2005 Chevrolet Equinox LT from North America


Great little SUV with terrible turning radius


Thumping noise when the car is started.

Key sticks in the ignition.

Turning radius is terrible.

Brakes squeak constantly.

Paint is chipping.

Engine continues to turn over even when I stop turning the key.

Sunroof got stuck (luckily closed).

Windows shake when going up or down.

General Comments:

Seems that I have all the same problems that everyone else does:


This car is super good in the snow. I've never had a problem or met a pile of snow I couldn't get through in my AWD.

It's a very comfy car for the driver.

The bumpers hold up well to Chicago parking. No dents what-so-ever, and I know that I've been "bumped" several times by parallel parkers.

As someone who didn't drive for years, and is new to driving again, I feel VERY safe in this car.

The BAD:

Backseat is incredibly uncomfortable for anyone over 5' tall. The seat backs are at a 90 degree angle, and board straight. Also, the head rests are in an awkward place, making it very uncomfortable if not impossible to put your head back.

The car is cheaply made.

My Chevy symbol fell off the back of the truck. The buttons on my radio are all missing paint, and my console is chipping like crazy. These are minor to me, and no more than annoying, but I take very good care of my car, and don't have children, so I'd expect it to look a little nicer than it does. Also, the key sticks when you try and pull it out, and I have to jiggle it in the ignition in order to turn it.


Although I haven't had to have any repairs made yet, the engine continues to turn over even when I have stopped turning the key sometimes.

There is a knock that happens every time the car is run cold. It comes from the back of the truck, and it's just three knocks, and that's all we hear of it until the next time it's started and run cold.

The sunroof broke at the beginning of last summer. No reasoning behind it, it just stuck.

THE TURNING RADIUS STINKS IN THIS CAR!!! That has been a constant complaint I've had with this truck. It's incredibly irritating, and in many situations makes me look like a bad driver because I can't turn my truck. It makes parking in the city very frustrating.

All in all a great truck, but with a few little irritations.

If anyone has any advice as to how I can prevent blowing a gasket like others have, that would be great!

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Review Date: 16th November, 2009

14th Apr 2013, 17:27

Hi :) GM master tech here.... you can keep the intake gaskets from blowing by flushing all the Dex-cool out of the cooling system and replacing it with regular old antifreeze.

2005 Chevrolet Equinox LT 3.4 from North America


Nice car, but priced too high for what it is


First problem was MP3 player would not eject disks after a month or so of use. The third player seems to be working fine now for the last 3 years.

Front rotors needed frequent turning. Warping of rotors occurred after each 10 to 12 thousand miles after turning rotors. Problem finally cured by installing NAPA Premium rotors and pads. I did this myself and took roughly 45 minutes each wheel.

Coolant loss without visible leaks. Dealer says head gasket blew and will cost $2200.

General Comments:

I bought the SUV sight unseen. I asked the salesman if the rear seats folded completely flat. He said "Oh Yes they lay right down". They don't!

After a few years the front end rattles over a mildly bumpy road. Vehicle still passes state (NH) safety inspection.

Within a year the steering (all electronic) failed to respond when backing out of a parking spot. Reported issue to dealer who investigated and found no problem. Dealer goes on to say if the electronics gets hot, it will reduce steering effectiveness, but should not have quit. Take my word for it. It quit, but only that one time. Never happened in the next four years.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2009

1st Aug 2015, 18:13

You trusted a salesperson? Lesson learned I guess for you. Of course buying blind is a risky proposal in the first place. No the seats didn't fold flat, but didn't you do a walk through, and check out everything before you drove it off the lot?

Cars are major investments, and you need to inspect everything before you drive away.

Remember, that you have the leverage, because you have the money until you drive off.

You need to be prepared to walk away if not 100 percent happy.