25th Feb 2006, 01:19

1999 v70 what a confusing car, needed upgrade on computer less than a month after purchase. seems to be breaking apart; in and out. Big repairs include tires, brakes, oxygen sensors, and now the electronic throttle system is malfunctioning often with no dealership to really help properly. The rattling inside the car only begins to spell out the driving condition of the car. I believe I will have to replace more motor mounts and throttle bodies just to get around the beach. It would be great for about half the price. I wonder if VOLVO designed to be a disposable car meant to last 5 to 10 years. Will be for sale very soon, dealer offered $5500.00 but maybe $6000.00 would be better. I think I will try Toyota next.

6th Apr 2006, 23:25

I too own a 1999 V70 XC... and yes I'm going through all of these same repair nightmares. Check Engine lights, ABS modules, sensors, sluggish pickup, and so on. I sent Volvo an e-mail asking them to reimburse me for the cost of the parts as I am doing most of the work myself. I suggest that we all follow this course of action. Maybe Volvo will have to respond. I'll never buy a Volvo, they're junk as far as I'm concerned. I'm going back to an American made automobile at least you don't have to pay through the nose for parts!

25th Sep 2006, 20:12

I have a '99 V70 XC which I love!! A few weeks ago, it was driving beautifully - however, all of a sudden I couldn't accelerate! I was in "D" going 35 mph - engine was running, but lost power - couldn't go anywhere. The red arrow on dash was flashing. I could "rev" the engine, but couldn't go anywhere... had it towed to the mechanics. He drove it - it was fine. Couple days later, same thing. Had it towed. He kept it and drove it - it happened to him. He's telling me that it needs a new transmission to the tune of $5000! I'm sick... could it be something else??


Grand Rapids, MI.

24th Jan 2007, 06:48

We bought a 2000 V70 XC in 2003 with 30,000km from the dealership. Over the next 150,000 we had to replace several components in the fuel/emission system, rack&pinion, window controls, steering fluid reservoir, oil filter cup, rear hatch lock mechanism, transmission software. Much of this has been done under warranty, but that has run out now. Right now the ABS light is on, the gas door latch is seized, the door-open sensors are intermittent, and the headlight wipers are not working making them stick straight up in the air.

Brake and tire wear has been normal (proper inflation seems to be key there). The biggest disappointment, other than the cost of all of this, is the number of times that we have been left stranded on the side of the road. Wonderful car when it works, but always leaves you wondering what is going to happen next, and when...

24th Jan 2007, 10:29

What I can't work out is why the XC V70 is so bad whereas the normal V70 seems generally to be fine? Apart from cosmetics and 4 wheel drive, I thought they were the same? Can most of the problems be related to the different drive system?

24th Jan 2007, 13:25

The BMW X5 and the BMW 5 series (on which the X5 is/was based) are lightyears apart in quality. My 5 series was the most reliable car I had ever owned. My friend's X5 had to be lemon lawed.

22nd Mar 2007, 22:16

My wife and I have a '98 V70XC that we bought new in November, 1998. The car was great for the first 25K miles, then all the same problems everyone else experienced began to show up. The car has only 76K miles on it today, and seems to break once every 3 months! I jokingly tell my wife that Volvo should replace the word "check engine" with "$$$$$". The number of dollar signs that illuminate indicate the cost of the repair, sort of like how critics rate food and beverage costs at restaurants. At least this way consumers will know ahead of time how much the dealer will stick it to them. Seriously, we can no longer afford to keep this car. It has long ago been paid for, but the repairs keep mounting, and are becoming increasingly expensive. The latest problem is the car will start up fine, then a minute into warm up it idles rough and spews black and foul smelling exhaust out the tail pipe and then stalls. Anyone out there care to comment on what this might be? Sounds similar to catalytic converter problems other people have mentioned. One thing I am certain of is this will be the final repair we make on this car, because it will go on Craig's List immediately after. Also, I am in no way shape or form one of those "Loyal Volvo Owners" so the tag line "Volvo For Life" does not apply...

22nd Jun 2007, 17:34

I drive a 99v70xc and have had some of the same issues. The check engine light was finally resolved with the replacement of the gas cap sensor. I must have gone in 9 times about it and they kept telling me I couldn't put a gas cap on correctly! My newest problem is the upper motor mount, I need to replace (again) and I don't live near my old mechanic. It looks easy, but having trouble getting the right part! Any help out there?

12th Jul 2007, 22:32

It seems the general consensus on the V70xc is that it is a continually expensive addition to your life. I purchased a 98 from a dealership with 53k miles on it - and THE NEXT DAY had to return it for warranted repair of the air sensor, ball joints, rear strut, etc.

I have had the mass air flow sensor replaced 3x. No fun.

This week spent a good amount of time under the car attempting to discover why it stalls after starting and WILL NOT STAY ON. Replaced spark plugs and fuel filter and still no change. Anybody care to comment?

6th Nov 2007, 19:24

Wow! After having read all these reviews, I couldn't help myself to make some comments myself.

In the beginning I saw myself driving a Volvo XC V70.

Now all I see myself is spending way too much time and money arranging for Tows (Thank goodness for AAA! If you own one of these cars I highly recomend becoming a premium member) -replacement parts, motor mounts, sway bars, oxygen sensors,water pump, and now perhaps an engine!

Yes I somehow blew a hole in one of my pistons...

It makes shudder to think of what other Volvo "nuts" were offering me for a salvage price of only $800.00.

Yes I also agree that I love driving the car when it's working.

Where is Volvo buying their parts from???

After reading all these comments I believe I have changed my mind about keeping the car after I fix this major repair.

9th Nov 2007, 10:20

We bought a 1998 V70 XC in 2001 with 40,000 mile on it. We had good luck with the car for the first 20,000 we drove it. We did buy an extended warranty for 100,000 miles. After 60,000 miles on the car the problems started! we have kept excellent records on the car, we have done excellent maintenance and have driven the car conservatively. At 100,000 miles after the warranty ran out we reviewed the work done on the car and the grand total was 11,500 dollars in repairs for 60,000 miles of driving. The ABS system was replaced twice. motor mounts, electric lock system (not covered under warranty $$$$$), Air flow meter, and the list goes on. We have appealed to Volvo, the costs of keeping this vehicle on the road has been over the top. The reputation of Volvo's being sound cars with long life was based on the Cars of the 70's nd 80's. No longer can you depend on a Volvo to be dependable past 60,000 miles. The Customer Care Service at Volvo told me my car with 100,000 miles on it was "old".