8th Feb 2017, 20:44

Well, that's not me, but it is my car. Well spotted. If you go to the Volvo Owners High Mile Club link you gave and click the '500,000 - 1 million' mile link, then that will show my car at 611k miles. I have since updated it since I purchased the car.

The V70 is a good car. I am assuming through reading your comments that you have had a bad experience with Volvo, so have taken the time to explore issues the manufacturer has had. Yes, the T6 had a poor GM gearbox until they upgraded them. Not too many people here in the UK bought one, but I know it was a bigger issue in the US.

Anyway, since 2006 facelift, XC90s have been fairly trouble free. What annoys me is that you single out Volvo dealers as being liars as if they are the only manufacturer that suffers from this... they are no worse than any other manufacturer. Most will deny problems on their cars unless a court case suggests otherwise.

I am only defending them as I have had several Volvo models over the years, and they have all been good cars which have taken me and my family all over the country as well as Europe for reliable and very comfortable miles, with the peace of mind that it is one of the safest cars money can buy. I have a family, and find the XC90 THE most family oriented vehicle, with superb touches which has made my and my wife's life so much easier. No other SUV is as good - we looked at most of them before buying this one, and for our needs, it's been brilliant. There is no point arguing on this site as everyone's experiences are different. Mine is good and I fully recommend these cars.

8th Feb 2017, 20:46

Also, what evidence do you have that 70-80% of the AWD systems have failed? You need to back that up with facts. As you say, too many people generalise on here.

9th Feb 2017, 14:02

Please note, the above comment on transmission failure is not mine.

About the AWD issues on XC90, XC70 and R, please, I'm not going to say this to be rude, but before arguing, one should search on Google, especially on forums. That's how you get information and are able to generalize, not just by a single personal experience. Please type "volvo xc90 awd failure forum".

9th Feb 2017, 16:19

Yes, no one had denied that the early T6 had transmission issues. Where's the evidence that 70 - 80% of XC90s ever built have the issues?

9th Feb 2017, 23:24

I'm not going to post this for you, because you clearly are not willing to admit the truth, and keep arguing when you can simply search by yourself on Google. So do your homework, and search by yourself. Besides, no one tries here to convince you, really. We are posting here only for those who are interested to know the facts.


11th Feb 2017, 16:59

My previous comment said that I know about the T6 transmission issue, I'm not denying it. They did have big issues with that tranny - Volvo's fault for going to General Motors for a gearbox. Shame really as it wasn't even a Volvo part. I would tell anyone to avoid an early T6 XC90. However, I wouldn't say that about any other engine/gearbox combo. The D5 is a great unit and in the US with the more popular V8s seem fine too. Here in the UK, most are D5s and most are very good cars. I don't drive a T6 and wouldn't want to anyway - far too thirsty in comparison to the diesel ones. I do also accept that a XC90 isn't going to be as cheap as a Focus to run... of course it isn't. However, in its market segment, it's not an expensive one to run either. If someone is going to drive around in a 2 tonne SUV, then they will have to pay more on everything to do so. I'm not naive. They have their problems like any other car manufacturer, but not all, or indeed most, are bad... that was my point. In my view, based on my personal experience (as well as knowing several other people with one), they are by and large, good cars which owners enjoy. I'm sorry if my view point isn't the same as yours. Just don't buy a T6 and don't buy one if you only have 2 pennies in your back pocket to keep it running.

12th Feb 2017, 13:53

Here's a video showing how to remove the collar when it gives up. Note that driving for a while with a worn collar will cause the angle gear to also get damaged, a much more expensive repair.


31st Mar 2017, 18:49

I have a 2006 XC90 2.5T with 320,000 on the odo. Original 4x4 gear, transmission and engine. I have had to replace a couple of wheel hubs (bearings) and the front struts were just replaced at 300,000 and they were original. All cars need suspension work after 100,000, whether it's a ball joint, tie rod end or whatever.

I had a Ford Escape before which ate through a drive shaft, U joints, hanger bearings etc. Before the Escape I had a XC70 with 410,000 on the odo before I dumped it.

Yes, maintenance is required on Volvos a little more because they are heavy, and that puts wear on suspensions. The only XC90 I would ever tell anyone to avoid, is the T6 from 03-05 and the first year of the V8. Other than that, not sure why the first comment was a guy saying that no XC90 goes 100,000 without a problem, mine went pretty much 300,000 without anything besides some recalled tie rods, brake rotors and pads, a couple bearings, and a ton of fluid flushes.

I am sure a Toyota might be less to fix, perhaps the tie rods and bearings would have lasted... They don't have those nice big seats, that 11 speaker Premium Audio, automatic wipers, flexible interior or feel that a Volvo offers.

That's my take.

1st Apr 2017, 20:13

I totally agree!

23rd Dec 2017, 04:03

I don't see how you have the 2.5 T when that motor was replaced with the 3.2 I6 in 2007, as the base engine and the upgrade motor was the 4.4 V8? I think either you are confused about what engine you have. Also the trans issue was fixed in the 07+ years because of the new 6 speed auto.

13th Jun 2018, 23:03

This is for the XC90 2008 model year, which came with the I6 3.2 or the V8 engines. The engines and the trannies are quite reliable in this model year. Many of the problems people were arguing about here exist in previous model years.