12th Jan 2008, 18:55

Being an avid BMW owner. I was considering buying a Volvo for my next used car. That is until I started reading some of the reviews on all models of Volvo's. I have now changed my mind and will pay more money for another good used BMW. At least they are still running after 250,000-300,000 miles. All cars have normal wear items like tie rods, ball joints, shocks, exhaust sytems and such after 150K. But from what I read here. Volvo has had more issues for their cars than I want to hear about or experience.

26th Feb 2008, 15:32

My wife had a 98 V70. So many things broke that she now has a BMW 325IX and I now have the Volvo wagon. It has 107K on it and was always pampered. There are the irritating things like: rear window will go down and maybe back up...maybe. Power locks are intermittent. Half of the lights are out on the radio. Passenger door won't open from the inside. The ABS light is finally on all the time, joining the check engine light. It had a mysterious "battery failure" thing going on. It turned out to be a failing temp sensor that would keep the radiator fan running until the battery died. Then it would reset and be okay for awhile, except for occasional stalling. The problem was identified after the sensor didn't reset and the car wouldn't start. The sensor was telling the computer that the coolant was hot. The radiator fan would come on as soon as you turned the key on.

The sensor is cheap and easy to replace. It is right under the thermostat. The performance really improved after that. This car makes me appreciate little things. I have found that when I get all the way home at night...I'm grateful.

This was my wife's third Volvo. She was fiercely loyal.

5th Jun 2008, 12:47

We bought a V70XC last year, and once during the drive home, and alert went to 'Low Performance'. This never happened again until a year later, and now it happens every 20 miles or so. We live on an island, and do not have access to a Volvo dealer, and they will not approve a local garage to do the necessary work, so we have no option but to keep driving it the way it is. Once we stop and wait a few seconds, it seems OK again until next time - like there is not enough fuel getting through, but filters were changed at last service in November. Can anyone suggest a fix for this please?

3rd Oct 2008, 17:46

Our XC was good for the first 70,000 miles, with some of the things noted here, new motor mounts, rattles, etc. Now has 122,000 miles on it and this year alone we put in $1,668 for some ignition problems (and they put in another $1,000 worth of recall work), and then 3 months later another $1,268 for more ignition work. Oh, and now 3 months later, when the thing is warm it has trouble starting still, cranking and cranking. They say it might be a fuel pump ($2,500) and the engine light is on and the computer code indicates catalytic converter, another $1,500. Yea, right.

24th Jan 2009, 16:25

I have a 1999 V70 and this is my seventh and last Volvo. I have had 740's, 940's, S90 's, S70's and 850's. All run better and not had as much problems as this one.

It currently is under recall for ETM - Volvo refuses to put one in, have had checked out twice, the corporate office says it is a misfire although, I am getting seven codes for ETM throttle.

I was going to buy a XC90, but forget it. Volvo's corporate courtesy, or should I say lack of. I refuse to do business with business that do not treat there customers with respect.

Especially, in todays' economy you would think that they (Volvo) would want to keep every customer they could. Obviously not, I am thinking of Toyota, GMC, Nissan, Mercedes, or BMW.


1st Mar 2009, 19:28

After reading all these stories I decided that my car is great! I drive a V70 XC 1998. I bought it with 100000 miles on it and after a year it had 120000. The previous owner sold it for $5000.

After two days the check engine came on. When I went to Volvo dealer, they said to me that they will save me money on diagnostics because the 1st owner was there a week ago and they told him $5000 to repair it. (: I was shocked! But I bought an ebay repair manual for this car and after replacement of 1 injector everything is fine till this day!

Great car! I have an Outback and Accord, and comparing the maintenance price of all three = same!!!

I agree with high prices at dealerships, and about useless repairs that they suggest just to pump your money.

Love my Volvo!

1st Mar 2009, 19:31

Volvo V70 XC 2000. First owner. 98K on it. No problem at all! I replaced only catalytic converter at 87K and that is it.

12th Apr 2009, 17:16

I am a second owner of a 99 V70XC and am perplexed with the repairs I have had to make (including a drive shaft and a rack and pinon set). Otherwise, the car is just wonderful. The brake, tire and fluid changes have been normal. And the only big repair on the horizon is my emergency brake assembly (which can cost upwards of $500.00).

I am keeping my XC if even just for my emotional tie to the vehicle.

25th May 2009, 00:14

Give yourself a big pat on the back!!!

I think it's great you got a little dirty and it paid off!!! Every car will break and need repair, god help you if you get a tech who does more harm than good. Your car's only as reliable as your tech is talented.

25th Jul 2009, 18:15

Low Performance Indicator.

The problem shall continue until you check and change the fuel control module. Unfortunately, you might have to get it done by an authorized Volvo dealer to set the computer control code to either default or to the specification of the VIN. It is a nuisance. It does not have a cable from gas pedal to the fuel control module. It has a microprocessor to instruct.

10th Sep 2009, 03:48

I am lucky to have got on to this CarSurvey.org site.

I was about to buy a 1999 VOLVO V70 XC for AUD $14,575. It has done 194,000kms. The owner said "You won't be disappointed with anything to do with this vehicle. It even has 'front seat warmers'".

Having gone thru all the comments from long time Volvo lovers, I am going back to my search for an Australian icon, the true blue Holden Commodore Wagon.

Cheers and thanks very much, you all. C Hayashi, Sydney.

1st Oct 2009, 15:02


I can't believe what I have read. I too own a 99 V70 AWD, which I bought for 5750.00 at 160K.

I had the car checked prior to purchase to be sure nothing was terribly wrong with it... and it has been nothing but a money suck ever since.

At 170k the front end needed to be realigned with new tie rods and all 4 tires replaced. ($2200cdn)

At 185k the ABS module along with some other module needed to be replaced as I was having trouble accelerating.

Almost every light on the dash would light up, check engine, ABS, shift arrow, and a few others. this was a $2700 cdn touch.

This was all within a year of owning the hunk of junk.

And if this wasn't enough, last week I was driving to a wedding and the engine threw a rod... at 200k augghhhh!!!

This is now going to cost me $4500 cdn for a new engine.

I am not impressed with Volvo and will never own another one again.

As soon as the engine is fixed and I get back home (trusting the car gets me home and doesn't blow up on me again), I will be selling it.

What a terrible car and what a terrible company. I thought Ford and Chrysler and GM were bad, but I would buy any of them at this point.

Thanks for the info everyone, kinda glad I'm not the only one, but sad that more people have gone through this.


Calgary AB.