13th Nov 2009, 03:23

How can the V70 be classed as slow when the T5 has 240bhp as standard? The five cylinder engine in all sound fantastic. Full stop.

They are also great cars to drive. My 1998 S70 has 146,000 miles and is perfect all round with EVERY LITTLE THING working, and not failed or even had an advisory on the MOT in the four years I've owned it.

By the way, I'm also a younger person! My S60 is also far better then the competition (especially BMW) when it comes to value for money, comfort, practicality and safety. The understated looks look elegant and sporty without being offensive...

25th Nov 2009, 19:45

I am more than happy with the 190HP of 98 Volvo XC Wagon. 0-60 in 8.6 seconds is just fine for me. Sticking to the road in turns thanks to AWD and Traction Control is also very nice. I have driven plenty of other cars from luxury to compact (And have had to maintain them too!). My 300,000 Km Volvo is a TREAT to drive and maintain. I am sorry that some have had bad experiences, But this is my third used Volvo with over 200,000 KM and I ask myself daily:

"Why do people buy new cars when they can buy a used Volvo" and enjoy all the comforts and more reliability and safety.

6th Jan 2010, 12:30

I'm currently driving a 1998 V70, I love it. Prior to this, I had an '89 240 DL wagon, loved that too, but sold it at 496,000KM (that's a fairly educated guess as the speedometer quit in the last year I owned it!) it was running when I sold it for $1000, and surprisingly the only rust was around that pesky tailgate window and trailing edge of the tailgate.

Volvo's aren't for everyone, they aren't the fastest, unless you opt for the turbo or R models, but they do have enough high end torque to surprise naysayers on the highway! They aren't always the most reliable either, but the fixes are usually fairly straight forward. Bottom line is, if you love Volvo's, which you might have guessed, I do, you take the bit of bad with the whole lot of good.

If you need a practical, 'V'ersatile vehicle that will take daily abuse, then you just can't beat them. I'm at 423,500K now. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping to reach the 1/2 a million mark before this one leaves my driveway... however, I just found a '98 T5 V70 for just $3500 that I might just buy if it examines well... guess I'll just have two!

Now something I'm experiencing of late are really niggly things, ABS light that comes on and off, oxygen sensor light that does the same, some of the windows and door locks decide not to work on occasion, and a propensity to idle erratically on the rare occasion.

If you can find one with low mileage, it's well worth it, mine costs on average about $250.00 /month to operate and that includes insurance, that's another plus about an older car - the rates are good! I also feel that driving and keeping an older car in good order is a more environmentally responsible choice; why scrap something that is perfectly good?

19th Jun 2010, 09:37

I am owning my 8th Volvo as I write this. 7 had transmission problems; it seems I am a slow learner.

My latest is a 2001 V70 T5. Bought about 4 months ago with a 30 day warranty.

On or around the 34th day of ownership, the tranny started shifting on its own, back and forth, banging into gears, shifting hard in all gears. Had the tranny fluid changed, it got worse, had tranny download done, it got worse.

During all this, I was informed by the dealer that I needed a new inside rear view mirror, which cost $1200. Can't I just turn my head and look back?

Then my air conditioner starts blowing cold on the driver's side, and heat on the passenger side at the same time.

A couple of days ago it got stuck in park; it took 3 dealers, an independent mechanic and my wife to figure out that if the brake light switch goes, you are stuck; it controls your shifter. The dealer wanted to sell me a new $800 shifter.

I think this is my last Volvo.

22nd Mar 2011, 13:16

And you sir, have you ever owned a Volvo?

And at least the Volvo ALWAYS set its standards high. Unlike the crap they have today.

23rd Mar 2011, 05:38

Yes, several in fact. First were the early 80s 240 series, right up to the S60 sedan. All were NA engines with 5 speed manual transmissions.

After several decades, you'd think Volvo would start building more reliable, durable electronics systems... but they don't, which is why their competitors (i.e. BMW) are valued higher.

1st May 2011, 20:56

Update time...

Car now has 220k; here are the list of things I have been fixed and the approx. cost:

1) Brakes @ 180k ($70, pads front and back) & 220k ($400, cross drilled rotors and ceramic pads, changed flex hoses at the same time just to be safe).

2) ABS sensor issue... known problem. Took the module apart, resoldered the joints, and $20 later (torx bit set and some goop for the module) it's fixed.

3) Top up freon @ 180k... $10 for a can, already had gauges.

4) Headlight upgrade... xenon ($100).

5) Full suspension @ 220k ($500 in parts.. control arms, outer tie rods, front wheel bearings, sway bar links, struts, shocks, $60 wheel balance and $80 alignment).

6) Oil changes every 7k, 10??? $200 total.

7) Tune up... cap, rotor, wires, plugs, K&N filter, cabin filter, thermostat, coolant replaced, tranny fluid replaced with Amsoil, power steering fluid replaced... $300.

Sooooo, I bought this car with 155k, and now it's 220k... 65k total. Cost of maintenance, as detailed above: approx $1600... a little over $500 per year of driving... an absolute bargain by any standard.

Now, the caveats:

1) I did the work myself... but, as per the original review, the reason for my purchase of this car was a) lots of support on the Internet b) last year of an actual 'Volvo'... they were bought by Ford the following year, and things aren't as rosy for those V70s (electronic throttle and 5 spd auto tranny issues come to mind). I will admit that if I had brought the car to Volvo for service, I'd be out well over the original cost of the car.

2) Aftermarket parts are plentiful, good quality, and cheap... $400 for a full suspension kit??? It costs the same as my Honda!!!

3) Timing belt is now due... as well, I will have to replace the tires. Parts for the t-belt are $300... tires, well, those will be more expensive ;-)

My advice gents? Buy one... 1998, no later. This car now rides like no other I have every been in. In -28C weather, she'll catch within 2 turns. An absolute tank in the winter... I live in the outskirts of Ottawa, and have not had a single incident in 2 years of winter driving. All of the service items listed above were performed from instructions from the Internet.

The greatest virtue of this car is the lack of rust... bolts come out easy, all the brake/tranny lines are original and rust free... the exhaust is original equipment!!! On a 13 year old car??? Unbelievable. Makes me look like a credible mechanic. ;-)

The Honda is now 15 years old and we're expecting our second child... going to need a replacement vehicle soon. You know what I'm eying? 1998 S70... that should speak volumes.

Sorry the review is so long... I JUST LOVE THIS CAR!!!