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20th Mar 2012, 20:38

My 98 XC70 is still running like a new vehicle (with 315,000 Km).

All I have done is regular maintenance (brakes and timing belt).

I also vacuum the carpet (once in a while).

I am still waiting for it to rust after owning it for three years... It just doesn't want to rust...

The engine and transmission work beautifully, as does the turbo!

28th May 2012, 11:54

Yearly update... 243km...

Did the timing belt sometime in Sept; replaced the belt, tensioner, water pump, serpentine... took 8 hours, but it was my first time. Next time, it will be no more than 4 hours.

Settled on Pirelli's for replacement summer tires, and Ultragrips for winter.

Had to replace both front calipers ($100/side) ; one side seized and trashed my Zimmerman rotors. Oh well, el-chepo's we go... $25/side from an online dealer. I also replaced the gas line filter.

Several oil changes later and she still runs like a champ. On the way into work today, I remember thinking how unbelievably silent this car runs along the highway... still getting 8L/100k.

Second child came in Nov... my wife wanted a newer car, so I got her a Prius. Nice, but not my Volvo. I pay the extra 4l/100km to drive this car around. There is just something about how it cruises at highway speed that makes me want to take the long way home. I will keep her running until it turns to dust in my lane way.

18th Dec 2012, 10:21

You are wrong on all counts. A turbo Volvo is one of the best all-around cars out there!

21st May 2013, 09:37

Yearly update... 269km...

Serpentine idler pulley bearing wore out; replaced with part from Rock Auto, $50 and 1/2 hour later back to normal.

Cleaned air filter, replaced cabin filter, couple of oil changes, painted stone chips... no other maintenance... amazing.

Rule of thumb is you should spend 1/2 the value of a car when it's over 10 years to keep it on the road... let's say street value is $2k... therefore, should be $1k in maintenance... I spent $50.

I cannot say enough about this car; still gets 8L/100km, starts reliably, dirt cheap to run, versatile (just picked up 10 x 30L bags of soil + 50lb oat seed + groceries for the week with both kids and the wife in tow).

I honestly cannot find a car to replace this one. For the money, you cannot go wrong.

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