17th Jul 2008, 17:43

"59,640 km. Paint is pealing off the front and rear gold Chevy emblems (Dealership wouldn't fix it because it's considered cosmetic and not covered by my warranty)."

I feel as if I should put in my two cents. If this is their case, Chevrolet does not care about their image. Literally.

"My car broke down 126 times in 45 days!"

I don't know - three times a day?

My uncle owns a 2003 Saturn Vue, a shortened version of the Equinox/Torrent. I am surprised with GM. With all the problems on the Vue which WAS RELEASED IN 2002 AS A 2003, why would they expand the body and give it two new names? Anyway, my uncle will never buy GM again.

2nd Apr 2011, 22:54

My wife and I purchased a Equinox a year ago with 53,000m. We like the looks and the stereo works to cover up all the parts rattling off the car.

We are now finding out the short stories we read about the car before we bought it were true. I was so sad to read your blog. We bought this car so I could feel my wife was safe and would not be left on the side of the road with her one year one nephew and Grand Mother with Alzheimer's like the last car did. This has been years since you wrote this, I pray you have found peace with your situation. If Jesus drove a car today, I would guess it would not be a Equinox, Chevy sure let us down with this one.

24th Aug 2011, 00:12

This story is so sad. I feel for you. I can't believe that your dealership did not offer to trade your car in after all those issues. Charging you for an alignment; they should be ashamed of themselves. They could not try to even help you out of the situation their product put you in.

I also purchased a 2005 Equinox, thinking it would save me money because it was a newer vehicle, and save gas, being a small SUV, and get me thru the snow with the AWD. Purchased it used and had nothing but trouble. Constant repairs. Got stuck in snow, even with the AWD, because it's just very low. I have a husband and friends that help fix it for less, otherwise I think I would have pushed it off the cliff long time ago.

I'm having a problem again with a loud noise in the front end after I just replaced the 4 wheel drive and front brakes. My whole front brakes were just replaced again after only a year. My husband thinks I'm just brake happy, but looking at all the comments, I see it's just the stupid, crappy Chevy. I need struts, and there has been a creaking noise in front end for months now. I will never buy another Chevy.