is in great shape and drives very well, but I am not rich enough to maintain it if it broke down, so please someone give me good advice. Thanks.

31st Aug 2009, 07:24

To the person wanting the 2000 S80. Pick another car. Too many expensive problems. Volvo charges are high just to check and tell you that the repair is very expensive. Transmission failed and has to be replaced.

4th Sep 2009, 00:16

Hey, I just got my 2000 S80 2.9 Volvo months ago, and what I'm having hard times with is the gear shift. It takes too long to get out of park, and the key will not come out smooth. I do not know what's happening. I have to start my car up 30 minutes before work, therefore I'm not late messing around with the gear shift. Somebody tell me how to fix it.

28th Jul 2010, 00:04

I just bought an 2000 S80 T6 on eBay in Missouri. It has 82000 miles is really clean and I paid $4200 for it. The owner (who lives in a really nice house from the picks) said he would pay for any parts (if any) the dealer said it needs and I'll get labor. So if I paid 1/2 price for this car (I think it's worth more like $7500, and I have to put a few grand into it in the next couple years I'm better off than buying an old Acura or Camry? Right?

I've never heard of person that complains about the car changing a MAF sensor themselves. It takes 20 minutes. Flush your tranny in everything you drive every 30 - 40k. This helps a ton. Also, if you can't handle the repair, find a few small import shops and look at the kind of cars they're working on and the cleanliness and organization of their shop, this can cut your bill in half.

More advice is don't put used parts in places where the labor is expensive. But used parts can save you a bunch if you look around.

13th Dec 2010, 08:50


Volvo S80 - 1999 - 2.9 - 212.000KM.

Great car, great build quality.

Purchased the car off of a Volvo mechanic. Seemed very good the first few months.


1. Oil light lights up.

2. Oil replaced by highway emergency squad :|

3. Lambda emission light lights up. Message reset by Volvo.

4. Computer would say the doors are open when they are not.

5. Door lock controller replaced.

6. Motor would shut off in the middle of the highway randomly.

7. Spark plugs have been replaced.

8. Coil has been replaced.

9. All filters have been replaced.

10. Lambda (emission) light is lit up AGAIN.

11. Mechanic says something from the catalysator has broken off, and went into the rear exhaust.

12. Engine doesn't turn off on the highway anymore (yet...) but I lost all power, then at low speed I can accelerate again and all is fine.

So, I've had a Ford Mondeo 2.5 Ghia, Saab 9000 2.3t, Saab 9-5 2.0t (which caught fire on the highway!!! and burned out), a Audi A3 1.8T (when I met my girlfriend :P) and now the S80.

If I didn't know someone who worked at a Volvo dealer who charges 25 euro an hour and gives me parts for internal price, I would STAY THE HELL AWAY from this car. Nothing but trouble. When it works, it's the best car in the world, but when it doesn't, it will make you one poor soul.

When you drive it, you will be scared to break anything, for example if the automatic gearbox breaks, you can throw the car away; this will set you back around 1500 euro; the car itself cost 4000 euro :)

7th Mar 2011, 19:47

99 S80 2.9, bought it with 20K miles the first year. Bad idea.

I learned to do most of the work or I would have sold it. Everything imaginable has gone wrong and I vote this car as the worst car since the Ford Pinto or Chevy Vega (aluminum head). Replaced control arms twice because of bushing material. Many other plastic parts do not last, my theory with environmental concerns Volvo plastics are garbage. Replaced shocks, cheaper than paying to replace spring seat bushings. Replaced oil trap (ugly mess), then it leaks who knows where it comes from now, drips when I stop. Replaced headlight wires/connectors heat issue. Replaced fuel pump... Got to be kidding, a safe car spraying wet fuel under. Found part, not Volvo's $400, go to dealer and 2 seals are $20. I bought online. I change the tranny fluid every 20k and it has survived. Crazy Volvo recommends no service.

Now the electronics issues, many of them: starter solenoid just crumbles at fittings. ABS brake module/throttle warnings... Years until Volvo finally recalled the throttle body. Also sent the brake module in to have the mods to correct Volvo's design error. The sunroof brackets fell off, just left them off. Center console looks like junk car. Replaced the hood lifts, oh and the battery failed, tried to jump proper way and STC module/Radio/AC control failed. It seems as one thing is fixed, another comes.

Used parts made it possible to keep going, or it would have been a junk yard dog. I owned Volvos 240, 740s and this poor design. I would feel guilty selling it to someone. It will be a parts car when it stops.

28th Apr 2011, 14:54

I'm from Montréal... Loved your comment :) Gun and mace :)

28th Apr 2011, 14:56

Put tape on the warning lights :)

3rd May 2011, 11:31

My 2000 Volvo S80 has the same lights on, and the warning lights goes on and off.

What does this mean?

3rd Sep 2011, 07:30

It's truly a safe car. I survived a nice hit from the back without any injuries. My S80 2000 is costly to upkeep, but it's a life saver. One has to follow up with the required services by the manufacturer to escape issues. I might just take a newer model. Letting go of a Volvo is hard, and it can drain your pocket if you follow up the dealer. Find someone who has the codes for the car who can fix it. There are some suckers out there, be careful!