2005 Chevrolet Equinox LT from North America


This car is a Piece of Crap!


I have had a new head gasket at about 55K miles.

I have had a new ABS system installed.

I have had the rotors replaced or cut 7 times.

I have difficulty starting the car, even when its 100 degrees outside.

There is a persistent rattling noise on the drivers side.

General Comments:

When I made the decision to trade in my 97 Trooper for a 2005 Equinox, I was excited with my choice. I was certain that Chevy made a good truck.

Boy was I wrong! This Jalopy as I refer to it has been nothing more than trouble for me. Thank God for extended warranties! I spend so much time at the dealership, they should start paying me. But since I do nothing, but Bad Mouth Chevy, I guess I would not be a productive team member.

Prior to owning a Chevy, I drove an Isuzu Trooper and owed 3 Fords Prior to that. My company will only allow us to drive vehicles produced on Union Made lines, so I am stuck with either a UAW or CAW car... I will take my chances and go back to FORD... I averaged 135K on all of my Fords and had 196K on my Trooper when I traded it and never had the kind of trouble I've had with my 2.5 year old vehicle. Unfortunately, I have 2 years remaining to pay for the heap, otherwise, I would set this thing on fire!

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Review Date: 12th October, 2007

15th Oct 2007, 03:06

Boy, that really sucks, having to choose between a Chevy and a Ford. Out of the frying pan into the fire! I'd tell your company that they can dictate what kind of car you drive the day they start making your car payment for you, or buy you one flat out. God forbid you get to drive something that's not a piece of crap.

11th Apr 2008, 11:44

I have just two questions. How on earth does your company have the right to tell you what you can and cannot drive???! If they do think they have that right, then why on earth would you continue to work for them???!!!

13th May 2010, 11:15

His company probably does not wish to offend the unions. But here is a question I have for the Unions who hate foreign made cars. Which of these is "foreign made"? The Chevrolet Aveo built in South Korea or the Honda Civic built in the US and Canada??? Any takers on this one???

14th May 2010, 23:11

To comment 11:15.

I used to be a defender of the argument that because most Honda and Toyota (among other import companies) vehicles were built here in the states, and that because most of their domestic counterparts were built in foreign countries such as Mexico or Korea, you were better off buying an "import" than you were buying a "domestic".

However, I've since changed that opinion. I wish you could still get a REAL import, not one that was made here in the states. Case in point: Toyota's recall. Only the American-built models were recalled.

15th May 2010, 06:36

If you want a good car, union "built" is not the way to go.

25th May 2010, 19:11

There are two Japanese vehicle available in the U.S. right now that are built by UAW members: the Mitsubishi Galant and Mazda6. Both are highly rated by critics and the buying public. I don't think you can flatly say union-built vehicles are bad. I think it has more to do with the designs union members are given to work with. The Pontiac Vibe was another UAW-built car, but GM killed it. It's bizarre how they snuffed one of their best products!

2005 Chevrolet Equinox from North America




The car has a rattling sound that the dealers cannot fix because GM does not know how to fix it and there is no recall on it so I'm out of luck!

General Comments:

This car is a piece of junk, it has a loud rattle and I will never own another one!

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Review Date: 19th September, 2005

27th Sep 2005, 14:46

I don't own one of these vehicles, but just rented one through Avis. I've never owned a GM car, but was fairly impressed!! way too much hard plastic inside, but a very comfortable driving position. Very quiet ride on the freeway, but gas mileage wasn't good. I didn't measure it, but had to fill the tank twice. Plenty of room inside, but strange trunk with the rear struts intruding into the trunk space. Would I buy one..? probably not, but liked the seat so much I'm thinking about it. Now if only GM could loose some of their health care legacy costs. Apparently $1,500 worth from each vehicle sale goes towards health and pension costs for former GM workers. Just think what better materials they could use with that type of money. Not to mention more modern fuel efficient engines.

2005 Chevrolet Equinox LT AWD 3.4 Vortec V6 from North America


Needs a reworking!!


Seats stain easily and badly, even if only water is spilled on them. Upholstery cleaner will clean the stain, however, the cleaner will stain the seats as well.

Driver side floor mats are of a very low quality material. A hole was worn in the middle of the mat after only four (4) months of use.

Very loud rattling in dash when the air conditioning is running, except at the lowest speed.

Rear suspension makes a creaking sound when the vehicle is in reverse, or traveling over any semi-rough to rough terrain.

General Comments:

Very spacious, and family oriented.

Reasonably priced. I have almost every available option, and purchased it for only $21,000 with a Honda Civic trade-in.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2005

13th Jun 2005, 17:30

Sounds like you should've kept the Civic. That'll still be on the road long after the Equinox is in the junkyard.

13th Jun 2005, 21:53

True...but the Civic will be a rust bucket in a matter of a few years =)

6th Jul 2005, 14:30

My civic had rust on the roof after only a year.

6th Sep 2005, 15:25

I have a '05 Equinox with 21K miles, I had a knock/noise in the suspension, the fix was front sway-bar links. Also had a rattle in the dash, the clips to seat it were not installed correctly. All in all, I like this vehicle. Fairly quiet, good ride, good power.