3rd Feb 2017, 21:51

So, you're saying EVERY XC90 ever made has all these issues? The reviewer probably doesn't count usual wear and tear items as these wear out on EVERY car. And please note that most people go onto forums when they have a PROBLEM. Not many go on when they don't have any. Work out how many XC90s worldwide are sold, then work out how many are being talked about on FORUMS... see? Anyway, the XC90 got better reliability wise as they got younger so there is a good chance it was OK. Not all are bad. Mine has been great so far with only minor work needed and it's not expensive in my mind for a premium SUV. It's not a Ford Fiesta at the end of the day, so will cost more to run.

4th Feb 2017, 00:15

Every XC90 had these issues and then some. They were also plagued with failed 4WD sleeves; a very expensive repair. I only named the most common repairs, but of course there are several other typical electrical issues. The forums don't regroup only people who have issues with the car. Owners on forums do for the most part their own repairs/maintenance, and are, for most of them, not at their first Volvo. So when they talk about Volvo, they know the subject very well. Of course, if you step inside a Volvo dealer and ask such a question, they will say "I've never heard about an issue with the XC90". That's because the Volvo dealers are among the worst liars out there (remember they totally denied the T6 transmission issue and now more recently the blown engines on the 2012+ S60). One thing is for sure, the XC90 is a very expensive car to run; less expensive than a X5 or Q5, but still expensive. That is the truth, I'm sorry, I know there are many people out there in denial who love saying 'never had an issue with the XC90' or 'never put a dollar in a X5'. I just like to tell the truth, not the myth.

4th Feb 2017, 00:18

Just to add, one should read overly optimistic reviews with care.

Read the original review, the guy says literally: "I was T-boned at an intersection: the other car hit me right at the gas cap above my right rear (passenger side) tire. Not a scratch. Not even a dent. His car? Front end obliterated."

Do I read 'not a scratch, not even a dent'? That's the kind of people who leave here shocking reviews such as "I never had a single issue with this car".

4th Feb 2017, 05:00

How many owners have a problem, but never research it online?

4th Feb 2017, 19:39

So, anyone on here that says their XC90 has been reliable is just lying? Not true. And the guy who says EVERY XC90 will break has obviously worked on every one made in their 12 year run? Very dubious. Let people enjoy their cars... there is no harm in that. Our XC90 has been a great and immensely practical vehicle which I FULLY recommend... and our 4x4 still works fine at 155k miles. Apparently that's not possible according to the commenter!

6th Feb 2017, 00:16

Your AWD works at 150k miles? Perhaps you have the latest car or the previous owner has already replaced it. Many people buy cars with high miles and then they say I never did any repair on it because the previous owner has done tons of repairs and fixed all the issues. And yes, if you know mechanics you know that all cars of same model will break at the same point - same parts.

6th Feb 2017, 21:38

It does work, yes. And it also does on my S60 R AWD at 105k miles - that hasn't been replaced.

My XC90 is a 2004 manual car and yes, it's worn but hasn't ever been replaced. They are a common failure point, I don't disagree. What I disagree with is the bold statement that EVERY one will fail regardless of how it's been looked after or driven. That isn't true. Many cars have common failure points - even Japanese ones - but that doesn't mean EVERY one will fail. It's all about maintenance really and keeping an eye on things.

My other car is a 2004 V70 D5, which has now just turned 621,000 miles and I have detailed information about its repair items since 175,000 miles. Yes, it needed another gearbox at 402k miles (it's an Auto)... but it's on its original engine, turbo, etc. It's had various wear and tear things replaced (it's getting a new driveshaft next week), but it's been driven right so carries on doing the mileage without fuss. BTW, it's NEVER left me nor its previous owner stranded. That's why I have confidence in these cars.

According to you, I should never have bought an XC90 as it's a money pit - but that HASN'T been the case in my ownership. It's not really cost anymore than anyone else's car I know. Look after them and they won't ALL fail.

8th Feb 2017, 15:06

Well, we agree the AWD was a weak point, at least up to somewhere in 2006 when I believe all models have been upgraded with components from the XC90 V8 AWD system, which were more robust.

When I write 'all' it means a generalization. It means the collar sleeve was under-engineered, and would start to wear on all cars. It's an engineering thing, if a part is not designed for the stress it will experience, it will fail sooner or later. Same thing happened with the transmission in the XC90 T6 engines. Note that Volvo would lie to everyone about the T6 transmission, knowing precisely well they went already through hundreds of transmissions - it is a company mentality to deny and force the customer pay.

So when I talk about the AWD issue, it doesn't matter if 5 or 10% of cars had not failed yet. It matters that most of them had failed at a too early mileage - such as 70 or 80 or more thousand miles. Maybe some cars were so gently driven, the AWD will last longer. But we are talking about a majority here.

Where did I say an XC90 is a money pit? Please point out, if you don't mind. What I say is it is an expensive car to own, and that is true, just like any luxury other SUV out there, or perhaps less. See, when people come and exaggerate, that's when credibility goes away. It is possible a D5 went to 621000 miles, but if you say the truth, you have perhaps one of the 2 or 3 P2 Volvos with the most miles out there.

Is that you?


I read this: From 170000 to 600000 miles, you have spend only £3000 on the car. Right there, that's extremely hard to believe, but you've perhaps used only second hand parts and replacing them yourself, so why not mentioning that? Most people will spend £3000 just to bring the car from 100000 to 200000 miles.

So it's easy to throw numbers here.

While there, I'd suggest you contact this site and register your car with your mileage https://www.volvoclub.org.uk/miles.php . The highest P2 has 350000 miles on the list, so yours will be quite high up on the list for a P2.