1998 Volvo V70 2.4L from North America


Safety, reliability, cheap to purchase and run, easy to work on... what else could you want?


Rattles all over!! Replaced clips on interior tailgate cover, wrapped seat latches in electrical tape, adjusted hood, tightened/replaced body panel retaining clips... takes time, but not difficult.

Bulbs in the dash... took some time, but not difficult or expensive.

When you turn right, the indicator does not automatically cancel... I manually turn it off. I'll figure it out after winter.

Nothing else wrong with car; was maintained as per dealer recommendation (full documentation provided when purchased).

General Comments:

We were expecting out first child this year and therefore had to shop for a family car... no minivans.

A friend recommended buying a Volvo... I found this one that was well maintained and had low mileage (for a 12 year old car) for $4k Cdn.

This is the nicest car I have ever owned. Rock solid... extremely comfortable to drive.. handling is excellent... easy on gas (8L/100km, 75% hwy miles)... lots of features (A/C, heated seats, traction control). Acceleration between lights is not great... plenty of passing power though.

I am amazed every time I drive this car... I could not have done better for the price. Knowing my family is as safe as possible in this beast lets me sleep at night.

These cars are commonly available for very little money and there is plenty of support on the internet. They are simple enough for the home mechanic to maintain. You'll have to go the the aftermarket for reasonably priced parts.

This thing is a tank... I will keep it for as long as it wants to stay with me (General consensus is 400,000 km without major expense). Should it die tomorrow, I would not hesitate to replace it with another Volvo... drive one and you'll understand.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2009

12th Nov 2009, 17:46

Sorry, but I don't' buy it... Volvos that are FWD aren't as great as you'd like them to be.

Sure they have great heaters, and the engines and trannys will last a long time, but everything else around the car will and does fall apart!

As for the safety aspect, Volvos aren't the only ones with those safety ratings. Sure 2 or 3 decades ago they were at the top of their game, but since then EVERYONE else have caught up and surpassed Volvo on this feature.

If you want a slow, stodgy car with poor handling that'll appeal to those getting ready for retirement, then by all means buy a Volvo. If you want something you can really enjoy, buy anything else and save your money, cause all you're paying for is the name.

1998 Volvo V70 XC 2.4L turbo from North America




The only thing I have replaced on my V70 XC in the last 400, 00 are:

Rear shocks (used: 200.00 cad).

Regular brake maintenance every 60 to 100 thousand km.

Timing belt (40.00 cad, installed myself).

Oil changes every 4000 km.

ABS module (I resoldered the board and reinstalled, price $0).

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Review Date: 1st November, 2009

18th Jun 2015, 00:32

You want to say you have been driving this car for 400000kms only with these repairs? I'm sorry, I wish it was true, but there is no vehicle on planet Earth that will be this trouble free. A Volvo with 400000 will have tons of issues including sensors, many suspension components, engine mounts, and the list is long.

18th Jun 2015, 21:19

I can believe it, I recently sold a 2005 Volvo V70 with 298,000 MILES and it was still going strong. Anyway, normal people don't class wear and tear items as problems. The fact this Volvo has been good and not needed anything outside of normal maintenance is a good score. I'm sure if it were a Toyota, people would be saying how great they are, but because it's a Volvo, someone has to come on and 'rubbish' it. Good on the original reviewer. If you look after a car, they usually look after you.